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Tag: social media influence

Video Publishers: Monetization, Production, Social, Practices

If you’re considering joining the ranks of video publishers, the time to jump in is now.

Tying Together SEO & Social Media

Search engine optimization no longer exists with an absence of social media. Now that Google credits “likes” and “tweets” so significantly in their algorithm, it would be pretty hard to launch a website and expect it to rank without any social media influence.

3 Reasons to Include Facebook in Your Social Media Strategy

Why many publishers are now using Facebook in their social media strategy to connect with fans

There are 3 solid reasons for a B2C businesses to use Facebook over Twitter. First, Facebook has no limits on comments or posts. Twitter only allows for 140 characters. Messages have to be kept short (lots of fun for creative copywriters using the platform for promotion). Second, Twitter isn’t the most “social” piece of a social media strategy out there. With Facebook, you can directly invite friends or share content, like pictures or videos, very easily. Third, Facebook provides valuable analytics that go way beyond Twitter’s follower count.
They really “Like” me