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Tag: internet marketers

Can Digital Publishing Solve Your Revenue Problems? I Say YES.

Mequoda’s only purpose in life is to prevent any other publishing company from going out of business, ever. That’s why we offer our decades of experience, proven best practices and user-friendly Mequoda Method for digital publishing success in our three-day Internet Marketing Intensive, the definitive training course in publishing and marketing content online.

Planning on Quitting Your Day Job?

Are you planning on a new start in the always-changing digital environment?

Developing an online business can lead you to financial independence through a growing medium. It can also lead to many headaches amid complete failure.

Are you prepared to start an online venture? Do you have the skills needed to stay relevant in Internet marketing and online business management for the foreseeable future? We’re in a time of great change and immense possibilities; big opportunities can spell success or downfall, and it’s all dependent on your Internet marketing knowledge and skills.

Find Visual Content For Image-Centric Online Publishing

Three websites that help audience development efforts with the aid of images

Digital publishers want to provide a valuable source of content for their audience without breaking the bank on resources. As many digital publishers and Internet marketers have realizes, visual imagery helps audience development efforts. People like to connect with the images they see on landing pages, and often towards the images from the start.

For digital publishers who are taking an image-centric approach, there are some options for using images for free.

A Checklist for Marketing to Millennials

Six elements of engagement for better content marketing to a very important demographic

The American writer Carl Sandburg once said, “Nothing happens unless first a dream.” In today’s digital world, many Internet marketers and audience development professionals would paraphrase this differently by saying: “Nothing happens unless engagement exists.”

That’s what we are all looking for online – engaged audiences who will contribute to a mutually beneficial relationship. We, as digital publishers, develop an audience by providing the information they want, through a multiplatform approach. Our audiences then have the choice to support us further, through spending money with us, if they like the content we offer.

Week in Review: April 9th, 2012 – April 13th, 2012

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

New Tool Builds Segments for Internet Marketers

A new product caught my eye recently, as it boasts the ability of combining “real-time product level data with click and purchase behavioral and demographic data into a single source.”

This tool is the Segment Builder from iGoDigital’s Customer Intelligence Engine. It collects the habits of customers in real-time and creates a profile of them.

New Seminar Explores Four Key Customer Relationships

Communicate to the right audience segment with the best possible message

Internet marketers are becoming more experienced at segmenting their customer database.

By targeting buyers and prospects separately with unique messaging, sales and revenues will increase. It only makes sense that someone who has already purchased from you should be communicated to in a different manner than someone new to your brand that hasn’t yet bought your products.

I’ve seen a very successful start at audience segmentation with Interweave’s customer database, as it’s gotten into the millions of relationships.

Does Social Network Participation Yield Action?

New data shows how often social media users took action after being exposed to friends’ posts on products, services and companies

Internet marketers and online publishers are constantly looking for new ways to justify the time spent on social media interaction.

New data from ROI Research shows some insight on the value of social media interaction.

7 Metrics Worth Monitoring

Discover what are believed to be the most important metrics for measuring the performance of your online business

In the digital landscape, Internet marketers have the opportunity to measure many activities.

What metrics are truly worth monitoring though? This is a worthy question to ponder, especially since there is only so much time in a workday…you want to be monitoring the best metrics to properly deduce how well your site is performing, while efficiently managing your time.

Landing Page Optimization: 4 Mistakes to Avoid

Suggestions for landing page optimization that will help your landing pages perform better

Have you put enough attention into landing page optimization? If you’ve made the four mistakes listed below, then your landing pages could probably be performing better.

At the Mequoda Summit West 2011, Matt Humphrey, Chief Marketing Officer at Fortis Business Media, and Rafael Cardoso, Senior Online Marketing Manager at Business and Legal Resources presented a session on landing page testing and optimization.

Discover Nuances in Search Behavior by Device

New insight on why mobile devices, tablets and desktops do not experience the same search queries

The options for engaging with search engines has changed as tablet devices hit the market and mobile devices become more popular.

Taylor Schreiner, senior director of strategic research and insight at Yahoo, believes it’s important for brands to understand the subtle differences in search.

The Most Cost-Effective Marketing Channel

Inbound marketing proves to be the cheapest lead generation tool for online marketers

Inbound marketing efforts, which give Internet users information or tools that they find valuable, outperforms outbound, or interruptive, marketing efforts.

This data comes from HubSpot, an inbound marketing solutions provider. The research shows that businesses focusing on inbound marketing experience a 62% lower cost per lead than businesses that engage in outbound marketing more.

3 Ways to Strengthen User Relationships with Content Marketing

Content marketing is designed to create stronger relationships, but only if you’re doing it correctly

Content marketing is the most successful method for creating a devout online audience.

That is my honest opinion and I stick by it.

Discover the Power Behind Organic Media for Content Marketing

With Content Marketing Made Simple, you will discover how to leverage organic media

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, we focused on the third principle of a successful content marketing strategy: Organic Media.

Although the content marketing strategy itself goes deeper into how to leverage organic media, we discussed how to create effective content to utilize in the process.

Email is Still the Top Method for Marketing Communications

Statistics on email usage for mobile and social media users

Last week we discussed comScore’s “2010 US Digital Year in Review” and its findings on email usage.

To continue on this topic, here are some additional statistics showing the importance and relevance email has as a communications channel.

Email Usage Declines for Most Age Groups – or Does It?

What this means for online publishers and Internet marketers who utilize email relationships

A drop in email usage has been reported by comScore for most age groups.

What’s important to note is that the statistics from comScore focus on “webmail” – which is browser based. Many professionals use email services specific to their companies, which is not taken into account in this study. Additionally, with mobile devices being popular, we believe there is a huge jump in app-based email, like the Apple Mail app on the iPhone.

Increase in Spending on Earned Media Expected in 2011

Discover the tactics Internet marketers are focusing more attention on in 2011

Earned media, also known as unpaid media, is expected to see an increase in spending this year.

According to The Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) and AnswerLab, 24% of agencies plan to increase investments in unpaid media by 24% in 2011.

Discover Principles for Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2011

Our new Content Marketing Strategy 2011 white paper discusses Content Marketing in the Digital Age

Download your FREE digital copy of Content Marketing Strategy 2011 now

Since many Internet marketers and online publishers seek a content marketing strategy for 2011, we decided to update our content marketing free white paper and provide our audience with seven principles of a successful content marketing strategy.

These seven principles of online content marketing will help practitioners embrace the power of content in the digital age.

Using Content Marketing to Sell Products, Subscriptions and Live Events

Hours of live commentary and actionable strategies for Content Marketing

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, we continued our coverage of content marketing, the most important marketing concept for online publishers and Internet marketers.

If you missed it, the article discussed six components for a successful content marketing strategy.

Video Email Marketing: Is 2011 The Year For It?

Will you be testing video email marketing to increase click-through rates this year?

Late in 2010, many different marketing research companies has posed the question, “will 2011 be the year for video email marketing?”

It’s a valid question, considering that online video is finally getting its bearings and it only seems right that we’d start embedding in email our great new videos that are already increasing our landing page conversion rates, right? Well let’s see.

Marketing Thought Leader Don Morgan noted in an October article that GetResponse conducted a survey that “predicted a dramatic increase in the use of video in their email marketing program, with over 80% of respondents indicating they would begin or expand their use of video emails this year.”

New 2011 Federal Laws for Selling Subscription Websites

President Obama signed the “Restore Online Shoppers’ Confidence Act”, so here are the rules that apply to us.

A Subscription Website is an online information product. It is a gated, content-based site that requires registration and payment in order to view the content (or most of the content) that has been placed behind a firewall.

Similar to subscriber-supported print magazines or newsletters, subscription sites are considered user-supported—although some carry advertising. Subscription Websites compare to a book, an encyclopedia, or a library, but one that is online, frequently updated, and available 24/7.

In the past few days, President Obama signed the new “Restore Online Shoppers Confidence Act”, which is meant to, as you might have guessed, restore confidence in online shoppers. Most relevant to subscription websites, this act is important because it has some new rules that we need to double-check in our own practices to make sure we’re abiding by them.

Content Marketing Strategy #1 – Understanding User Needs

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses the seven principles of the content marketing strategy that successful online publishers and content marketers are using

Content marketing has become a token of the special interest media experience.

In fact, it’s been reported by the Meltwater Group that Internet marketers will be working to make content marketing a priority of theirs in 2011.

What to Make of New ‘Shoppers Confidence’ Law

New ‘Confidence’ Law May Need Your Attention

On Dec. 29, 2010, President Obama signed Bill S. 3386 into law, the “Restore Online Shoppers’ Confidence Act.” The vote passed by unanimous consent in both houses and was one of four bills that the President signed that day so it kind of flew under the radar—although it will definitely affect the most people (of those four bills).

The text of the new law can be found here; it’s not that long and makes a decent read. It is designed to protect consumers from unfair and deceptive sales tactics on the Internet. So it’s well-intentioned and—while perhaps repeating some good practices that thorough and honest marketers already adhere to—may weed out those whose practices are deceptive and bring the industry as a whole down. The law came out of Sen. Jay Rockefeller’s aggressive investigation of online marketing practices involving the club industry.

Social Sign-On for Social Shopping in 2011

How retailers are now utilizing social media

Social sign-on is quickly becoming popular among online retailers.

The process allows consumers to log into their Facebook account instead of registering as a member on an ecommerce website.

Many Internet marketers prefer this method because it gives them access to user profiles, which helps in product targeting.

New Survey Shines Light on Twitter Users

Twitter has become a subject worthy of research

A new survey from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project examines Twitter users.

This exclusive study is the first of its kind from the organization and it captures some interesting data about Twitter usage.

Discover a Successful Content Marketing Strategy for 2011

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses the content marketing strategy that successful online publishers and content marketers are using

(Nationwide)—Studies have shown that content marketing is going to be a main focus for Internet marketers and online publishers during 2011.

This is so because content marketing is an informative, unobtrusive way of promoting products while forging long-lasting relationships with an audience.

Creating Engagement with Online Content Marketing

Let us not forget the rules of engaging writing…

Those producing a lot of written content on a consistent basis realize that some pieces will be better than others.

Especially in these days of Google when content is required daily for retail websites, subscription websites and online businesses to hold page ranks organically – while entertaining and engaging an audience through social media, blogging and email correspondence.

What the Public is Saying About Behavioral Targeting

Some statistics worth viewing for online advertisers

In an age where privacy and freedom on the Internet is heavily discussed, the majority of users are saying that online advertisers should not be allowed to participate in behavioral targeting.

Behavioral targeting is a way some online advertisers collect data about users to create more effective campaigns. They do this by collecting information on an individual’s web-browsing behavior, such as the pages they often visit or the searches they engage in.

Predictions for Online Advertising in 2011

See what the future may hold for Internet marketers

Social media marketing was big in 2010. Companies cared about getting “Likes” on Facebook while building their social networks.

What do you think the future holds for online advertising in 2011? Will social continue to evolve into smaller, niche location-based activities?

3 Reasons to Use Content Marketing in 2011

Are you citing these three reasons for engaging in content marketing?

The end of the year often signals a time of desired change in people. For those of us operating an online business, the New Year’s resolution should be to implement a content marketing strategy, or reevaluate your current one.

As this musing is typed, the ground in New England is being covered with snow flurries.

I, like the rest of Mequoda Group, am gearing up for our Mequoda Summit West 2011.

Content Marketing Trends

As we head into 2011, what will be important to content marketers?

In an industry that is constantly changing, it’s important to keep an eye out for new trends and developing strategies.

Content marketing is not a new practice for online publishers and Internet marketers familiar with our teachings, but content marketing is becoming more popular as the value of creating and sharing informative content is realized.

What Does “Mequoda” Mean?

The Mequoda Method, when run as a repeating cycle of management behaviors, creates an audience- driven, continuous-improvement media management system.

Mequoda is a term coined by Internet entrepreneur and website developer Don Nicholas to describe a method for designing and managing websites and website networks. The term is an acronym for “media quote daily,” which is core to Nicholas’s approach to building website networks that includes seven specific website types.

A Mequoda Website Network includes a minimum of two websites, where one is a free Mequoda Internet Hub and the other is one of the seven Mequoda Website Satellite Archetypes. Mequoda is now used to describe a wide variety of Internet publishing and online marketing terms that extend the Mequoda philosophy.

Content Marketing Tips for Helping Your Audience Make a Decision

Master 4 steps for content marketing that will lead to a sale

Content marketing is one of our favorite topics to discuss at the Mequoda Daily.

Content marketing is the current face of online, organic marketing. It’s engaging, educational and informative and can be relevant to an array of mediums, from written content, audio podcasts and video pieces.

Is It Time to Pay Attention to Mobile?

From the holiday season and beyond, mobile retailing is growing in popularity

Shoppers are expected to be using their mobile devices for holiday purchases this season.

For Internet marketers, this could be a great opportunity to see how the influx of shoppers will receive your apps for mobile devices.

Turning Passion into Profit – How Freelancers Became Bloggers

How three passionate people became writers, then bloggers, then Internet marketers

The person who today says, “I’m a blogger” is the same person who in 1993 would have said, “I’m a freelance writer.”

If you’re a freelance writer in 2010, you should launch a blog, add Google AdSense ads to it, build traffic to become credible, and find a co-op like The Deck Network to sell advertising on your site.

Most of today’s successful multi-platform publishers began with a single topic print newsletter written by a single, passionate, subject matter expert.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Writing Better Email Newsletters

Try spicing up email newsletters & articles with unrelated topics

What makes your email newsletter different from those of your competitors? Does it offer better content? Does it look better? Does it offer something that your competitors don’t offer?

Forget all of those questions and answer this one — how does your email newsletter perform? One of our favorite email marketers, Jeanne Jennings once gave us a checklist of the four things that every email newsletter should accomplish.

Audio Podcast Containing Search Engine Optimization Tips Released

Discover information on SEO copywriting and SEO campaign management in this new podcast from Mequoda Group

Download your free digital copy of Search Engine Optimization Tips now

I’m sure search engine optimization is not new subject matter to the online publishers and Internet marketers reading this post. The world of SEO is extremely important to those trying to get on page-one in Google.

The best SEO strategy focuses on SEO copywriting, SEO campaign management and link building. Paying attention to these aspects of an SEO strategy will help your website gain more visibility. More visibility means more traffic, a larger email marketing lists of converted users and the possibility to generate more revenue.

Uses for Subscription Websites

Content from the Mequoda Summit Boston 2010

At last week’s Mequoda Summit Boston 2010, Don Nicholas and Phil Ash hosted an interested session on subscription websites. In today’s digital landscape, it’s easy to see the value in the many subscription website models that exist. As an online publisher, how familiar are you with subscription websites? More information on subscription websites will be added to the blog in the next few weeks since content producers and Internet marketers can greatly benefit from the parameters set for content consumption.

“What is a subscription website?”

That question might be harder to answer than expected, mainly because there are different types of subscription websites. Some subscription websites offer a vast majority of content for free, with only a miniscule amount requiring a subscription for access.

Online Publishing Tips from David Zinczenko, Editor-in-Chief, Men’s Health

Valuable talking points from the Mequoda Summit Boston 2010’s first keynote presentation

Any active online publisher knows that the digital environment’s rules have changed. They have seen competition grow, digital content rapidly expand and the strategies for reaching targeted audiences evolve with technology.

Last week at the Mequoda Summit Boston 2010, we had a variety of managerial staff, online publishers, editors and marketers gather to discuss the changes that are taking place and how to successfully address them.

Free Reports on Content Marketing, SEO, Building Email Marketing Lists and Much More

Five free reports sharing valuable information, inspired by the Mequoda Summit

Although it’s sad to see another Mequoda Summit come to a close, the conference itself was a hit. We were able to bring a variety of online publishers, content producers and Internet marketers together at the Waltham Woods Conference Center for multiple days filled with valuable and actionable content.

To break up the information properly, we created two tracks: the Digital Ideas Track and the Digital Skills Track. The Digital Skills Track is what made me think of the free reports listed below.

Last Chance to Learn Which Content Management System is Right for You

Three technology professionals are ready to inform you about options

Register now for our WordPress vs. Drupal vs. Telligent: Which CMS is Right for You? Webinar

Online publishers, content producers and Internet marketers can simply their lives by using content management systems. The CMSs are designed to help publish content, index that content, organize the content and market that content organically.

In this day in age where search engines are a main source of traffic for online publishers and the new Google (Google Caffeine in beta) puts emphasis on SEO and fresh content, a CMS will help you tackle these issues and succeed while done correctly. During this webinar you will learn:

12 Free Landing Page Templates

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses 12 landing page templates and how to maximize Internet marketing conversion rates by using the correct one

(Nationwide)—Many pages of a website are landing pages. If users are coming to a website via search engines or via targeted traffic, they are “landing” on the website through any number of pages.

Landing pages are necessary components of your entire online marketing strategy. For online publishers and Internet marketers, a landing page should be looked at as any webpage that begins a transaction or relationship.

Why It’s Important for Online Publishers to Create a Multi-Platform Brand

And three components to building a multi-platform brand that you may want to utilize

While writing this, I am reminded of the lemming myth. I’m sure you may have heard it before. The tale was that if one lemming were to walk off a cliff, all the others would follow. Scientific evidence has shown that such a theory is incorrect, but the anecdote still holds a place in minds’ of those who are always questioning the actions surrounding them.

When new mediums or strategies emerge, some people jump on the first opportunity to use them. Others are more cautious. They wait for more information to come out, to see results others experience, and to carefully plan their steps so they don’t end up making an ill-advised mistake that could be detrimental to the health of their business.

Many publishers fall into this category. They are smart, savvy and hardworking, but have been cautious with adopting multiple mediums for their online publication. Others have started the process, but are taking it slowly.

Email Newsletter Best Practice Guidelines from Mequoda Group

Learn email newsletter best practices to enhance your editorial management strategy

(Nationwide)—Having an email subscriber list is imperative to the success of online publishers and Internet marketers. Due to this fact, the Mequoda Group has compiled a list of recommended general best practices for establishing and executing an effective email correspondence strategy.

To begin, research and define the needs of your online audience. It’s necessary to elaborate on your assumptions and determine what the audience is doing online. This affords the ability to then cater email newsletter content to them.

Next, alignment between the goals of the publishing business and goals of the email newsletter need to be recognized. It should be possible to clearly justify and defend the business purpose behind each email newsletter.

Content Marketing 2011

The numbers of tablets and digital readers will soar in the coming years

Forrester Research has predicted that there will be 57 million tablets sold by the year 2015, with a large chunk of those being iPads.

A realistic number? Seeing how over 300,000 iPads were sold on its launch day, and over 3 million in the first 80 days of being released, I could believe that within five years Apple and other tablets will hit the predicted number.

Recent Study Shows High Conversion Rates for the iPad

What does this mean for online publishers? Shopatron, a provider of global eCommerce solutions for consumer goods manufacturers, announced recently that sales conversion rates for the Apple iPad are much higher than rates for other mobile devices.

Increasing Website Traffic & Building Email Marketing Lists Ad

Do you want more website traffic and a larger email marketing list? Download our free Increasing Website Traffic & Building Email Marketing Lists eBook now and learn the strategies successful publishers and Internet marketers are using.

Profit by Creating Landing Pages That Really Convert

Anna Talerico creates a software platform that helps internet marketers increase their landing page conversion rates

Management Tips for Creating a Great Online Publishing Team

The best online publishing management team is comprised of subject matter experts, Internet marketers and information technology professionals who share the common objective of maximizing customer lifetime value.

What is the “Mequoda System?”

The Mequoda System, when run as a repeating cycle of management behaviors, creates an audience driven, continuous improvement media management system. To create the Mequoda System, the Mequoda Group studies hundreds of successful and not so successful website publishers to arrive at the seven best practices that make up the Mequoda System. (more…)

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