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Tag: quality website traffic

Creating Quality Website Traffic Encounters

While parlaying “drive-by” visitors into engaged repeat readers is still the goal for publishers, some have decided to gear features toward their search and social traffic in order to maximize it as much as possible.

Read What Your Peers Say is Working

The Secrets of Success

Here are 10 strategies that SIPA members are having success with at this current time.

1. We are investing time and resources in improving and expanding our emedia position in our markets, while building more engaged communities both online and offline.
–Diane Schwartz, senior vice president & group publisher, Access Intelligence

SIPA Member Profile: Coburn Stays Cool and Connected

Ed Coburn, Publishing Director, Harvard Health Publications, Harvard Medical School

SIPA: What was your first job out of college and how did you get into this business?
COBURN: I got into this business in college. For several summers, I worked for a landscaper as a kid. One summer I decided I had had enough of hard labor in searing heat and was going to look for a job in air conditioning. I looked around to see how I might arrange that and thought of my then sister-in-law Karen Coburn—a past president of SIPA who was the director of the newsletter center at Cahners Publishing Company, part of Reed-Elsevier—and she gave me a job. And, I’ve been working in air conditioning ever since.