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Tag: gary vaynerchuk

A Major Possible Merger, Launches, and Acquisitions for Multiplatform Publishers

Multiplatform publishers Meredith Corp. and Time Inc. talk merger; Variety launches content studio
We’re seeing movement with some major multiplatform publishers recently.

We begin by looking at a possible merger between Meredith Corp. and Time Inc.. MediaPost is reporting on this story. “After dating a few years ago, then taking some time off and seeing other companies, publishers

Magazine Expansion: Launches, Audience Metrics, Niche Engagement

Magazine expansion is a key to magazine survival and success. Building on your product is a key tenet of multiplatform publishing strategy. The question is, how do you pull it off? Well, there are many possibilities, as recent coverage from shows.

How to Create Magazine Spin-Off Products Like a Trump

Politics aside, can we agree that Donald Trump is kind of a multiplatform master? He creates spin-off products like it’s going out of style (it is, in fact, in style.)

Donald Trump inherited a sum of money and turned a junky hotel at Grand Central into a Hyatt as his first big business project. Real estate took off from there. But as much as Trump has become a real estate mogul, that’s not the end of his product line. As former GOP candidate Mitt Romney reminded the world recently, there have been other products beyond hotels, like Trump Airlines, Trump University, Trump Magazine, Trump Vodka, Trump Wine, Trump Water, Trump Steaks, Trump Mortgages, Trump Jewelry, Trump Mattresses, and the list goes on.

Could Meerkat Become an Essential Publisher App?

We know, we know: It’s a stiff challenge to keep up with all of the emerging social and sharing opportunities for publishers. But one new publisher app is gaining immediate traction, and its rise dovetails nicely with a big need for any multiplatform endeavor: a push for better video operations.

How to Make Tweets Look More Human and Get More Clicks

As marketing tactics evolve, so does the savvy of our readers. Brilliant new ideas only work for as long as people aren’t bored by them. So in a world full of jargon and social media automation, it’s easy to begin looking like a robot.

Digital Natives vs. Online Publishers and What We Can Learn From Each Other

How online publishers can leverage the smarts from our digital native children to build better businesses

“Online publishing” may be new(ish) to the publishing industry, but for a lot of new online publishers, it’s all they’ve ever known.

Some of our largest competitors online have never sent a direct mail package and will probably never print a magazine or newsletter.

We call these new publishers digital natives because they started their businesses in the digital format. In fact, we use this same term to refer to our children who know wikipedia like the back of their hands, and refer to encyclopedias as dusty outdated books in a library.

Week in Review: March 21st, 2011 – March 25th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

What Gary Vaynerchuk Can Teach You About Being a Daily Online Publisher

If you thought your daily online publishing strategy was tough, try daily video publishing

When print magazines first entered the digital realm, they were—to put it lightly—not getting the concept of daily publishing. As publishers who were used to working against monthly or bi-monthly deadlines, it seemed absurd that they were now supposed to produce content like an average newsroom.

Slowly but surely, publishers saw how much their traffic increased, depending on the frequency of their content. If they posted once a day, they saw one big boost in traffic. If they posted three times a day, the might see three boosts. In fact, the more content they posted, the more pages were ranking in Google and the more long-tail traffic they were seeing as well.

How Social Media Made Me Buy Four Jars of Peanut Butter

The social media impact of this tweet was an ROI of $35 bucks

For the first time in my adult life, I found myself watching QVC on a Sunday afternoon.

I had discovered Peanut Butter & Co. months ago through a mention on the Travel Channel’s twitter feed and a YouTube video of their visit to New York.

@PeanutButterCo was tweeting that there were going to be several deals on their peanut butter some time between the hours of 12-3pmon QVC.

Less interested in the so-called deal, and more interested in buying their so-called delicious peanut butter in bulk, I decided to take a look at Peanut Butter & Co’s Facebook Page to see if anyone had mentioned their favorite peanut butters.

5 New Books by the Authors Who Rocked at Marketing Them

Increase website traffic by reading these books and marketing them like their authors

Sometimes you go to restaurants that you want to immediately review online to tell everyone about how amazing it was. Other times you watch a movie that hit you so hard, that you need to recommend it to all of your friends.

A 4-Part Checklist for Webifying Landing Pages

Landing page templates that use technology should enhance the sales message, not replace it

Ten years ago, Internet users were completely comfortable and happy to use the web as a reading medium. Websites that were purely text and simple images were enough to get their engines running.

These days, even six year-olds would scoff at the simplistic web pages we used to consider acceptable. Websites with no graphic design or style sheets aren’t taken seriously, and in most cases, probably still bear an old copyright of 1999 if you look close enough.

Calling All Opt-outs; Wine Guy Waxes Marketing

‘Wine Guy’ Emphasizes That We’re Only ‘Human’

“Vaynerchuk, who hosts the Wine Library TV blog and runs a large wine-retailing business, said his extensive email list averages 97 opt-outs a day. Three months ago, he said, he instituted a program of telephoning every person who opts out, to try to re-engage them.”

I saw this item yesterday, from the site BtoB, and it made me pause; it was coverage of the 2011 Email Evolution Conference at the Eden Roc in Miami. (That happens to be the same place SIPA will be heading to for its 2011 Marketing Conference, Dec. 7-9.)

3 Untraditional Publishers Who “Got It” in 2010

How untraditional publishers are becoming more dynamic and profitable by leveraging multiple mediums and the power of social networks

Defining an “online publisher” is becoming more and more vague, but we still stick to the notion that an online publisher is any company that produces online content. Five years ago, this was generally a traditional publisher that was posting free online blogs, which we referred to as a “hub”.

Now, this could be a site that only posts video blogs, or tutorials and training. For example, we consider an online publisher because they are publishing online information. The medium is simply a platform.