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Tag: fully responsive website

Responsive vs. Fluid Design: Do You Have to Choose?

Design is a delivery mechanism for content – nothing more and nothing less. The more elegant, the better, of course, but getting caught up in appearances is never a good idea no matter what you’re doing. When we talk about good design at Mequoda, aesthetics (as much as we love them) take a back seat to user experience. And when discussing the responsive vs. fluid design problem, we always caution publishers to not overcomplicate things by getting bogged down in industry buzzwords.

Vida y Salud Launches the Latina Health Letter

Of the more than 100 websites I’ve worked on during the last 20 years, none has given me more personal satisfaction than Vida y Salud.

Each year, the site helps millions of Spanish-speaking visitors understand how to improve their health and the health of their families. The site’s global reach, easy-to-understand content and highly engaged audience have made it the number one Spanish language health website in the world.

Vida founders Carl Kravetz and Aliza Lifshitz, M.D., whom the Latino community knows as la Doctora Aliza or Dra. Aliza, are both Certified Mequoda Masters and Members of the Mequoda Hall of Fame for both their accomplishments and continued support of other Mequoda operators.