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Tag: responsive web design

Audience Development Managers Still Love Technology

New and evolved technologies can be an audience development manager’s dream if it leads to bigger audiences.

Where are your audience development strengths and weaknesses? Today’s news focuses on pertinent information for audience development managers, including actions that some major publishers are taking now.

Responsive vs. Fluid Design: Do You Have to Choose?

Design is a delivery mechanism for content – nothing more and nothing less. The more elegant, the better, of course, but getting caught up in appearances is never a good idea no matter what you’re doing. When we talk about good design at Mequoda, aesthetics (as much as we love them) take a back seat to user experience. And when discussing the responsive vs. fluid design problem, we always caution publishers to not overcomplicate things by getting bogged down in industry buzzwords.

Digital Magazine Replicas Are Way Up in Canada

Marketing Mag Canada is reporting that new AAM numbers on digital replicas have tripled in the last year. In December 2012, the digital replica circulation was 42,000.

Your Responsive Design Won’t Kill SEO

It’s official: responsive web design will not affect your SEO. This message comes straight from Googles Head of Search Spam, Matt Cutts, aka “Our Guiding Light” when it comes to the dos and don’ts of SEO. He posted a video on Googles Webmaster Help YouTube page about a whether or not responsive web design impacted SEO.

Responsive Website Design Roundup

For those of you who are not sure what responsive web design is, it basically means designing your website so it will be able to adapt to whatever platform its opened on. Whether it’s a computer, tablet, smartphone etc. the site will adapt and fit on whatever screen is being utilized.

Below we have some articles going more in depth explaining what responsive web design really is, and some great visuals of how sites adapt when used on different platforms. In the third article, NetMagazine will give you a good jump start on how to begin creating a responsive web design of your own.

Email Markting Tips From Marketing Land

Today we will be looking at multiple articles from Marketing Land focusing on email marketing tips and techniques. If you haven’t heard of Marketing Land, they are a news and information site that covers Internet marketing. They have lots of content updated frequently that should cover all your internet marketing needs.

Responsive Website Design Cost, Mistakes, Ideas and the Need for a Great CMS

Today we are looking in depth at different website design tips from top bloggers.

Mobile Web Growth Drives New Responsive Website Design Standards

The number of people who own smartphones has been consistently rising for years and doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. Approximately 50% of people who own a cell phone have chosen a smartphone. What does this mean? That your websites need to be able to adapt for the smartphone viewer. Below are a few articles that may offer some techniques on improving your website’s mobile design.