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Tag: nme

Mobile App Publishers: New Data on Engagement and Connected Consumers

Mobile app publishers are always craving the latest and greatest data to aid in their tech and targeting efforts. Establishing best practices to consistently monetize mobile is one of the great industry challenges of our time – each new crumb of analysis can be a big help. The Mequoda Method has always emphasized quality content and flexible presentation in its multiplatform publishing strategy, and while we may not have perfected the art, we’ve gotten pretty close. Still, we’re always up for cutting-edge studies and expert opinion to bolster our approach. Talking New Media, one of our most trusted sources for digital publishing news, showcases plenty of both in recent articles. Let’s start there this week!

Attracting Email Subscribers Through Mobile

Google Currents can help digital publishers distribute content and build their email marketing lists

Mobile email and mobile website design have become topics of interest to digital publishers since the popularity and usage of mobile devices has grown.

In the past, I published posts about nine design elements for mobile email and three tips for keeping mobile email subscribers. After seeing how much interest there was on the topic, particularly relating to the first article, I decided to keep an eye out for new, exciting information to pass along on the topic of mobile email.

Quotes from Jobs Really Hit Home – and Business

Jobs Leaves Behind Machines – and Quotes – to Live By

In grazing the Internet to try to measure the un-measureable, global impact of Steve Jobs on our society, I came across a Chinese website—check out the little birds flying around—that listed some of his most famous quotations. This was after watching BBC this morning and seeing the first 20 minutes devoted to the Apple and Pixar impresario. When you think about the early deaths of true visionaries—like John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Isadora Duncan, Rosalind Franklin, Steve Jobs—it’s easy to think about everything else they could have accomplished had their time been longer. But the fact that they were able to accomplish what they did in such a short time deserves our deepest admiration.