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Tag: jim sinkinson

Kiplinger Offers 8 Keys to Financial Success

Kiplinger Sounds the Right Keynote

In an introduction before a speech at Auburn University’s College of Human Sciences Women’s Philanthropy Board exactly a year ago, the presenter asked the audience to give featured speaker Knight Kiplinger a “warm rock star’s welcome.”

“Rock star, wait until I tell my children,” Kiplinger, the editor in chief of The Kiplinger Washington Editors, said with a smile. “If they heard that phrase put on me as a tag, they would be thinking of geology rather than music. They would be thinking sedimentary rock and metamorphic rock and rocks a million years old.”

It’s Personal; 9 Digital Marketing Lessons

Digital Marketing Lessons Stress Personal Touch

Sometimes it’s good to know that even the biggest companies make mistakes, so that when we make them, it doesn’t feel so bad. And more importantly, it emphasizes that it’s how you respond to the mistakes that count.

A very interesting article appeared on recently concerning digital marketing. Reporter Lauren Drell interviewed social media and marketing experts from top brands to get a list of 9 lessons. One involved AT&T and “an email blast sent from their VP of general marketing. It was a broad and generic email that outlined how much money AT&T was spending on infrastructure. The email outraged customers, and the team manned the Facebook Page for 48 hours, compassionately responding to every single post within ten minutes. ‘It really changed the tone of the page and within 24 hours, the sentiment totally changed because we were engaging and responding.’ Lesson learned: AT&T now personalizes email messages and geotargets its email blasts.”

SIPA Member Profile: Johnston Finds True Contentment

Don Johnston, Senior Vice President/Group Publisher, AHC Media, Atlanta

What was your first job out of college and how did you get into this business?
I was fortunate that my college newspaper, the Daily Californian in Berkeley, existed as an independent business operation. To a degree greater than a lot of college towns, the city and the university were deeply intertwined. I covered the city for the Daily Cal, all the basics like city council meetings, school board, police and fire, tons of feature stuff. I was a professional; I got paid. Then, after graduating, I was able to catch on with the San Francisco Examiner as a full-time correspondent in the East Bay, covering Berkeley and Oakland. That was how I got started in journalism and publishing, and I’ve really never done anything else.

SIPA Member Profile: Sheahan Proves You Can Go Home Again

Emily Sheahan, Group Publisher, HCPro, Inc., Danvers, Mass.

What was your first job out of college and how did you get into this business?
My first job out of college was as a marketing assistant for Addison Wesley Longman Publishing. I was at Ithaca (N.Y.) College and wanted to come back to Boston, my hometown, to work and live. Addison Wesley Longman was this huge building you could see from the highway and all I wanted to do was work there. About four months later, one of the account executives in the group left the company so I went into the marketing and sales director’s office and told him he should hire me for the job. I told him I already knew how to do the job and I would save him time and money by not having to train someone else. He agreed to give me a shot and promoted me.

Letters and Deals That Are Just for You

Personalizing the Message

I’m talking to you today about marketing. Groupon, step aside, Facebook Deals has arrived—in the U.K. at least.

Starbucks, O2 and Mazda are among the first participants. Mazda is offering five free cars for five months, Starbucks is giving free coffees and O2 is giving away PS3s and Xbox 360s to select people at select stores who upgrade their phones. It is a Europe-wide launch, with the UK being the first country. “Facebook Deals represents the power of word of mouth marketing and personal recommendation,” said Joanna Shields from Facebook. “By checking in and taking the deal, this is shown on your news feed so your friends can also see what deals are taking place…Borders are fading away and a new global social fabric is appearing in front of our lives.”

Stand and Deliver: Tips for Your Booth

Exhibiting Tips for Drawing People Over

The SIPA online marketing forum has been snap, crackle and popping with discussions the last few days. One of the questions that has created the most energy is: “We are considering exhibiting at some conventions in 2011. Can anyone offer best practices or share what your experience has been?”

So here are 10 best practices for exhibiting at conferences from the excellent answers on the forum:

‘Best’ Ideas from Marketing Conference

Best Ideas: Tweetups, Email Capture and IT Cooperation

The Super Bowl has its awarding of the Most Valuable Player trophy, a concert has its final encore, and a SIPA Conference has its Best of the Best Ideas session. Last month’s Marketing Conference in Miami was no different as attendees gathered at the end for one last listen before heading into the sunshine. Here are 10-plus ideas that made the final cut:

Sneak Preview From Conference Handouts

Conference Handouts Provide Solid Information

Handouts for sessions from last week’s SIPA Marketing Conference in Miami are now posted on the SIPA website! As a preview, here are important and timely snippets from 10 of those presentations. The links are for SIPA members to view the handouts. (If you don’t know your password, follow the easy prompts; if you want to become a member and see the handouts, hit the orange Free Trial button on the right, click here or email SIPA.)

1. Creating an Integrated Social Media Marketing Program for Publishers – Todd Lebo and Jim Sinkinson
Issues in Monitoring and Listening to Social Media Activity

IMR and SWEPA Merge to Create the New Mequoda Library, The Interactive Resource for Building Better Websites

Two of the publishing industry’s leading membership websites, Internet Media Review and SWEPA (Subscription Website Publishers Association), have merged to create the Mequoda Library, the interactive resource for building better websites. The Mequoda Library ( went live on June 3, 2005. (Jump to FAQs)