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Tag: online content publishing

Job Posting: Director of Online Publishing and Interactive Media

The Director of Online Publishing and Interactive Media will manage CSPI’s online content publishing Web site, A business plan and strategy are in place for this highly visible online presence for CSPI and Nutrition Action Healthletter content, and this position will regularly measure and report on key program metrics and adjust the strategy and plan as necessary.

iPad Forecast Goes Up

Two different sources predict iPad sales will be higher than originally thought. Why is this, and what’s it mean for the online publishing industry?

A few weeks ago, Sarah Rotman Epps wrote about Forrester’s original forecast pertaining to the sales of iPads saying, “our initial forecast was conservative, especially in the short term, and we plan to publish an update later this year once we have more supply-side and consumer data.”

Forrester is a reputable company when it comes to objective research. Due to this, it’s interesting to see that they will be giving an updated forecast on iPad sales. Rotman Epps went on to say that the iPad has been acting differently than other consumer devices. There is a lot of demand from customers for this product and two factors she includes are: