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Tag: online newsletters

Sell More Magazine Subscriptions Online Using the Mequoda Method

At Mequoda, we’ve crunched the numbers and discovered how beautifully email newsletters work to drive revenue. It’s not the traffic that comes to your site, which is the prevailing view among folks in all industries who jumped on the bandwagon early. Back in those days, it was all about impressions! Eyeballs on your page! After all, if they show up on your website, they’re bound to subscribe to your magazine, right?


Content Purging as an Audience Development Strategy at Ebner Publishing International

The best audience development strategies meet an audience where they want to be met. Today we are looking at the expansion of some audience development strategies for content publishers at Ebner Publishing International, which publishes about 80 magazines, and is using content engineering to drive more traffic.

Email Campaign Strategy: Google’s Latest Tool + Content Best Practices

Email campaign strategy has emerged as a crucial component of multi-platform publishing, even as wrong-headed observers have pronounced it DOA in recent years. The Mequoda Method highly values online newsletters as a ripe opportunity to build loyalty, expand audience, and cultivate serious levels of conversion. But we also know that email can be unwieldy with poor design, unkempt lists, and static content – let alone faulty SPAM filters. Navigating these challenges will put you in the position of realizing all of the benefits sound email campaign strategy promises. Well, has some good news for one of those challenges, and also provides a couple of best practices when it comes to the content itself. Let’s see what they have to say with some recent coverage.

Subscription Websites: What’s Your Minimum Information Unit?

How many types of websites are there on the world wide web of sites?

At one time we were watching new ones popping up every day. But in the past few years, we’ve identified a solid nine subscription website archetypes for publishers to consider, depending on their business goals and their content. I’ve posted about all of the six premium (paid) models in the past few months.

New York Times Paywall Reaches Massive Success

Publishers were initially skeptical about The New York Times charging for online content. We now see that the paywall has worked beautifully. In the last three months, 28,000 new subscribers are paying for The New York Times’ online content. This brings the total to 727,000 subscribers.

The Periodical Subscription Website Business Model

The periodical website archetype is often associated with newspaper brands and other news periodicals that include trade papers like Computerworld and Variety.

Periodical subscription websites may also be called news sites, online newspapers, online magazines, online newsletters, or online journals.

LinkedIn Gives SIPA Another Venue for Discussion

SIPA’s LinkedIn Group Attracts Good Conversation

You might not be aware that SIPA has a big following on LinkedIn. The group is under “Specialized Information Publishers Association” and there have been interesting discussions of late. A question was recently posted by Molly Joss, owner of the Seybold Report in Philadelphia. “We deliver one of our e-newsletters as a PDF e-mail attachment. We are thinking of sending an e-mail that points to a PDF for downloading—want to track number of forwards. Any suggestions?”

Becky Rice, director of marketing and communications at InsideNGO in Washington, D.C., asked if Molly had ever considered online newsletters that allow for tracking—views, forwards, Facebook likes, etc.? “My most recent organization moved from PDFs to an online digital platform that allows for this. A sample of the magazine can be found here.”

Maximizing Online Advertising Revenue

Order this 90-minute webinar today, co-sponsored by Mequoda and SIPA, and discover new opportunities for making money with your online content.

Developing Successful Subscription Websites

Learn the 6 most profitable paid content business models in this 90-minute seminar hosted by Don Nicholas and several successful Subscription Website publishers. Landing Page Review

Clayton Makepeace is a legend in the direct response advertising business. He has the respect of both his clients and peers—the hallmark of a real professional.

He has a huge portfolio of winning direct mail packages, commands top dollar for his work and in April of 2006 conducted a $5,000-per-seat, how-to seminar for aspiring copywriters. I can’t imagine anyone not putting his name on their top-10 list.

At Mr. Makepeace displays his considerable skill with one objective: to get other copywriters to sign up for his free email newsletter.

Three Landing Page Optimization Tips and a Lesson in Advertising Copywriting from The Blaylock Wellness Report Landing Page

With the demand for information about illness and health, it’s not surprising that many physicians and traditional publishers have teamed up to begin online newsletters that address these issues. Many of these publications are highly specialized and focus on a single topic or ailment.

Others take a shotgun approach and attempt to address the public’s infolust across a wide spectrum of disease prevention, physical ailments and medical remedies. The wider editorial focus that targets a greater number of potential subscribers at a relatively lower price point has a different revenue model from the smaller niche, higher price newsletter. And it creates a special problem for the newsletter marketer and copywriter. Landing Page Review

The fundamental mistake made by many entrepreneurs is the classic chicken-and-egg scenario in which the inventor first creates a new product and then seeks a market for it.

Experienced product developers do the opposite. They anticipate the changes in society. They assess the evolving problems, requirements and desires of consumers, and look for opportunities that have not yet been addressed by the market. Then they forecast demand and create new products that fill the gap.

The Blaylock Wellness Report Landing Page Review

If the advent of the World Wide Web and the superabundance of information it puts within easy reach has done anything for me, it’s made me a much better consumer of medical services and a greater participant in my own healthcare. Website Design Review

Waterfront Media has developed a series of profitable websites, one of which is Denise Austin’s fitness and health website,

Making a profit from a free subscription website

Not all financially successful membership websites require a paid admission or subscription fee. If you have the right content, you could start a complimentary members-only website that throws off a generous profit. You don’t even have to be the first one to find and avail yourself of the niche.