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Tag: information products

A Landing Page for the Opportunity-Seekers Market Doesn’t Demonstrate Much Copywriting Expertise

The fundamental mistake made by many entrepreneurs is the classic chicken-and-egg scenario in which the inventor first creates a new product and then seeks a market for it.

Experienced product developers do the opposite. They anticipate the changes in society. They assess the evolving problems, requirements and desires of consumers, and look for opportunities that have not yet been addressed by the market. Then they forecast demand and create new products that fill the gap.

Beer Business Daily Membership Website Case Study

How copyright enforcement threats, simple site license pricing and credit card auto-renewals drive BeerNet’s online subscription revenue growth while maintaining an impressive 90 percent annual retention rate

Harry Schuhmacher is a former beer distributor, an accomplished online journalist and a savvy marketer of his information products. He founded BeerNet Communications, Inc., in 1997 and today is the editor and publisher of two sharply focused newsletters about the beer industry, Beer Business Daily and Beer Distributor Monthly.

Three Integrated Media Strategy Lessons from Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports revenues top $190M in 2005 by pursuing a simple integrated media strategy driven by three simple concepts and the world’s largest membership website.John Sateja is a happy guy. The man in charge of information products for what may be the most trusted media brand in America is on a roll.

Twelve Ideas for An Effective Affiliate Marketing Program

The idea behind affiliate marketing is simple.

The concept is basic “pay for performance.” You recruit other Internet marketers to help you sell your website’s products or services in return for a portion of the gross.

When an affiliate enrolls in your program, you give her an affiliate identification (name or number) that she uses in the links and banners for your site that appear on her website. When visitors to her site click through to your site and make a purchase or join, you pay her a commission for bringing you the new member. Landing Page Review

The fundamental mistake made by many entrepreneurs is the classic chicken-and-egg scenario in which the inventor first creates a new product and then seeks a market for it.

Experienced product developers do the opposite. They anticipate the changes in society. They assess the evolving problems, requirements and desires of consumers, and look for opportunities that have not yet been addressed by the market. Then they forecast demand and create new products that fill the gap.

Five Tips for Writing Landing Page Copy that Increases Conversion Rates

Writing effective landing page copy that increases conversion rates is a technique every Internet marketer aims to master. We understand that there are hundreds of variations available and that the only way to truly discover what works is to test, test, test. But we must remember that there are a few solid copy principles that hold true regardless of product type or marketing medium.

Computerworld Mequoda Case Study

Online Revenues for Computerworld US Now Account for Over 35 Percent of their Total US Publishing Revenue

This Computerworld Mequoda Case Study is derived from one-on-one interviews with Pat McGovern, IDG’s founder and Robert Carrigan, the CEO of US Operations. It outlines Computerworld’s story from the beginning, and explores how they’re making such a successful shift into the digital world of publishing.

As a way to introduce where IDG and Computerworld stands today, we thought we’d share excerpts from a recent blog post by Colin Crawford, IDG’s Senior Vice President, Online.

A General Manager to Drive Your Internet Marketing Strategy

What both types of CEOs have in common is the need for someone to execute their Internet marketing strategy on a day-to-day basis. Enter the Internet Marketing System General Manager and Publisher of your Mequoda Internet Hub. Website Design Review Pays Homage to Benjamin Franklin by Making its Owners Wealthy. Twenty-first Century Publishers Take Note: There is Wisdom in Adopting this Business Model

Financial independence has many rewards beyond the monetary. Or so I would like to believe. In the case of Michael Masterson, who prior to reaching age 40 sold a $135 million business and retired, one of the rewards is a bully pulpit on which to pontificate about anything and everything to anyone who will listen. Or more precisely, anyone who is willing to subscribe to his free email newsletter and read it.

Using Keyword Marketing Clusters to Drive Your Internet Strategy

Discover the simple, keyword-driven Internet Strategy that hundreds of savvy authors, publishers and other information marketers are using to transform their books, magazines or newsletters into multi-million dollar niche media empires.
Keyword Marketing Clusters (groups of similar phrases used by people to search for information on the Web about a particular topic) are a driving force behind the Mequoda Internet Strategy for publishers and authors. This simple yet powerful Internet Strategy requires an author to focus their effort on specific Keyword Marketing Clusters, develop great answers to questions users are asking and then deploy that content in five ways.

Consumer Reports Membership Website Case Study

With 1.6 million paid subscribers, has more paid subscribers than any other publication-based website.

That may not be a huge surprise considering their print magazine has a paid circulation of 4.1 million and growing. Yet we can’t help but wonder, while so many other magazine publishers are still so confused about their Internet publishing model, how has Consumer Reports been so clear from the very beginning?

Mequoda System History and Methodology

I have been involved in Internet marketing and publishing since 1995, when I was running an agency called Blue Dolphin Direct—primarily a print direct marketing and editorial consulting firm for a variety of magazine and newsletter clients. It was during that time when the folks at Computerworld had the revolutionary idea that we could sell subscriptions to their print magazine via the Internet. The program took about eight months to develop and was successful, in that we were able to sell print subs at a cost per order of about $65—a little below their average cost per order via direct mail. And that was the beginning of our journey.

Introduction to the Mequoda System™ 2006

The Mequoda System™ is an internet business model comprised of seven organizational habits

The Mequoda System is a collection of media management behaviors that when operated as a repeating cycle, create an audience-driven, continuous improvement media management system. To discover and document the Mequoda System, the Mequoda Research Team has studied the management strategies and habits of hundreds of successful (and not-so-successful) media organizations to arrive at seven best practices, or organizational habits, that comprise the most current version of the Mequoda System. Landing Page Review

The Internet is a competitive marketplace, and the late Corey Rudl, founder of the Internet Marketing Center, once told me the most important strategy for Internet marketing success is to find a niche market that you are passionate about. Since people love their dogs, I would assume the founders of have done just that.

PR & Earned Media 101: Getting Reviewed & Mentioned Internet Marketing System Review

Getting on TV is just one of many ways to leverage other people’s media and drive website traffic—people who will log onto your website, register to download the free item, and, you hope, sign up for your free email newsletter. From simple search-optimized press releases to radio talk shows and local newspapers, PR is an effective Internet marketing tactic that works best when the release includes a crystal-clear reason why readers and viewers need to visit your website. Landing Page Review

Some wag once said “the perfect is the enemy of the good.” In other words, the goal of achieving perfection in a new venture often gets in the way of accomplishing an outcome that is “good enough” to succeed. Often an idea for a big, bold new product is one that never gets completed. Meanwhile, simple products quickly get created, marketed and sold, often bringing significant financial success to their developers.

Implementing and Iterating an Internet Marketing System

How to leverage valuable content to create customer loyalty and build repeat sales. A step-by-step guide to the Mequoda Internet Marketing System.

University Health Publishing Internet Hub Case Study

The Johns Hopkins Medical Letter, Health After 50 is the Springboard for University Health Publishing’s Expansion From a Single Independent Print Newsletter to a Network of 26 Branded Consumer Health Information Products

Designing a Mequoda Internet Hub and Internet Marketing System

The Mequoda Internet Hub is the heart of a high-performance Internet Marketing System that is fueling extreme growth for the handful of savvy information marketers that have one. Here are some lessons learned from analyzing more than 20 existing Internet Hubs and then designing and building six Mequoda Internet Hubs for a variety of publishers.

Using Your Page Footer to Increase Magazine Circulation

Learn how one special-interest consumer publisher increased his magazine circulation with a simple change to the page footer on every page of his print magazine.

Is Your Internet Marketing System What It Should Be?

While some Internet marketers use a single source to acquire new customers, others use an intricate Internet Marketing System of up to 13 programs to increase website traffic. What’s driving your Internet Marketing System?

Mequoda Managing Editor Job Description 2006 Edition

Discuss the online publishing job responsibilities, key metrics, goals, objectives and activities for the managing editor of a vertically integrated new media organization

Personnel Policy Service Website Design Review

Personnel Policy Service Publishers is Plagued by Poor Organization and Uninspiring Graphic Design, Degrading a Site That Otherwise Offers Both Useful Free Content and Premium Products

The Daily Reckoning Website Design Review

The Daily Reckoning Website, a Network Hub for its Financial Newsletters and Services, Demonstrates Effective Website Design and Site Architecture that Supports User Tasks and Goals

How Fred Gleeck Uses Mass Market Books to Build His Email Subscriber Database and Sells Millions in Information Products

Discover how information-marketing guru Fred Gleeck uses a steady stream of mass-market soft cover books to drive subscriptions to his email newsletter database and the online media network for his vast array of information products and services.

Using $1.99 eBooks to Boost the Value of Your Email Marketing Database

Discover how one special interest consumer publisher uses low-priced eBooks to increase the lifetime value of his email marketing database by 59 percent.

How to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates with eCover Generator

An eBook author and publisher I met at a recent Internet marketing conference is a big fan of a simple $97 software program called eCover Generator that makes eBook covers, software boxes, CD covers and covers for just about any other information product you can name.

How to Use Your Affiliate Marketing Network Program to Sell a $3000 Seminar

Learn how one information marketer used a two-step program to sell a three-day, $3000 seminar through his affiliate marketing network.

Take The Mequoda Daily Order Button Color Quiz!

Ever wonder if the color of your order button impacts click-through rates and conversion rates? The short answer: order button color does matter. Discover which color order button lifted response for one publisher by 27 percent!

How to Eat More Targeted PPC Advertising by Going Local

Having a heart attack is a life-changing event. Recovery rates are good for those who make the right changes to their diet and exercise program, and who learn to manage the stress of day-to-day living. The changes are information driven and require education, motivation and commitment. One health publisher we know provides a number of successful information products that are just what the doctor ordered.

How to Increase Click-Through Rates (CTR) Overnight

After 11 years of website design testing, I’m still amazed at the long list of simple website design changes that can increase click-through rates overnight. With a simple advertising design change, one publisher I know recently doubled his information product sales by implementing a design change to increase click-through rates. Website Design Review

When you’re preparing a Powerpoint presentation for that important sales meeting, and you just can’t figure how to get your bullets to line up just so, wouldn’t it be great to have the answer at your fingertips? Well, that’s what the Element K Journals website wants to do for you. Whether you are a business professional, a design maven or a technology geek, this site has the answers you seek. Website Design Review

Since we’re now coming out of a long, snowbound New England winter with a few more pounds on the frame than we had in September, we thought we might take a look at the weight loss websites and see if there’s a site that exemplifies a Mequoda Website Network. There are several popular diet sites:,,, and In terms of popularity, and controversy, Atkins leads the pack of the low-carbohydrate movement.’s FundInvestor™ Sales Letter Landing Page Review

The Morningstar® FundInvestor™ landing page, when measured against our Landing Page best practices model, is ineffective and dysfunctional. This review is of one page on the website, a link from the site’s homepage to the landing page for one of its many print newsletters. Website Design Review is Strictly Business. Few organizations have done more to improve the quality of corporate communications than Chicago’s Ragan Communications. And, I suspect, few firms have done as much to maintain the morale of corporate communicators than Ragan Communications.

Landing Page Guideline #7: Applying User-Centric Labeling and Language

When Writing Landing Page Copy, it’s Important to List all Benefits and Avoid Using Jargon and Terms Not Commonly Understood by the User

Landing Page Guideline #12: Offering Multiple and Convenient Order Options

If You Get Everything Else Right and Blow the Order Mechanism, your Sales Letter Landing Page will Almost Certainly Fail.

The Mequoda System: A Seven-Habit Website Management System

Successful website publishing in 2005 means creating happy users and healthy profits. Without both, no website will exist for long. All of the successful website publishers we’ve studied have one thing in common: a consistent management system for achieving success that includes a number of key behaviors that are repeated over and over to become organizational habits.

Membership website opportunity for scrapbook fanatics

Perhaps the best way to sell volumes of information products, including subscriptions to member websites, is to follow fads and trends. Anticipate what the market wants, and then create custom products to satisfy the demand.
Most would-be information entrepreneurs get it backward. They create a product first, and then they try to figure out who to

Landing Page Guideline #1: Writing Effective and Promising Headlines

Far Too Many Landing Pages Fail Almost Immediately by Offering Up Lack-Luster Headlines and Subheads; Learn How To Deliver a Compelling Headline for a Single Product or Service

A professional association of martial arts teachers boasts a subscription website that helps its members succeed in all aspects of running their schools

John Graden is the epitome of a successful martial artist and businessman. He is an author, athlete, publisher and pioneering martial arts visionary and widely acknowledged as the most important martial arts leader to emerge in the past decade.

What are the best practices for operating an inbound call center?

Working in a call center must be tedious. Every caller requires courtesy, attention to detail, and service with a smile. And the calls keep coming, hour after hour. So how do the operators cope?

And how do managers train customer service people to do the repetitive tasks? How can call center workers deal effectively with very-often-unhappy customers, without burning out?

Interview with Bob Chambers: This experienced membership website publisher has seen the future and it is spelled M-U-L-T-I-M-E-D-I-A.

Bob Chambers has established a hard-earned reputation for himself as the Multimedia Guy. In this exclusive Mequoda interview, he reveals how he got started in the video business, grew with the many changes in technology, and how he shares his knowledge on the very informative and authoritative member site

Interview: Reg Hardy of

Reg Hardy brings a background as a print journalist, editor and publisher to his paid subscription online newsletter and uses his Palm Pilot to create volumes of content for four websites. In this exclusive Mequoda interview, he reveals how he gets it all done and reminds us of the importance of customer service.

Internet Media Review Launches Redesigned Site, Hires Seven Contributing Editors

Bristol, RI – January 26, 2005 – Internet Media Review announced today that they have launched a revised version of their site and hired seven new contributing editors.

How to Ethically Increase Traffic to Your with Additional Domain Names

It is fine to register domain names that might increase your type-in traffic, but cyber squatting is definitely not acceptable. Here’s the difference.

How to evaluate a market niche for your member website or other information product

The key to success as an online information marketer is feeding a starving crowd.

A starving crowd is any group of people who share an enthusiasm for a topic and are passionate enough about it to spend their money to learn more. They’re “starving” for more information.

This creates an opportunity for you, the information provider.

No cost copywriting lesson from a wildly successful membership website publisher

Jim Laube publishes one of the most successful special niche membership websites on the Internet at There are a lot of reasons for his success, including that he is an authority on his topic and a very savvy marketer.

The 12 commandments of publishing a membership website or online newsletter

Like immutable laws of nature, some rules are ironclad. Follow these directives and you can expect to succeed. Ignore even one of them and your business and personal achievements will be significantly diminished.