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Tag: product development

SIPA Take Away #1: 17 Testing Tools from Sandra Niehaus

17 Usability, Card Sorting, A/B and Multivariate Testing Tools from Sandra Niehaus

Get Ready for the Mequoda Summit in Boston!

When the Mequoda Summit returns to Boston October 7-9, 2009, it will surely be a sellout. Don’t miss this opportunity to reserve your seat at the guaranteed lowest price.

Join Me in Munich and London

Online publishers now have an opportunity to monetize an international audience.

Digital products that can be downloaded from your website are only the beginning. If you conduct live events, you should also consider the potential of your overseas customers.

Social Media Management: 30+ Social Media Metrics

What’s the ROI for being social? Think social media doesn’t convert? Let’s get the facts straight about measuring social media.

You’re either on the bandwagon or you’re not. But as time goes on, the people who call social media a “fad” are starting to look like those who didn’t believe the Internet would be a big deal. So it’s time to educate yourself, or miss out on one of the best ways to drive website traffic since online press releases.

What are the job descriptions for an online publishing business?


In the beginning of this section, you went over quickly the various job descriptions required to run an online publishing business. I’d be helpful to see that list here so I can copy and paste once, instead of having to pause repeatedly and write all of that down. Thanks.


The Wall Street Journal’s Media and Marketing Edition: Email Newsletter Review

For most publishers, trying to find the right balance of free vs. paid content is difficult. Give too much away and readers won’t be willing to pay for what’s left. Keep it all behind a subscription wall and readers don’t have enough information to know if it’s content they want or need.

Job Descriptions for Managers – 6 Online Publishing Jobs

How your print publishing team translates online

Wanted: Director of Internet Marketing

Online Publishing Jobs

Strategic Profits is looking for a Director of Marketing to take responsibility for this rambunctious group, help them grow, and continue getting the outstanding results we are used to.

We are looking for someone that can handle acquisition and retention marketing efforts designed to drive website traffic and sales. These include paid and natural search, affiliate programs, partnership marketing/content integration programs, email marketing acquisition, and retention programs.

8 Effective Email Promotions

Reporting from the 31st Annual SIPA conference

Socrates Media Seeks a Product Manager

Online Publishing Jobs

Socrates Media, a leading brand of know-how solutions for individuals and small businesses, seeks a product manager to join its team.

Socrates Media is a leading brand of know-how solutions for individuals and small businesses. Socrates offers thousands of relevant, compliant, comprehensive and lower cost do-it-yourself product and service alternatives to high-cost legal and professional services. Today the company’s products can be found across the Internet, including the company owned sites of,, and In addition, our products have distribution in over 5,000 retail locations and at more than 1,000 affiliate partners.

CFO Publishing Corp. is Seeking a Research Editor for Boston Office

The research editor has editorial and account responsibility for sponsored research projects conducted by CFO Research Services. The research editor designs research studies in consultation with sponsors; executes quantitative, qualitative, and desk research programs; writes reports; and manages report production. He or she reports to the director of research.

A Simple Formula for Writing Compelling Book Titles, PR Headlines or Email Subjects

The most succinct copywriting tip we’ve heard in a long time came from Fred Gleeck at a product development seminar. Fred cited this maxim in a discussion of how to title your book. But the adage is just as valid whether you’re writing a headline for an advertisement or a press release, or a pithy subject line for a convincing email message, or a list of product benefits.

Do you use the Internet as a Product Platform or a Marketing Channel?

A question we’re often asked is whether the Internet is best used as a product platform or a marketing channel. And the answer, of course, is that it’s both. But most publishers have been very confused about the difference.

Our estimation is that in 2006, publishers should be generating at least 30 percent of their total revenues online. Meaning 30% of their overall revenue should be coming from a combination of two sources:

Using Strategic Management to Drive Publishing Profits

At dinner last night with VNR CEO Helmut Graf, Don and I learned that VNR is on path to generate €110 million this year and is expected to grow that number to €120 next year. I believe their growth is due in large part to Helmut Graf’s management style, which we define as true Strategic Management.

Helmut is a CEO who clearly leads and influences, but does not enforce or command. Most importantly, he knows when to get out of the way and allow his group publishers, or “profit center leaders” to do their jobs.

Job Posting: Vice President Publishing for Unity

Unity is a not-for-profit organization based on the teachings of Jesus and the healing power of prayer. Their world headquarters in Unity Village, Missouri, provide a tranquil atmosphere for quiet meditation and a place for all people, regardless of faith or nationality, to worship.

A General Manager to Drive Your Internet Marketing Strategy

What both types of CEOs have in common is the need for someone to execute their Internet marketing strategy on a day-to-day basis. Enter the Internet Marketing System General Manager and Publisher of your Mequoda Internet Hub.

Fodors Travel Mequoda Case Study

Venerable guidebook publisher, an early adopter of the Web, continues to refine its Internet strategy. Fodor’s Travel, a division of Random House, Inc., has been recognized as the premier guidebook publisher for more than 70 years. Today, the Fodor’s Travel brand exists firmly in print, online, and on mobile devices. Fodor’s target audience is what Publisher Tim Jarrell calls “age 25-plus travelers who are interested in attainable luxury.” The huge array of print guidebooks and the website are resources that the Fodor’s audience uses to discover the best places within their budget to stay, eat, shop, and explore.

Landing Page Guideline #1: Writing Effective and Promising Headlines

Far Too Many Landing Pages Fail Almost Immediately by Offering Up Lack-Luster Headlines and Subheads; Learn How To Deliver a Compelling Headline for a Single Product or Service

How to evaluate a market niche for your member website or other information product

The key to success as an online information marketer is feeding a starving crowd.

A starving crowd is any group of people who share an enthusiasm for a topic and are passionate enough about it to spend their money to learn more. They’re “starving” for more information.

This creates an opportunity for you, the information provider.

No cost copywriting lesson from a wildly successful membership website publisher

Jim Laube publishes one of the most successful special niche membership websites on the Internet at There are a lot of reasons for his success, including that he is an authority on his topic and a very savvy marketer.

The 12 commandments of publishing a membership website or online newsletter

Like immutable laws of nature, some rules are ironclad. Follow these directives and you can expect to succeed. Ignore even one of them and your business and personal achievements will be significantly diminished.

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