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Tag: landing page content

Content Marketing Strategy #2 – Use Many Platforms

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses principles of a successful content marketing strategy that online publishers and content marketers are currently utilizing to create communities around their content

(Nationwide)—The Internet has become a media-rich landscape ripe for content marketing. Users can find content that interests them in many different formats, from written pieces to audio and video.

This is part of the reason why the Internet’s popularity continues to increase. Online publishers and content marketers can take advantage of this landscape by engaging in content marketing on many platforms.

Ways to Get 100% Google Visibility for Landing Pages While Engaging in SEO Campaign Management

This free report on SEO campaign management discusses ways successful online publishers are using niche terms to receive 100% search engine visibility

12 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates

What criteria would four of America’s most successful copywriters use to create better sales letter landing pages? And how would 26 landing pages from a variety of large and small publishers and authors hold up under their intense scrutiny?

Over the past 12 months, John Clausen, Peter A. Schaible, Robert W. Bly and Peter J. Fogel have used a list of 12 guidelines designed to increase landing page conversion rates to critique 26 successful (and a few not-so-successful) sales letter landing pages for a variety of books, magazines and newsletters for Mequoda’s Creating Landing Pages That Sell.