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Tag: social media tracking

How to Create Social Media Tracking Codes for Better Conversion Insights

Are your social posts converting fans and followers into buyers? You may never know until you start implementing social media tracking.

Whenever we publish a new article on Mequoda, we use our 12x12x12 social media method on Twitter. We write 12 unique Tweets, schedule them for 12 days, then once a month for 12 months.

This social

Google Announces a Big Change to Google Analytics

Google Analytics Real-Time and Google Analytics Premium are new options for online publishers

Are you using Google Analytics as your primary tool for tracking data associated with the health of your online business? Do you like the features of Google Analytics?

For many online publishers and content marketers, it’s hard to not approve of the job Google Analytics does, as it details traffic, conversions and the keywords that drive in audience members. It affords the opportunity to create funnels so you can track products and downloads. And of the course, the best part of Google Analytics is that it’s offered for free.

Using Google Analytics and More ‘Social’ Tips

These Websites Deliver the Goods
With America’s baseball all-star game coming up on Tuesday, let me present an all-star lineup of websites that I’ve come across lately—with previews of the information they present.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS FOR SOCIAL: Funny to start in the U.K. after my American introduction, but since SIPA will be in London next week with