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Tag: good email copywriting

3 Reasons Why Good Email Copywriting Could Still Use a Little Keyword Research

Good email copywriting still needs to persuade the reader with the lingo they use internally

I know what you’re thinking: Keyword research and SEO has no place in email marketing, where the words may never even see your website. You’re right about half of that statement, because SEO won’t necessarily do you a bit of good. However, keyword research isn’t just for getting found, it’s also for getting opened, and here’s why:

Keywords = Good Copywriting Tip #1: Let keywords define your lingo.

Week in Review: September 20th, 2010 – September 24th, 2010

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Why Good Email Copywriting Beats Pretty Graphics

Focus on the sell and make good email copywriting your first priority over fancy design

Just like in website design, we are often coerced into creating something visually appealing rather than focusing on what is going to sell a product. However, any smart publisher who has tested an email promotion with copy and graphics will tell you that copy always wins.

In a test this year by Marketing Experiments, they tested an email newsletter with three different versions:

Email Copywriting Basics for More Successful Email Campaigns

Begin boosting your email marketing results today