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Tag: online publishing strategy

Slashing Paths to Online Profit

Being a pioneer doesn’t always pay

Publishing on the Internet is mostly uncharted territory, like the Amazon jungle was 150 years ago.

Some daring publishers have hacked a path to “online profitability” or “a successful membership website,” and other publishers caught a tropical disease or were bitten by a snake, killing their business before they reached their goals.

4 Reasons Websites Struggle

If your website does not bring in enough revenue, focus on what it’s lacking

Bringing your publication online is not easy, but it’s absolutely necessary.

Audiences are going online to find information now more than ever.

Global Internet use grew 214 percent from 2000 to 2007 and there are now more than 1.13 billion people online, according to Miniwatts Marketing Group.

That’s why your publication has a website, right?

But does your website generate enough revenue?

Media Habits of 12-24 Year-Olds vs. 25-54 Year-Olds

USC Annenberg’s Center for the Digital Future Study Outlines Media Habits Likely to Affect your Online Publishing Strategy

Earlier this week in NYC, I heard Dr. Jeffery Cole, director of the Center for the Digital Future at the USC Annenberg School for Communication, present to a big publishing company his research titled “Surveying the Digital Future”, a long-term longitudinal study on the impact of computers, the Internet and related technologies on families and society.

Make Long Content Easy to Read by Choosing the Right Typefaces

Most printer-friendly pages are not really reader-friendly, but they could be.

We all know that web surfers skim and scan; they generally don’t read carefully. So, consider this online publishing strategy: When you publish a lengthy article that requires concentration and serious consideration, make is easy for your readers to print out a hard copy.

Checklists Provide a Never-Ending Source of Content

As an online publisher, part of your job is to make information easier to manage for your subscribers

The majority of membership websites and email newsletters are instructional. Members join or subscribe in order to access content that is not available to non-subscribers. Much of this proprietary information is of the how-to variety.

If you’re a publisher of an email newsletter, and you’re stuck for a story idea, think checklist. You’ll almost never run out of ideas and you’ll provide your subscribers with valuable tools that increase your credibility as an expert.

House of White Birches Website Design Review

House of White Birches, a division of the Dynamic Resource Group, is an experienced print publisher. It has an enviable collection of magazines and book titles. It has carved out several profitable special-interest niches that it addresses with excellent products. But like many other successful print publishers, its Internet marketing strategy is not well executed.

The site suffers from disorganization and an inferior architecture that confuses users and diminishes sales.

Making Your Website Friendly to an International Audience

Does Your Online Publishing Strategy Appeal to the Rest of the World?

Americans are generally ego-centric. I am an American, so I feel especially entitled to make this criticism.

By that I mean, we’re very focused on the U.S. of A. as being the center of the universe and often we don’t have a “world view” of things.

For instance, I’ve noticed that the fees for products on U.S.-based websites are almost always stated in U.S. dollars. We Americans arrogantly assume that the rest of the world knows how to do conversions to their local currency.

Attention to Detail Earns Credibility and Customer Confidence

Relieving the anxiety of online financial transactions

My wife once worked for a bank where the corporate culture included this little bromide: Every financial transaction is an emotional transaction.

What does that mean, I wondered out loud?

Online Publishing Strategy: Easy Way to Copyright your Website

An effective online publishing strategy means keeping your website up to date and protecting the content from plagiarists.For example, the New Year is right around the corner. In a month or so, as part of your online publishing strategy, you’ll want to change the copyright date on your website to 2007.

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