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Tag: keyword research tool

7 Types of Freemiums Publishers Give Away to Build an Email List

Build an email list by creating free downloads that fit the content theme you are already selling
Freemiums have become the ultimate way to build an email list. The difference in email capture rate between a site that asks readers to sign up for their free newsletter, and one that asks them to sign up and

VIDEO: YouTube Keyword Tool – Not Quite Ready

YouTube’s Keyword Research Tool won’t help your SEO workflow just yet

I recently stumbled upon YouTube’s Keyword Tool (log into your YouTube account to view). It’s looks like an early version of Google’s Keyword Tool, which is the same tool that Mequoda uses to find keywords and perform SEO research internally and for clients. Unfortunately it’s doesn’t provide us with the same fruitful results that the Google Keyword Research tool does.

Live Coverage: Mequoda Summit Session 5 – SEO Copywriting and Campaign Management

Leveraging Content and Keywords to Drive Targeted Website Traffic, Build Email Circulation and Sell Information Products

Live Coverage: Mequoda Summit Session 4 – SEO Research and Analytics

Choosing the Right Keywords to Attract Targeted Website Traffic

Don considers this “the new direct mail”. Keyword research and implementation is perhaps the most complex, yet effective way to drive the most search traffic to your website. The idea is that if you research your keywords and compare the search to pages ratio, you can choose your keywords based on your likeliness to show up on page one.