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Tag: link building campaigns

Developing a Successful Internet Marketing Strategy

Our Internet Marketing Strategy focuses on multiple ways to maximize revenues by using the Internet as a major source of traffic and revenue. By including a variety of business-building tools, such as social media, link-building campaigns and online advertising, you will drive website traffic and increase revenue.

We’re all about free advertising but the fact is, paid media works. And sometimes it’s easier to buy website traffic than to rely on free media. A further advantage of buying traffic is that the publisher can pretty much control where and when the traffic will land on the site.

You Might Be a Publisher If…

We have found that many in the publishing industry today don’t want to be labeled “a publisher”. Having spent over 30 years in the publishing industry, Don Nicholas, our editor-in-chief, wants us to clear up any misgivings or misconceptions about this label.

3 Methods for Creating Free Reports

Increase visibility without spending extra time and money

Online Editor & Publisher Job Description 2009

Online Editor & Publisher Job Description 2009 – Setting Measureable Goals for your Online Team

In the more than three years since last we shared our goals and metrics for the Mequoda Daily team, the job description for our Online Editor has changed with the times (and the times have been a changing).

3 Tools to Track and Analyze Inbound Links

Part two of this week’s series How to Start a Link-Building Campaign. How to analyze your backlinks and credibility (and that of your competitors!)

On Monday, we talked about discovering your potential external sources for a link-building campaign, and today we will talk a little more about analyzing those sources.

Many of your sources have already begun their own link-building campaigns. But the ones that you should pay the most attention to are your competitors. Finding out where they are receiving their backlinks may be a big help in uncovering sources you may have missed in your initial research.