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Tag: newsletter subject

Increasing Open Rates With Better Email Subject Lines

Email copywriting tips for getting your emails opened

The industry average for open rates is 20%. We can agree, because our open rates and those of our clients (though some are much higher) range around 20%. Now you’ll find all kinds of fun information about open rates and how inaccurate they can be (like 11% to 35% inaccurate), due to things out of your control, but this particular blog is about what is within your control – your email subject line.

An Email Newsletter Best Practice

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses 40 tips for creating successful email newsletters

(Nationwide)—Publishers of email newsletters surely want their content to be read. Two of the most important components of all email correspondence is the subject line and the “from” line.

The following tips will help online publishers create the most effective email newsletters by focusing on the subject line and the “from” line. These tips include:

Learn How to Write Effective Headlines for a Press Release

Research your keywords before you begin to write a press release

Research, research, research. Yes, it all starts with keyword research. Before you even begin writing a press release, find at least two keyword phrases that you want to be found by in search engines.

If your not sure what keywords to target use the Google Keyword Tool to determine your primary and secondary keyword.

12 Tips for Making a Good First Impression with Your Email Newsletter

Aim to impress and engage your email newsletter subscribers every time you arrive in their inbox

Introducing Our Mequoda Email Newsletter Scorecard

10 Guidelines for Designing Effective Email Newsletters

While success or failure of an email newsletter should be directly tied to bottom line goals (like sales, revenue, etc.), there are some things that can help—or hurt—a newsletter’s chances of achieving those goals.

We’ve developed 10 guidelines for designing an effective email newsletter that we will use to analyze the email newsletters of successful B2B and B2C publishers.

How Hurricane Katrina Increased My Email Newsletter Click-Through Rates By 74 Percent

I’ve seen three sets of test data in the last month that demonstrate the power of urgency for driving readership and email newsletter click-through rates. In each of the three tests, the email newsletter subject line was changed to reference a current news event by name, versus a more generic version. Click-through rates and site traffic was then measured for each of the two test groups.

SSWUG Membership Website Case Study, a subscription website that provides an astonishing amount of technical information for database administrators, uses three levels of membership to secure loyal, paying customers.