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Tag: magazine Website Design Review

Advertising-driven makes the crucial mistake of forgetting that readers must first find the content they seek, or they won’t hang around long enough to maximize the valuable advertising inventory that publishers crave

The Whole Dog Journal Landing Page Review

It’s really quite difficult to find fault with an organization that devotes its time and resources to helping people train and care for their dogs using natural techniques and products. Dogs are our best friends, right? And who isn’t in favor of natural techniques and products under just about any circumstances?

So it is with the utmost respect for dogs, dog trainers and dog people in general that I unleash the Mequoda Landing Page Scorecard on the gentle folks who wrote and designed the landing page for The Whole Dog Journal. Landing Page Review

Cooking Club of America is an efficient, user friendly membership site. We found this site by typing “Cooking Club of America” into Google, and this is the first page that showed up in the organic listings.

While this page serves as the home page of this membership website, it also serves as a rapid conversion landing page, as it immediately offers a free issue of Cooking Pleasures magazine in exchange for a free trial membership to Cooking Club of America.

IMR and SWEPA Merge to Create the New Mequoda Library, The Interactive Resource for Building Better Websites

Two of the publishing industry’s leading membership websites, Internet Media Review and SWEPA (Subscription Website Publishers Association), have merged to create the Mequoda Library, the interactive resource for building better websites. The Mequoda Library ( went live on June 3, 2005. (Jump to FAQs) Website Design Review

BabyCenter LLC, is just what it sounds like. Much like the community center in the local church, this site helps anxious parents and parents-to-be find answers to everything they need. This well-designed, interactive website brings reliable advice to a consumer audience, along with peer-support for the most anxiety producing experience many of us will ever have—parenting. Website Design Review

Although similar, the content of Advertising Age and is not the same. does not contain the full editorial content of the print edition. Nor does the print edition contain all that is in the online edition each week. However, text-only articles from the print publication are available on approximately two weeks after publish date. Website Design Review

It’s a truism that income opportunities from trade books, i.e. books sold through channels like Barnes & Noble and, are very limited. To earn a fair and reasonable living, even if a book is successful in publishing terms, enterprising authors who desire more have to develop their own back-end revenue-generating opportunities that capitalize on their book’s visibility. Website Design Review

Established print publications, especially trade publications, typically have a hard time letting go of their print roots and embracing all the new functionality and usability features that are required for a great content website. This is why we use a tool like the Mequoda Website Scorecard, to give us unbiased rules to sleuth out the good and bad of the online design.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor Landing Page Review

It’s no secret that we at the Mequoda Group are big fans of the Motley Fools. In our Motley Fool Media Network Case Study, we chronicled the company’s admirable history from its humble beginnings as an America Online discussion forum in 1994. Website Design Review

I’ve had spinal meningitis, cancer, diabetes and attention deficit disorder. OK, not really. But I think I might qualify as a hypochondriac, along with a certain percent of the WebMD readership. (An issue that they write about, calling it “Cyberchondria”.) So, it was with joyful anticipation of all the new diseases I could self-diagnose, that I picked the task of reviewing the WebMD Health content site. Website Design Review

Waterfront Media has developed a series of profitable websites, one of which is Denise Austin’s fitness and health website,

The Samsung SyncMaster 710MP Landing Page Review

The global consumer electronics company Samsung currently has a campaign running on which caught our eye at Mequoda. The animated rectangle advertisement on the top of the magazine’s homepage rotates through several products, each with its own landing page. We’ve selected the SyncMaster 710mp LCD product landing page for scrutiny. This review reveals how lack of marketing focus can hinder campaign goals. Website Design Review

When Editor Don Nicholas asked me to review, I was a bit hesitant. After all, he served as the Company’s CEO from its inception until 2003, when he ventured off with other business plans… plans that led to our successful “parent” company, Mequoda Group, LLC. Website Design Review

At first blush, appears to be an unemployed person’s best bet… hundreds of thousands of jobs just a few keystrokes away. But let’s take a moment to run it through the merciless Mequoda Website Scorecard™ system and see how stacks up. For this test, we’ll be visiting the job seekers’ section only.

A car restoration enthusiast starts a pay-for-access website after spending two years in Ulaan Baatar, Outer Mongolia

In this exclusive Mequoda interview, Satch Reed explains his popular subscription website that’s dedicated to antique car restoration. It’s also dedicated to making money for its publishers. Website Design Review is a great example of a successful Mequoda Membership Website Publishing Model™. The website, while similar to the print magazine, offers more functionality and added features than their print counterpart. Wine ratings and tasting notes on the website are sortable by score, price and vintage and there is web-exclusive content and commentary. A website user can also create a personal cellar, where they can save the wines reviewed by to a personalized list. Website Design Review

eDiets Doesn’t Feed You Enough Reasons to Join Their Program. I had mixed feelings when Don Nicholas asked me to take a look at as my first website review for the Mequoda Library.
The reason is my weight. You know those height/weight charts you see in the doctor’s office? Well, according to that chart, I am 7-feet, 8-inches!

Landing Page Guideline #3: Webifying Content to Maintain Interest

Webification is the Most Efficient Use of All the Multi-Media and Interactive Technology Available, Without Letting it Outshine the Sales Message on Your Landing Page

Landing Page Guideline #8: Improving Readability and Content Density

There are a Few Common Factors that Contribute to Improving Landing Page Readability—Notably, the Choice of Typeface

Landing Page Guideline #11: Designing Aesthetically Pleasing Landing Pages

The Key to Creating an Aesthetically Pleasing Landing Page is to Know your Target Market and Create an Appearance that Conforms to your Visitors’ Mental Model

The Mequoda System: A Seven-Habit Website Management System

Successful website publishing in 2005 means creating happy users and healthy profits. Without both, no website will exist for long. All of the successful website publishers we’ve studied have one thing in common: a consistent management system for achieving success that includes a number of key behaviors that are repeated over and over to become organizational habits.

A Membership Community for Embroidery Enthusiasts

This membership website is an online community for embroidery enthusiasts to meet and exchange ideas, discuss new design and software releases, chat about life and make new friends.
According to the National Needlework Association (TNNA), the actual term “needleart” refers to any form of hand technique utilizing a needle and some type of fiber, yarn or

Now you can start your day with a pithy inspirational quote from a new subscription website. Its owners have been publishing a magazine equivalent of its message for more than 80 years.

According to a year-old study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, the “online faithful” are devout and they use the Internet for personal spiritual matters more than for traditional religious functions or work related to their places of worship.

Interview with Jessica Hostler de Sanchez, whose membership website is a treasure trove of helpful hints for overworked mothers

Her vision is to create a tool that will guide women, encourage them, help them balance. To help accomplish her vision, Jessica Hostler de Sanchez formed a partnership with her sister, Brandee Hostler; her mother, Sharon Green; and her aunt, Vonnie Corsini. Together, they have come up with a subscription website that is brimming with important, useful, and interesting information that is intellectually, physically and emotionally stimulating.

Interview: Steve Yankee of

In this exclusive Mequoda interview, this former advertising executive, nee journalist, tells us how he draws on a lifetime of experience in marketing to create an online community for independent videographers and others in the video production business.

Interview: Dan McCormick of

Interview with Dan McCormick, publisher of a subscription website for photographers. A Canadian with a diversified business background, Dan McCormick has taken his love for photography and turned it into a popular membership website for both amateurs and professionals.

Red 7 Media Internet Hub Case Study

The folks at Red 7 Media understand that readers consume information in a variety of ways—in print, online, and in person. “Therefore,” says Editor and Publisher Tony Silber, “it’s our job to come up with a variety of marketing techniques that will work for our advertisers.” Website Design Review

Seth Godin, Father of Permission Marketing and Internet Pioneer, Delivers a Dysfunctional Website

Why is it that some of the best, most commonsensical and trusted marketers don’t practice what they preach? Or put more politely, why do they sometimes act counter-intuitively to what are generally agreed to be “best marketing practices”? Why don’t they walk their talk? Why are they so incongruent?

Why is it that some of the best, most commonsensical and trusted marketers don’t practice what they preach? Or put more politely, why do they sometimes act counter-intuitively to what are generally agreed to be “best marketing practices”? Why don’t they walk their talk? Why are they so incongruent?

Variety Careers Classified Website Case Study

Online job advertising represents a steadily increasing share of the job recruitment industry, with a rate of revenue growth in 2004 that far exceeded that of traditional print classifieds. In October 2004, Reed Business Information (RBI) launched its own branded job recruitment site, called VarietyCareers, and expects to make a significant impact on this burgeoning industry in the market segments that it knows best—media and entertainment.

Cook’s Illustrated wins IMR’s Editor’s Choice Award for Best Cooking Subscription Website

Bristol, RI – November 17, 2004 – With the holidays fast approaching, IMR’s Usability Expert Roxanne O’Connell thought it would be suitable and enjoyable to navigate cooking websites. She was determined to find out how a publication could manage to charge money for something that is abundantly offered for free on the Internet.

How to Launch a Successful Membership Website

What should you consider when starting a subscription-driven or membership website?

The answers are not always obvious, even to a seasoned print or electronic publisher. Starting a new website is very different from running an existing property. Over the past 10 years, my partners and I have worked on over 100 successful website startups, as well as several that were not successful.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s has been awarded the Internet Media Review Usability Excellence Award 2004 for Best Regional Newspaper Website.

For a newspaper with only a third of the circulation of The New York Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution does an excellent job of keeping their website easily searchable and user-friendly. The New York Times’ and The Washington Post’s tied for a close second, while The Philadelphia Inquirer’s came in last place.

Investigating the viability of your paid membership website niche by researching no-cost online resources for similar topics

Before the Internet and the world wide web provided us with easy access to a plethora of information resources without charge, print newsletters were the dominant medium for publishing specialized subject matter.

Internet Media Review Names Best Consumer Magazine Website

Bristol, RI – September 23, 2004 – With larger magazine publishing companies falling to the wayside, the Imagineers at Disney Publishing’s have been awarded the IMR Usability Excellence Award 2004 for Best Consumer Magazine Website.

DMA Launches New Website to Help Publishers Harness the Internet

Digital Media Advisors (DMA) announced today the launch of their first online publication, Internet Media Review: The Journal of Online Bristol, RI – September 14, 2004 – Marketing & Publishing. IMR’s mission is to help print and electronic publishers understand and profit from the best practices used by the Internet’s most successful online publishers.

Consumer Magazine Website Design

Consumer magazine websites are as diverse in content and execution as the magazines they represent. Some offer robust content and interactive functionality that begin to take advantage of the promise of online publishing, while some… do not.

How to evaluate a market niche for your member website or other information product

The key to success as an online information marketer is feeding a starving crowd.

A starving crowd is any group of people who share an enthusiasm for a topic and are passionate enough about it to spend their money to learn more. They’re “starving” for more information.

This creates an opportunity for you, the information provider.

What is your membership website passion—to lead or to be led?

In his seminal analysis of the psychology of mass movements, The True Believer, Eric Hoffer reminds us of how eager many people are to be led, to join a cause—any cause.

From magazine to book to subscription website: Is this a viable business model?

Magazine publishers, book publishers and membership website publishers are re-inventing the revenue models for cross-selling information.

A recent article in Community, the quarterly newsletter of Barnes & Noble Booksellers, explains how a simple “get-to-know-you” meeting between the editors of Good Housekeeping and the magazine’s new book publishing partner, Sterling, led to a great book idea.

Yoga Journal DVD Product Marketing Website Case Study

Some 16.5 million Americans—or 7.5 percent of all adults in the United States—are yoga practitioners, and another 25 million people expect to try yoga within the next 12 months, according to the results of a second annual “Yoga in America” study recently conducted by Yoga Journal. And most yoga is practiced at home. To make quality information on yoga accessible to those folks or to those who may have special issues that are not addressed in a yoga class‚—and to tap even deeper into the $3 billion yoga market—Yoga Journal has created a series of videos and DVDs that are jumping off the shelves.