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Tag: online copy

Writing Breakthrough Sales Letters

In 90-minutes, learn online copywriting techniques that boosts open, clickthrough and conversion rates

Guidelines for the Modern Copy Editor

Platforms evolve and so do editing guidelines

The Internet has changed strategies and descriptions behind different jobs. This is nothing new; we’ve all seen it before.

However, this fact can get overlooked from time to time. For instance, have you been paying attention to changes in an online copy editor’s job? It isn’t the same as the days of copy editing for print.

It’s obvious that avoiding grammatical mistakes is important. You always want to put your best foot forward by having polished content. In today’s digital world where content is produced often, more employees are taking on the job of copy editor, regardless of their prior knowledge.


Page one and page seventy-five is the difference between search engine optimizing your PDFs or not’s The Complete Encyclopedia of Natural Healing Landing Page Review

This landing page works mainly because it engages the reader, teasing you with their wonderful fascinations, while not overwhelming you with clutter. The copy does a strong job of building your trust and presenting its credibility on its main portal homepage (and subsequent landing pages). If this was a free standing micro site, you’d need more information. Bottom Line presents an overall strong communal feel to its readers on their overall site (not necessarily on this Store page).