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Tag: hiring scorecard

The 3 Components of a Successful Hiring Scorecard

What do you focus on while attempting to hire a new employee? What tools do you have at your disposal for the process?

Most hiring managers would cite a resume as the main point of reference for hiring new employees. Resumes, however, can be quite misleading, and need to be fairly examined. According to CareerBuilder, fifty-eight percent of hiring managers said they’ve caught a lie on a resume, and the most common lies people tell on their resumes are…

Using the A Method for Hiring Successfully


What are the benefits of creating a hiring scorecard?


The hiring scorecard will help you drive all business conversations that will result in the best possible hire. There are six elements of a hiring scorecard, which include:

-The key people impacted by the position.

-Ways the hiring managers can measure areas of the role to determine success.

-Information on

Week in Review: May 16th, 2011 – May 20th, 2011

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How to Drive the Most Valuable Business Conversations

The A Method’s will provide you with six components for developing a hiring scorecard

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, we discussed the three components of a hiring scorecard within the A Method.

These three – Mission, Outcomes and Competencies – help hiring managers make informed decisions while hiring new employees.

Are You Hiring the Right People?

How the A Method can help us find those A Players we so desperately need

Hiring employees can be stressful, especially in today’s economic times. Companies are desperate for good help, but are often so tight on time and resources that they rush to hire. Or, they are leery about taking chances on new hires, fearing the unretrievable loss of time and money if a mistake is made.

So what’s an employer to do? Is today’s larger pool of applicants making it easier to find good help or more challenging? Thinking positively, we could assert that more options equals a stronger opportunity to find the right fit, but as with anything in business, having a solid strategy in place and proper time and attention devoted to the effort will dramatically increase the chance of success.