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Tag: landing page test

11 Landing Page Optimization Tests for Subscription Websites [+ Video]

When a visitor arrives at your website landing page, you have about five seconds to make a good impression and capture her attention. If you don’t succeed immediately, she is likely to click away and you’re apt to lose her forever.

Your landing page needs to be a fast, effective messenger.

With a quick glance, visitors to your site should know exactly what your landing page is about and how it benefits them. Determine what image and message you want the customer to “get” in those first few seconds, and design your landing page toward that objective. Anything that distracts from the central message or image you wish to project should be eliminated.

How to Choose the Right Landing Page Testing Method

During today’s live webinar on landing page testing and optimization, you will discover how to perform the best possible landing page tests

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, we showed an example of how a few simple changes to a landing page increase the conversion rate by 20.2%.

Who wouldn’t want an increased conversion rate of 20.2%? That means a bigger audience of more than 20% – which could possibly lead to more revenue generation.

Simple Landing Page Tests Can Make a Big Difference

Do you know how long to run your landing page test for?

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, we discussed the Landing Page Testing Roadmap, which outlines a procedure for optimizing landing pages with the help of A/B and multi-variate tests.

The article went through criteria that should be the focal point of your tests. Ultimately, these criteria pointed out the actual components of landing pages that are often overlooked in the testing process.

3 Noteworthy Landing Page A/B Test Results

Landing page optimization tips from A/B tests that made a big difference

If you’re not testing your landing pages, then how do you know whether your products are not selling, or if it’s the landing page that is not doing a good job of selling the product? Check out these examples of landing page A/B tests that boosted results 31% to as much as 131%.
Lesson: Play with design elements

In this test, according to

15 Landing Page Tips to Talk About

A collection of great landing page optimization tips covering SEO, website design, A/B testing, and copywriting

Why You Should Test the Graphics on Your Landing Pages

Landing Page Design: Always Test Graphics

The Taguchi method of landing page testing identifies the following factors or variables that are worth testing on any given landing page:

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Getting User Testimonials to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates

Learn how one publisher added simple user testimonials and increased landing page conversion rates by 23 percent.