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Tag: online publishing news

Online Publishing News: Trends, Events, Rebrandings, and More

Hey, how about some online publishing news that doesn’t include ad blocking or Facebook Instant Articles? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

What we like best about this batch of online publishing news is that it demonstrates just how proactive digital magazines are being about devising and implementing multiplatform publishing strategy, and how newsstand services beyond the big three of Facebook, Apple, and Google are in it to win it. has recent articles on these subjects and several others. Let’s see what direction the business is heading in this week!

The Journalist Who Answers this Ad Takes an Important Step Toward a Secure and Rewarding Future

We’re Looking for a Very Special Person to Grow with Our Internet Publishing Company

If you’re an Internet-savvy reporter, writer, blogger or online journalist with ambition and a desire to learn, the most expensive mistake of your life could be to ignore this career opportunity.

Job title: Media Reporter and Blogger-in-chief