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Tag: online circulation

Magazine Circulation Numbers: Niche Publishers, AAM, and More

Magazine circulation numbers are by definition always changing, but we’re at a crucial juncture when it comes to these stats.

For instance, it’s hard to believe, but the Alliance for Audited Media is just now establishing standards for magazine apps, because they’re helping publishers with audience development. And elsewhere, recent numbers give us a good idea of which niche magazines are succeeding, and which aren’t.

Online Circulation Is Up, but So Is Meredith’s Print Performance

We’re not digital-and-damn-the-torpedoes here at Mequoda, believe it or not. While digital magazines are our focus, we believe there’s room for print in multi-platform publishing; while Mequoda Members approach us to help them transition to a mobile and desktop existence, many retain their print properties and find success in doing so. But what about those rare breeds who go from digital to print? Allrecipes, a Meredith title, is one such example, and they’re flourishing with an increased rate base. Other publishers are focusing on online circulation with recent news from audit houses.

Content Repurposing – Why to Release your Archives and Recycle Content

Online Content Marketing Management: Finding the hidden assets that can fuel your online marketing program
A bonanza of previously published content can be reused to attract search engine traffic and build links to your website.

What are the job descriptions for an online publishing business?


In the beginning of this section, you went over quickly the various job descriptions required to run an online publishing business. I’d be helpful to see that list here so I can copy and paste once, instead of having to pause repeatedly and write all of that down. Thanks.


Job Descriptions for Managers – 6 Online Publishing Jobs

How your print publishing team translates online

Using Your Page Footer to Increase Magazine Circulation

Learn how one special-interest consumer publisher increased his magazine circulation with a simple change to the page footer on every page of his print magazine.