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Tag: joshua benton

Cross-Media Publishing News: Apple Newsstand, Tablets, and Time Spent

Perhaps it was inevitable, but the end of Apple Newsstand – long involved in a love-hate relationship with cross-device publishing – was still an occasion for reflection and wondering what lies ahead for digital magazines. This is the kind of story the Nieman Lab was built for. Below, we look at its coverage on this topic and two others relevant to cross-device publishing.

Publishing Brands on Snapchat: A New Social Platform Opportunity?

Social media for publishers can be a fast-moving, occasionally confusing gambit. While there’s no question that integrating a social strategy will generate more readers and revenue, there are questions about where to start. Well, brace yourself for another one: When will join other brands on Snapchat?

Leaked NYT Digital Memo a Watershed Moment for Publishing

The 90-plus-page document is substantive, to say the least. It’s the product of a six-month study on the part of a handpicked team tasked with navigating the Times’ digital future and providing suggested best practices to build upon its success. It also scrutinizes the paper’s current multiplatform approach, finding some complacency and significant managerial resistance to change.

Vox Editorial to Include Interview Transcript With Stories

Vox, the digital magazine headed up by erstwhile Washington Post wunderkind Ezra Klein, is adding a wrinkle to its articles that could add more dimension and clarity to its editorial content.

Tips on Building Renewals, Communities and Relationships

Seven Tips and the Sessions to Cover Them

Here are some excellent tips to keep in mind for your business—and the upcoming sessions at SIPA’s 28th Annual Marketing Conference in Miami, Dec. 7-9 that will cover those topics.

1. Find an underserved group or a lonely and under-appreciated group within the organization. If there is a highly regulated area—such as financial, health care or transportation—there is potential for a big audience. There are always new regulations to learn. (”Social Media – Building and Leveraging Loyal Communities, Thursday, Dec. 8, 10:55 a.m.)