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Tag: interactive marketing

The Rise of Interactive Marketing

Interactive marketing is expected to experience significant growth between now and 2016

As the Internet evolves, so does interactive marketing.

So what is interactive marketing, and how does it relate to your online business?

Solving Email Delivery Problems

A 90-minute tutorial with email marketing consultant Jeanne Jennings that explains the importance of email credibility and the steps all publishers need to take in order to maximize sales by getting their emails delivered.

What is Social Media Optimization?

The first step in social media marketing is optimizing your site for inbound links

Getting Started With a Co-Reg Campaign

Launching a co-registration campaign is not difficult. The publisher supplies their co-registration partner with his company’s logotype (60 x 120 pixels) and about 10-20 words of concisely written web advertising copy. Website Design Review

ClickZ is a Formidable Online Resource for Internet Marketers—It Publishes Internet Marketing War Stories, Told in the First Person, from the People in the Trenches of the Internet Marketing and Advertising Industry