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Tag: pricing psychology

The Significance of 7 and 9 in Pricing Psychology

When you have a $60 magazine subscription, pricing psychology would teach you to price it at $59.97. Why?
Pricing psychology is fascinating. A couple cents can change someone’s mind about purchasing a product, no matter what the total cost is. For example, some people are more willing to spend 99.97 on a product than $100, even

Magazine Pricing: The 7 Immutable Laws of Economic Behaviorism

We’ve been writing about the pricing of website and digital and print magazine subscriptions a lot lately, which has lead us to dig up some intriguing themes. Of course, the word “intriguing” tends to mean different things to different people: In discussing our best practice of decoy pricing with a client who is a psychotherapist as well as a publisher, the client gasped, “But you’re manipulating the consumer!”

Our enthusiastic response: Absolutely!