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Tag: landing page

A landing page is any web page that an Internet user can enter a website through. Landing pages are optimized to attract specific audience members.

The Whole Dog Journal Landing Page Review

It’s really quite difficult to find fault with an organization that devotes its time and resources to helping people train and care for their dogs using natural techniques and products. Dogs are our best friends, right? And who isn’t in favor of natural techniques and products under just about any circumstances?

So it is with the utmost respect for dogs, dog trainers and dog people in general that I unleash the Mequoda Landing Page Scorecard on the gentle folks who wrote and designed the landing page for The Whole Dog Journal.

Hideaway Report Landing Page Review

Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report® is a privately published newsletter dedicated to the discovery of peaceful vacation retreats for the sophisticated traveler. The publication claims 85 percent of its executive subscribers hold the title of CEO/President/Owner/Partner. Website Design Review

We are still in the dawn of the Internet age and is one of the early lights in the crowded online investment information sky. A well-designed site with a Milky Way of investment tools, earns a glowing A on the Mequoda Website Scorecard. Landing Page Review

Cooking Club of America is an efficient, user friendly membership site. We found this site by typing “Cooking Club of America” into Google, and this is the first page that showed up in the organic listings.

While this page serves as the home page of this membership website, it also serves as a rapid conversion landing page, as it immediately offers a free issue of Cooking Pleasures magazine in exchange for a free trial membership to Cooking Club of America. Website Design Review

Giving credit where it is due: a cornucopia of useful information for industry professionals and an exemplary business-to-business website.

Wall Street Journal 20-Free Issues Landing Page Review

At first blush, you would probably expect that a world class publication, with all its resources and media knowledge, would have a truly inspiring landing page. They are, after all, The Wall Street Journal.

IMR and SWEPA Merge to Create the New Mequoda Library, The Interactive Resource for Building Better Websites

Two of the publishing industry’s leading membership websites, Internet Media Review and SWEPA (Subscription Website Publishers Association), have merged to create the Mequoda Library, the interactive resource for building better websites. The Mequoda Library ( went live on June 3, 2005. (Jump to FAQs)

Mequoda Sales Letter Landing Page Guidelines

he Mequoda Landing Page Scorecard™ encourages you to score your own landing page using each of the 12 Mequoda Best Practice Guidelines, add them together and arrive at a cumulative score. The goal is to emphasize the importance of effective landing pages that sell. Your landing page should achieve respectable scores in all areas, rather than over-emphasizing a single area or two, or omitting other areas completely.

Mayo Clinic Health Letter Landing Page Review

If you divide products into two categories—must-have and nice-to-have—newsletters fall decisively in the latter. No one needs newsletters. As Bill Bonner, founder of Agora Publishing, a large consumer newsletter publisher likes to point out, “Nobody wakes up, taps their significant other on the shoulder, and says, ‘Honey, we need to get some more newsletters today.” Sales Letter Landing Page Review

“We don’t turn back our odometers.”

When I first logged on to the sales letter at, I liked the clean design and the bright colors. However, I can’t say I feel the same about the brief, but very negative, intro copy the author offers at the top of the lette

Motley Fool Stock Advisor Landing Page Review

It’s no secret that we at the Mequoda Group are big fans of the Motley Fools. In our Motley Fool Media Network Case Study, we chronicled the company’s admirable history from its humble beginnings as an America Online discussion forum in 1994.

The Blaylock Wellness Report Landing Page Review

If the advent of the World Wide Web and the superabundance of information it puts within easy reach has done anything for me, it’s made me a much better consumer of medical services and a greater participant in my own healthcare.

Rukeyser Mutual Funds Sales Letter Landing Page Review

Depending on who’s counting, there are at least 160 paid-subscription financial newsletters published in North America. The most popular focus on stock recommendations, but there are others covering everything from options and futures to precious metals and mutual funds.

The Samsung SyncMaster 710MP Landing Page Review

The global consumer electronics company Samsung currently has a campaign running on which caught our eye at Mequoda. The animated rectangle advertisement on the top of the magazine’s homepage rotates through several products, each with its own landing page. We’ve selected the SyncMaster 710mp LCD product landing page for scrutiny. This review reveals how lack of marketing focus can hinder campaign goals.’s FundInvestor™ Sales Letter Landing Page Review

The Morningstar® FundInvestor™ landing page, when measured against our Landing Page best practices model, is ineffective and dysfunctional. This review is of one page on the website, a link from the site’s homepage to the landing page for one of its many print newsletters.

The Richebacher Letter Landing Page Review

The Richebächer Letter, published by Agora Financial, uses one of the more bare-knuckled attempts at turning fear into threat that we’ve seen to date. The copy on their sales letter landing page effectively takes the threat of losing one’s money and turns it into print subscription sales. Website Design Review

The Accounts Payable Network serves its members very well. There is an enormous amount of content here, creating an invaluable resource. It’s hard to imagine an AP professional not wanting to join this member site or objecting to its $695 initial one-year membership fee.

Landing Page Guideline #2: Captivating Readers with a Compelling Story

A Great Landing Page is a Sales Letter that Establishes Rapport, Heightens Desire for the Product and Prompts a Purchase Decision

Landing Page Guideline #3: Webifying Content to Maintain Interest

Webification is the Most Efficient Use of All the Multi-Media and Interactive Technology Available, Without Letting it Outshine the Sales Message on Your Landing Page

Landing Page Guideline #4: Building Relationships with Email Capture

Capturing Your Visitor’s Email Address on Your Landing Page Allows Opportunity for Follow Up, Significantly Increases your Conversion Rate and Gives You a Chance to Grow Your List

Landing Page Guideline #5: Increasing Credibility with User Testimonials

Adding User Testimonials to Your Landing Page Increases Conversion Rates, as they Comfort and Reassure Your Customers that Other People Have Bought and Been Very Satisfied with your Product or Service

Landing Page Guideline #6: Creating Strategic Order Flow Links

The Only Sure Way to Know How Many Links to Place on Your Landing Page to Increase Conversion Rates is to Test the Variations and Go with the Winners. Links and buttons are the vehicles that allow a prospect to navigate your landing page. Your objective should be to make them as easy as possible to understand and use.

Landing Page Guideline #7: Applying User-Centric Labeling and Language

When Writing Landing Page Copy, it’s Important to List all Benefits and Avoid Using Jargon and Terms Not Commonly Understood by the User

Landing Page Guideline #8: Improving Readability and Content Density

There are a Few Common Factors that Contribute to Improving Landing Page Readability—Notably, the Choice of Typeface

Landing Page Guideline #9: Providing Urgency and Content Freshness

Few Things Destroy the Credibility of a Landing Page More Quickly than Content that’s Out of Date. Remember to Keep Things Fresh and Always Offer an Urgent Reason for Visitors to Buy Now

Landing Page Guideline #10: Speeding Up Landing Page Load Time

If your Landing Page Loads at Anything Slower than the Speed of Instant Gratification, you Run a Serious Risk of Losing your Customer

Landing Page Guideline #11: Designing Aesthetically Pleasing Landing Pages

The Key to Creating an Aesthetically Pleasing Landing Page is to Know your Target Market and Create an Appearance that Conforms to your Visitors’ Mental Model

Landing Page Guideline #12: Offering Multiple and Convenient Order Options

If You Get Everything Else Right and Blow the Order Mechanism, your Sales Letter Landing Page will Almost Certainly Fail.

Landing Page Guideline #1: Writing Effective and Promising Headlines

Far Too Many Landing Pages Fail Almost Immediately by Offering Up Lack-Luster Headlines and Subheads; Learn How To Deliver a Compelling Headline for a Single Product or Service Website Design Review

Seth Godin, Father of Permission Marketing and Internet Pioneer, Delivers a Dysfunctional Website

Why is it that some of the best, most commonsensical and trusted marketers don’t practice what they preach? Or put more politely, why do they sometimes act counter-intuitively to what are generally agreed to be “best marketing practices”? Why don’t they walk their talk? Why are they so incongruent?

Why is it that some of the best, most commonsensical and trusted marketers don’t practice what they preach? Or put more politely, why do they sometimes act counter-intuitively to what are generally agreed to be “best marketing practices”? Why don’t they walk their talk? Why are they so incongruent?

How to test the viability of your idea for a pay-for-access online newsletter before developing it

In this scenario, inspired by Frank Kern, you send up a trial balloon and let your potential subscribers tell you what they want, if anything, from your proposed information product.