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Tag: social media plugins

3 Ways to Get The Most Accurate Social Media Analytics

The fundamental differences between web analytics, plugin analytics, and social sharing platform analytics
Radio pioneer Lee De Forest once argued that, “while theoretically and technically television may be feasible, commercially and financially it is an impossibility.”

Just like the television, and every other new means of communication, social media has seen its “…but where’s the money?” days. And ROI may have been the most-hated acronym in the social media circle at one time, but today it’s just another way to prove the effectiveness of humanizing your business.

10 Social Media Plugins That Encourage Content Sharing

Social media plugins that get the content sharing ball rolling

If we created content just to share with our inner circles, then what we’d have is our own niche social network. The walls would be up, and there would be a big “NO TRESSPASSERZ” sign hung from a fence outside.

But we do create content that’s meant to be shared. We want everyone to read it. If we’re ad-driven and rely on page impressions for ad sales, then we really want everyone to read our articles.