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Tag: press release

A press release is used to share news-worthy information to the media. For online audience development, press releases are optimized for search engines and disseminated with the help of distribution websites. Modern press releases may include links to pertinent web collateral, images, and even video content.

Online PR Tips, Tricks and Traps

Online PR Tips, Tricks and Traps Explores the Evolution of Online PR Techniques

Using Podcasts for Building Email Circulation

Podcasts are an external source that can help build email circulation while delivering content through the desirable medium of audio

The Power of Public Relations

Are you harnessing it properly?

Launch a Link-Building Campaign Free Report

Learn How to Drive Traffic and Make Partners

SEO Campaign Management Basics

Free report that teaches you how to increase your website’s visibility

Amazon to Pay Authors & Publishers 70 percent… with Conditions

New information released on how to make more royalties from Kindle publishing

Profit by Making Nutrition Science Edible

Blogging tips from Judy Doherty of

SEO Link Building – “If Content is King, Links Are Queen”

Start building links to your articles and landing pages by implementing a “10 links a day” policy

Do Press Releases Lead to Duplicate Content?


How does submitting press releases to online press release sites affect Google ranking in terms of duplicate content? If you do get penalized are you supposed to post separate releases to each of the sites, as well as your own?


Duplicate content is to be avoided on your site but not a worry when syndicated across

33 Online Press Release Sites to Submit Your Press Release Template

A well written online press release, distributed at the right time all but guarantees increased traffic and sales

Download our FREE Landing Page Design Best Practices & Optimization Kit!

Four free white papers that will kick your landing page design and optimization skills into high gear!

Notes & Quotes from Mequoda Summit Boston 2009: SEO Campaign Management

Danielle Werbick tells publishers how she creates and deploys SEO campaigns for

7 Step SEO Guide for Getting Inbound Links to a Free Report or Product

Use this SEO Guide to launch new free products that get found in search engines for months and years to come

So You Wanna Be a Mequoda System Editor?

Being a Mequoda System editor means following a regular, formal process that recasts the content of other media products.
As a Mequoda System Editor, or any online editor, you may have responsibility for developing content that is variously combined and disaggregated for four uses: emails, blog posts, free special reports and premium products.

Fundamentally, editors generate email

Three Quick Things You Can Do Right Now to Drive Website Traffic To An Article

Take a minute and try these three simple traffic-driving strategies you can use to attract more readers to your featured article of the day

Is “Going Green” an Online Publishing Gimmick?

Is converting to online publishing a good excuse or good business model?

Are the days of old really gone, no more morning paper and cup a joe? Will all print publications convert to online subscriptions and RSS feeds? Well, if they haven’t started maybe they should.

In the last year, over 400 traditional newspapers, such as the 150 year old the Rocky Mountain News, and magazines, like Vibe, have stopped their print publications all together. As traditional print seems to be disappearing rapidly, can converting to online publishing and calling “going green” be the answer?

117 Mequoda Best Practices

Ten free whitepapers for turning your print publishing company into a successful online publishing company

Past and Future of the Social Media Press Release

A new(ish) type of press release, generally referred to as a “social media release” is quickly gaining popularity. These types of press releases generally include many multimedia elements, enable to user to engage with the content on many different levels and allow the release to be shared in dozens of different ways.

How is Google like the High School Social Scene?

The more you know about Google, the more you’ll recognize the importance of this highly effective link-building strategy.
In the competition for Google page rankings, website popularity is paramount.

Are all free PR sites equal?


We’re just finishing off our press release. Some free press release sites don’t look terribly professional, but would it still benefit us (with regard to google at least) to get our press release as widely spread as possible?


Link-Building Loophole: 8 Steps for Growing Email Circulation with PDFs

Use PDF files to improve your site’s landing page rankings with Google

Help build your niche brand with this eight-step link-building technique

Is There Room for an Online Job Board in Your Internet Business Model?

Why adding a job board to your website could both increase revenue and help the economy

Just because the economy isn’t doing so hot right now, doesn’t mean that every business is doomed to fail. But what it does mean is that we as publishers could really use a good brainstorm on how to build out our own business model in ways that are more profitable than costly.

One avenue that has been consistently popular with publishers is adding a job board to their website network. In general, websites that sell job listings are self-service and require very little maintenance from the publisher.

Press Release SEO Tips – Basic and Advanced

You can pay big bucks for SEO press release distribution, or you can learn how to do it yourself.

How can your press release compete with the thousands of press releases that go out every day? Well you can start by making them long-lasting in the eyes of search engines.

Posting press releases on your own site gives you control of your meta data, image ALT tags and other elements necessary for good search engine optimization (SEO). However, when it’s time to submit your press releases to external sites, you lose some of that control.

Online Publishing Book Review: Membership Websites by SWEPA

Questions to ask before you launch a Membership Website. Are you a traditional print only publishing company considering the leap to online publishing? Welcome to the era of the internet! You may be contemplating the launch of a Membership Website. After all, you’ve got years of valuable content under your belt. Why not make even more money? Hold your britches, there are few things to consider to determine if it’s a good fit for your online publishing strategy.

Website Traffic

Get Dozens of Link-Building Strategies and Tools for Driving Website Traffic in our FREE Launch a Link-Building Campaign white paper. Or, learn How to Write Effective Press Releases for Online Distribution, Search Engines and Social Media with Online Press Release Guidelines.

What are some steps I can take to increase my email subscriber file?


What are some steps I can take to increase my email subscriber file?


TripAdvisor is #1 on our List of Top Travel Sites

How builds brand loyalty by interacting with their community

4 Steps for Building Email Circulation

How Golf Vacation Insider Manages 75 Complimentary Special Reports and a Page #1 Ranking in Google on Almost All of Them.

9 Ways to Drive Website Traffic to Your Freemiums

Link-building is like a popularity contest, the more inbound links you have from other websites, the higher your page will rank, and the more conversions you’ll see

Earned Media

Earned Media is a marketing source that you can’t necessarily purchase, but you must work very hard to earn. Public Relations is a prime example of Earned Media. While you can’t pay a respectable journalist to write about your product in their publication, you can work hard at crafting an effective press release and making the right contacts to ensure that your product gets coverage.

What does your “front door” look like?

How Agora, Inc. used the free content model to turn a $25 million dollar newsletter publisher into a more than $200 million dollar company that generates more than half of its total revenue online.

Interweave Announces Acquisition of American Artist, Drawing, Watercolor, and Workshop Magazines from Nielsen Business Media

Interweave’s acquisition of the oldest, continuously published magazine for painters and three related publications expands its footprint into arts media, entering the drawing and painting markets for the first time

New CAN-SPAM Rule Provisions – May 2008

New email newsletter guidelines

We just got an email from Circulation Management that talks about the new CAN-SPAM rule provisions:

Optimizing Press Releases for Search

Increase your site’s search engine ranking with incoming links from press releases

MySQL devoured by Sun Microsystems

As big fans of the open source movement, we were very enthused to hear that MySQL was recently picked up by Sun Microsystems. As defined by Wikipedia, the basic program runs as a server providing multi-user access to a number of databases and was previously owned and sponsored by a single for-profit firm, the Swedish company MySQL AB. The project’s source code is available under terms of the GNU General Public License, as well as under a variety of proprietary agreements.

Quick guide to distributing press releases online

Free and paid ways to submit your press release as well as a how-to

Last October we published a list of online PR distribution services to consider for your next PR campaign. Well as the Internet winds change, so does the cost of free information, we suppose. However, lucky for us, just as a few of the previously free press release sites have turned paid, there have also been quite a few free sites to pop up.

7 Bad Online Marketing Tactics

Avoid foolish marketing and bad PR

Today’s post is a little different. Rather than discussing a list of online marketing tips you should consider attempting, today we are featuring two lists of things you should avoid.

The first list describes 14 things to avoid when soliciting coverage from a blog. The list comes from Lee Odden’s Online Marketing Blog and it helps distinguish the differences between soliciting stories from print journalists and from bloggers.

Conquer the New SEO Challenge

Google’s new search system dramatically increases the competition for page rankings.

Just when your SEO strategy was polished and humming along, Google releases a press release.

Google announced last week that it is starting “Universal Search”, a more comprehensive form of search that could push your page rankings down if you’re not diligent.

Searches in Google’s default “Web” section will soon include results from Google’s news, books, video and maps databases mixed with the webpage results.

5 Steps to Earning Publicity

Take the information you have, profile your customer base and become an expert news-source.

There is nothing like free publicity. It is easy on the bottom line and draws more users to your website. It’s fantastic. Its only drawback is that free publicity can be difficult to generate—until now.

Scott Brueggeman, Socrates Media senior vice president for marketing and editorial, said he uses’s marketing database to do more than target his customers. He uses it to create press releases that get picked up by major news organizations, earning him free publicity.

Media Habits of 12-24 Year-Olds vs. 25-54 Year-Olds

USC Annenberg’s Center for the Digital Future Study Outlines Media Habits Likely to Affect your Online Publishing Strategy

Earlier this week in NYC, I heard Dr. Jeffery Cole, director of the Center for the Digital Future at the USC Annenberg School for Communication, present to a big publishing company his research titled “Surveying the Digital Future”, a long-term longitudinal study on the impact of computers, the Internet and related technologies on families and society.

Recycle, Reuse, Republish

A freelance writing formula suggests a time management model for online publishing success
Years ago, long before the Internet and the birth of online publishing, my old friend Alden Todd was a full-time freelance writer.

He had a regular desk at the Library of Congress and he spent his days researching subjects about which to write books and magazine articles. Making the most of his time was essential to making a decent income. So early on he learned how to maximize every research project into at least three saleable products.

Email Marketing Strategy: Add a Press Release to your Email Newsletter

Why Harvard Health Publications includes press releases in its email marketing mix

Harvard Health Publications makes its email newsletter subscribers feel like privileged members of the fourth estate.

As part of its email marketing strategy, the publisher sends out only four email messages monthly, often mailing a modification of its press releases to the 50,000 subscribers to HEALTHbeat, its free email newsletter.

A Simple Formula for Writing Compelling Book Titles, PR Headlines or Email Subjects

The most succinct copywriting tip we’ve heard in a long time came from Fred Gleeck at a product development seminar. Fred cited this maxim in a discussion of how to title your book. But the adage is just as valid whether you’re writing a headline for an advertisement or a press release, or a pithy subject line for a convincing email message, or a list of product benefits.

The Daily Reckoning Mequoda Case Study

Agora Financial Network: Understanding the Seven Strategies that Drive the World’s Most Successful Special-Interest Website Network

The Mequoda Group estimates that the Agora Financial Network will post top-line revenues for 2006 of $55 million, with $41 million being generated online. This makes each of its 500,000 domestic subscribers worth about $82.

Four Website Design Tips from

On December 8, 2005, AOL’s expected press release announcing the launch of the new entertainment site,, hit the buzz-makers.

The commentary? Only that AOL needed a massive influx of traffic, and that even in the crowded online entertainment space the subsidiary of Time Warner should be able to put up enough interesting new tidbits to draw in the ever-celeb-hungry masses., which stands for the “Thirty Mile Zone” around Hollywood (apparently in people know these sorts of things), claims to be a “new, first-of-its-kind 24/7 on-demand entertainment news network.” The interesting word choices here are “on-demand” and “network.” does lives up to these claims, if falling a bit short on others. Website Design Review

AOL’s New Entertainment Site, Has Everything Going For It. In Addition to Having a Great Background, the Excellent Website Design Scores for Make it Easy to Predict a Shining Future

On December 8, 2005, AOL’s expected press release announcing the launch of the new entertainment site,, hit the buzz-makers. The commentary? Only that AOL needed a massive influx of traffic, and that even in the crowded online entertainment space the subsidiary of Time Warner should be able to put up enough interesting new tidbits to draw in the ever-celeb-hungry masses.

Consumer Reports Membership Website Case Study

With 1.6 million paid subscribers, has more paid subscribers than any other publication-based website.

That may not be a huge surprise considering their print magazine has a paid circulation of 4.1 million and growing. Yet we can’t help but wonder, while so many other magazine publishers are still so confused about their Internet publishing model, how has Consumer Reports been so clear from the very beginning?

PR & Earned Media 101: Maximize Website Conversions and Start Relationships Internet Marketing System Review

As we’ve mentioned before, a press release, tv spot, or any other type of public relations outreach should always include promoting a free product. Whatever the item a publisher decides to give away, it should be linked to a dedicated landing page with a strong conversion architecture that requires the visitor to give up an email address to download the free item. The dedicated landing page should also invite the visitor to sign up for a free email newsletter—one that promises to be filled with tips, tidbits, and interesting information about a specific topic of interest.

PR & Earned Media 101: Getting Reviewed & Mentioned Internet Marketing System Review

Getting on TV is just one of many ways to leverage other people’s media and drive website traffic—people who will log onto your website, register to download the free item, and, you hope, sign up for your free email newsletter. From simple search-optimized press releases to radio talk shows and local newspapers, PR is an effective Internet marketing tactic that works best when the release includes a crystal-clear reason why readers and viewers need to visit your website.

PR & Earned Media 101: Isolate a newsworthy idea and tie it to a free downloadable item Internet Marketing System Review

To draw traffic to your Mequoda Internet Hub—the place where people can sign up for your free, relationship-building, email newsletter—you need a catalyst, a free item that lines up with a topic that’s endemic to the audience in terms of their interest and on which the publisher or author is a source of authority. To even consider mentioning your free item, the other journalist—the one whom you hope will pick up your news item—must be convinced that the producer or author of the giveaway is a credible provider of information.