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Tag: landing page tracking

15 Landing Page Tips to Talk About

A collection of great landing page optimization tips covering SEO, website design, A/B testing, and copywriting

Every Page is a Landing Page

Think about every page on your site as a landing page and start converting all of your visitors into subscribers or buyers.
Many people think that a landing page is just one type of page. When you think of a landing page, what do you picture? A single page, long copy, highlighted text, lots of bolding and italicizing, strong headline?
Sure, that’s one design of a landing page, most likely a rapid conversion landing page or email capture page. Or maybe it’s a salesletter landing page selling a single eBook.

Landing Page Tracking: 3 Online Tools

Remember those “hit counters” you used to see on the bottom of websites (I’m digging back to 1999 here) that told the site owner how many people visited their website? Back then, it was exciting just to know that people did visit your website, but it’s 2008 now and there are dozens of landing page tracking tools out there that can tell you more about your audience than a number that increases every time you refresh the page.