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Tag: landing page design

Mequoda Weekly: February 4th, 2013 – February 8th, 2013

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Best Landing Page Designs Depend on More than the Designer

Deploy your words to make landing pages more powerful

The best landing page designs aren’t about design.

OK, they’re sort of about design. I know that my copy can enhance and work with the design, or it can put the reader off the product featured in even the best landing page designs.

Landing Page Testing & Optimization: Clearing the Clutter

An example of how to de-clutter your rapid conversion landing page template

How many of you have a primary goal of converting casual website visitors to email recipients?

Chances are if you’re a content marketer, online publisher or author, you use this audience development strategy.

Blogging Advice: A Few Words From Our Readers

We love when people comment on the blog posts we write, which is why we generally end every blog post with an introduction to discuss the article in the comments section. Often times, we get noteworthy blog comments worth their own blog post, so today I’d like to share some of those blog comments and I hope you’ll add your own discussions in the comments here.

On 9 SEO Blogging Tips for Search Engine-Friendly Articles, which discusses all the ways that you can boost SEO rank on your articles, Matt writes, “I think that commenting is very valuable. The more you comment on other blogs, the more comments you get back on your blog, since many bloggers like to return the favor. Google is also indexing these comments, so it’s like adding extra content, and showing that the blog is ‘alive and kicking’. This has to help a bit as a general SEO factor.”

Week in Review: May 23rd, 2011 – May 27th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Does Your Landing Page Design Match Your Target Audience?

Every landing page design is not for every audience
We’re all superficial people at heart because we like things that look fancy and expensive. An ugly Coach bag on the rack will sell for $300 because it’s got a bunch of giant C’s on it and you won’t even need to publicly brag about it because will already identify it as expensive just by looking at it.

This translates the same online, where you have only a moment to convince someone that your website is worth looking at for more than a couple seconds.

Landing Page Guidelines Ad

Discover guidelines for landing page design that maximize email conversion rates when you download our FREE Rapid Conversion Landing Page Optimization Guidelines white paper.

Landing Page Optimization Book Review: Landing Page Handbook by MarketingSherpa

Due to limited time or budget, the landing page is often given the least priority in a marketing campaign.

Some marketers feel that a great external campaign is more important than a good landing page. Our research has found the opposite to be true. Even a great campaign needs the correct conversion architecture, landing page design is key.

Download our FREE Landing Page Design Best Practices & Optimization Kit!

Four free white papers that will kick your landing page design and optimization skills into high gear!

Landing Page Optimization Book Review: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions by Tim Ash

Analyze your landing pages through the eyes of your customers

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing encompasses a wide range of methods including search engine marketing, email marketing, viral marketing, affiliate marketing, display advertising, interactive ads and others. The nature of the Internet causes rapid and constant change in marketing, and new methods are always emerging. Internet marketers frequently combine several methods, such as email marketing and display advertising.

Email Marketing with Video

Clever marketers are combining their tools to offer stronger email marketing campaigns

Ready for an online marketing mash-up? Try video email marketing, a new strategy attempted by only the most daring marketers.

Video email marketing combines three online marketing disciplines: email marketing, landing page design and promotional online video. Each have their own best practices and undefined grey areas, and their combination provides an alluring challenge.

Checklists Provide a Never-Ending Source of Content

As an online publisher, part of your job is to make information easier to manage for your subscribers

The majority of membership websites and email newsletters are instructional. Members join or subscribe in order to access content that is not available to non-subscribers. Much of this proprietary information is of the how-to variety.

If you’re a publisher of an email newsletter, and you’re stuck for a story idea, think checklist. You’ll almost never run out of ideas and you’ll provide your subscribers with valuable tools that increase your credibility as an expert.

Five Tips for Keeping Visitors Around and Convincing Them to Order

As you may already know, most people arrive at a website and within less than 10 seconds can determine whether it’s clean, professional and worth their time. Your landing page delivers the first impression. It’s usually the most important page on your site. It needs to be a fast, effective messenger.

With a quick glance, visitors to your site should know exactly what your site is all about or what your business does. Determine what image and message you want the customer to “get” in those first few seconds, and design your landing page toward that objective. Anything that distracts from the central message or image you wish to project should be eliminated.

Using a Unique Style of Copywriting Called “Fascinations” to Mesmerize Readers and Drive Sales

Landing Page Design Tips: Want to know a secret? Of course, you do. Everyone loves secrets. As Homo sapiens we always want what we can’t have and that includes desiring an edge over our competitors or discovering some nugget of information that’ll add value to all facets of our lives; whether its business, financial, personal or dealing with our health.

Why You Should Test the Graphics on Your Landing Pages

Landing Page Design: Always Test Graphics

The Taguchi method of landing page testing identifies the following factors or variables that are worth testing on any given landing page: Landing Page Review

Landing Page Conversions Gets Personal

For decades, direct marketers have been using personalization to increase direct mail response rates. When you send out a laser-printed sales letter with the prospect’s name in it, you gain his or her attention.

Personalization works equally well online, yet your name doesn’t appear within the copy of most of the landing pages you click on. Glen Hopkins wants to change all that with Page Personalizer. Landing Page Review

Some wag once said “the perfect is the enemy of the good.” In other words, the goal of achieving perfection in a new venture often gets in the way of accomplishing an outcome that is “good enough” to succeed. Often an idea for a big, bold new product is one that never gets completed. Meanwhile, simple products quickly get created, marketed and sold, often bringing significant financial success to their developers. Landing Page Review

You might know, and subscribe, to one or more products from information marketing juggernauts like Bottom Line Publications, Agora, Healthy Directions or Philips Investment Resources. More importantly, you may study their strategies and creations like an aspiring artist studies the work of the great masters.

Landing Page Guideline #11: Designing Aesthetically Pleasing Landing Pages

The Key to Creating an Aesthetically Pleasing Landing Page is to Know your Target Market and Create an Appearance that Conforms to your Visitors’ Mental Model