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Tag: ken doctor

3 Subscription Websites Seeing Major Growth

Subscription websites can be a major revenue stream for savvy digital publishers. Today we’re looking at some examples of this from major publishers.

We begin with The Atlantic, a subscription website publisher who is experiencing significant growth with its membership program. Digiday reports, “The Masthead has grown the program gradually, testing it with a small beta group of 250 before opening it up to subscribers for $100 a year. This week, membership was opened to everyone, at a price of $120 a year. Starting narrow has enabled The Atlantic to isolate the feedback of its most devoted readers. It’s been testing different content formats in email to the group and asked recipients to grade them on a scale of one to five.”

Cross-Media Publishing News: Apple Newsstand, Tablets, and Time Spent

Perhaps it was inevitable, but the end of Apple Newsstand – long involved in a love-hate relationship with cross-device publishing – was still an occasion for reflection and wondering what lies ahead for digital magazines. This is the kind of story the Nieman Lab was built for. Below, we look at its coverage on this topic and two others relevant to cross-device publishing.

Ecommerce Content Strategy Taking Shape for Publishers

Earlier this week, we relayed news of tech network Purch’s Series C grab of $135 million, fueled largely by its prowess in mixing content and commerce. Purch’s success is a sign of the times. Ecommerce content strategy is a rapidy emerging consideration for many publishers digging for more revenue sources, but success doesn’t come easily: The formula is a tricky one to master depending on niche, platform, and audience, among other factors. Several companies have been in the news recently for the strides they’re making when it comes to ecommerce content strategy. Let’s take a look at articles from Women’s Wear Daily, TechCrunch, Digiday, and Capital New York.

Bloomberg Digital Ambitions Built on Multiplatform Approach

After turning Atlantic Media into a global force to be reckoned with, Justin Smith now has his sights set on Bloomberg digital reigning supreme more than one year into his tenure and months into a radical redesign.

Best Digital Publishing Strategies Mix the Old and the New

Ken Doctor writes in a recent Nieman Lab post that the resurgence of email newsletters, among other trends often associated with the digital era, are actually longstanding practices that have been reshaped for multiplatform publishing. More to the point, Doctor says, digital publishers must find the right combination of tactics to succeed in the 21st century.

Time Inc. Spinoff Will Mean Challenges

With its split from Time Warner official as of last Friday, Time Inc. now faces an uncertain future as the largest magazine publisher on the planet, with 95 brands to nurture and grow.

Mobile Magazines Take Different Approaches to News

Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab recently took a look at three news services’ strategies for mobile publishing. With mobile audiences far outpacing mobile revenues, Circa, NRCQ, and The New Republic offer intriguing efforts to even things out with “mobile-first newsonomics,” as Ken Doctor writes.

Newsweek’s Digital Magazine Subscription Gamble

via Newsweek

Will Newsweek’s digital magazine subscription pricing work? Ken Doctor from Nieman Labs has all the details about Newsweek’s relaunch. We found the part about their digital magazine subscription pricing to be a bit startling. Doctor writes, “The paywall isn’t unusual; the pricing is. Charging $39.99 for digital-only access is high,

Publishers Bridge the Gap Between Magazines and Advertisers

Contextual ads are getting easier and easier for tablet editions. According to Neiman Journalism Lab, “Three-year-old ShopAdvisor is creating a next generation of editorial/advertising links in a number of Time Inc. and Hearst magazines, with more clients on the way.”

The technology allows ads in the tablet editions of magazines, like Cosmo, to have ads or an editorial for “20 hot accessories for summer” and a little button that says “Shop This Ad” which allows users to click and buy any of the items in the ad or save them for later.

What’s the “Next Big Thing” in Social Media for Publishers?

In 2011, we’re no longer asking if social media is a platform we want to use. Instead, we’re deciding which social media strategy we want to use. If we’re servicing businesses (B2B), then maybe we’re putting more emphasis on LinkedIn. If we’re trying to attract a mass of consumers, perhaps we’re using Facebook as our tool of choice.

When did “tweet” stop referring to a bird call and instead start meaning a verb that implies a 140-character shout-out? For pete’s sake, OMG and LOL just got added to the Oxford dictionary. Social media “ain’t no big thang” anymore.

Trading Newspapers for Tablets: 3 Numbers to Watch

As US tablet sales are projected to hit 70 million in 2011 and 2012, online publishers are paying closer attention to tablet revolution

The launch of the iPad in 2010 was the beginning of the revolution.

Now, in 2011, as tablet competition and pricing models become clearer, the revolution is starting to gain speed.