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Tag: subscription management

How to Build a Subscription Management System

If you’re a publisher who maintains multiple websites, making the correct choice of a subscription management system is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, because doing it over and over again cuts into your profits and resources. We’ve watched numerous multi-website publishers trap themselves into a path that was too expensive to upgrade easily and efficiently because of the way they expanded the system in a nonstandard manner.

Do You Really Need a CMS or CXMS for your Membership Website?

Your membership website is made up of a variety of parts. To accomplish the goals of increasing your audience, revenues, and profits, all of those parts need to talk to one another. The nucleus of this system is your CMS, or content management system.

This is not unlike any team, where you have specialists and a

Best Digital Magazine Publishing Software You Can Use to Launch Your Digital Magazine

Digital magazine publishing software is important; which option are you using?

Publishers have been trying digital magazine publishing software during the last few years in hopes of creating the best digital products for their audiences. And like everything else in digital magazine land, digital magazine software has evolved at light speed since we made our initial recommendations in January.

Here’s our latest (opinionated) look at the magazine software landscape.

The Mequoda Subscription Marketing Toolbox 2018

If you’re going to be an online subscription marketer, there are three things you’re going to need, in no particular order:

A content management system (CMS). Not only should it be dynamic and responsive, it needs to be conditional and respond differently to a known and unknown user. It should know who you have a relationship with,

What is a Content Management System (CMS) vs CXMS?

As you surely understand, your website is made up a variety of parts. To accomplish the goals of increasing your audience, revenues, and profits, all of those parts need to talk to one another. The nucleus of this system is your CMS, or content management system.

5 Subscription Management Software Requirements

For every publisher who dreams of creating a subscription website, choosing the right subscription management software can be a daunting task

When we set out to launch the I Like Crochet digital magazine website (the first of its kind) and tablet edition, we knew we wanted to build a state-of-the-art publication management system. We needed subscription

Email Footer Examples and Best Practices for Keeping Readers Happy

We developed the Email Newsletter Scorecard with our friend and email marketing expert Jeanne Jennings. Let’s look today at #9: the all-important footer. In addition to abiding by CAN SPAM laws, having a footer resonates with the email recipient because it gives them a way to communicate with your brand, manage their subscription or opt out of your list if they choose. Giving these options makes your email newsletter and email spotlights more reputable.

Readers have come to expect that they can find this information in the email footer template of your mailings.

7 Golden Steps to Planning Successful Digital Magazine Editions

Ask yourself these seven questions before starting your journey towards digital magazine transformation
I’m going to go ahead and assume if you’re reading this, you have a print publication who is asking for siblings. You’re at the magazine store and it’s eying the “big brother” t-shirts and wondering when it’s getting playmates.

Below you’ll find a comprehensive

What All Subscription Website Publishing Experts Should Know

Before hiring subscription website publishing experts, take this advice straight to the bank.

If you’re looking to grow the most beautiful rose garden on the block, would you prefer to go to your local gardening center and rifle through the rose section to see what’s brightest, or would you head straight to specialty rose nursery, with employed experts in growing roses?

So then why is it that so often we hear of publishers who hire web development companies that have no experience developing subscription websites for publishers? A magazine or newsletter website requires an expertise in search engine optimization, conversion architecture, subscription management, and content management, in addition to an array of other specialties.

5 Steps to Launching a Digital Magazine

Industry naysayers are still skeptical about the power of digital magazines. And we’re still ignoring them. At Mequoda, we urge our clients to begin the process of launching a digital magazine yesterday, because, as you know if you’ve been reading here for awhile, we firmly believe that the future of our industry lies in mobile publishing.

How to Publish a Magazine on the Platforms Readers Want

Since the printing press was invented, the best way to deliver readable content was always on the page. Until the advent of the web, consumers hadn’t even considered other ways to digest content beyond books, magazines and newsletters printed in a linear, bounded fashion.

But then the web arrived on personal computers, and then it arrived on mobile phones, and then on smartphones, in email, and through tablet devices.

10 Top Subscription Website Publishing Posts of 2015

Our most-read subscription website publishing posts of 2015 reveal a desire for better understanding of building, publishing and pricing subscription websites
This year in our Subscription Website Publishing articles we’ve tackled everything from choosing profitable subscription models, to choosing the best colors and fonts for your redesign, and pricing your subscription websites appropriately. However, there are a

19 Digital Publishing Solutions You May Need As a Magazine Publisher

Are you acting as the general contractor of your content management system when it’s supposed to be managing itself?

De-Coding Digital Magazine Publishing Software Rates Without Getting Swindled

A look at all the different fees you might encounter when choosing digital magazine publishing software
Digital magazine publishing software comes in all forms, capabilities, and prices. In the past we’ve reviewed our favorite digital magazine software, but now let’s break out the dollars and cents because it’s certainly a factor.

There are a few different fees that

Hearst Helping Digital Publishers

Hearst is now helping digital publishers by offering services to medium-sized publishers with circulations between 300,000 and 1 million, reports Women’s Wear Daily.

Email Marketing Templates that Are Something to Write Home about

10 email marketing template best practices for success

With email being one of the most effective ways of marketing our products, it’s always a good time to review Best Practice email marketing templates. And while I admit this kind of cut-and-dried work isn’t as much fun for us writers, it’s still necessary to good marketing!

So contain your impatience and read on. (There is one tidbit of actual writing advice tucked away below!)

My Top 12 Articles of 2012

I want to usher in 2013 by sharing some of my top articles from this past year. Each of these articles received a favorable amount of social interaction, so in case you missed them, here are my top 12 articles of 2012.

Week in Review: November 26th, 2012 – November 30th, 2012

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Mequoda Systems: Options We Prefer for Email, Payments and beyond

These things are what make a Mequoda System. Options you have when building a publishing website are somewhat resilient in the way that while we always grow to adapt the tools we’re working with and the architecture to stay modern, but the end-goals don’t waver.

Making Waves with Email Marketing

5 ways to pay better attention to email marketing fundamentals

Many look at “making waves” as a bad thing. It’s used to describe the creation of a disturbance or controversy. Today however, the only disturbance we are discussing is the way to make favorable changes to your email marketing program.

Since the majority of email relationships begin at your website, there is a need to not only have your landing pages designed with the intent of converting, it’s also important to have pages designed to facilitate the email relationship.

SIPA Member Profile: Khosrodad Builds Community and Furniture

Amir A. Khosrodad, President, Cranium Softworks, Silver Spring, Maryland

SIPA: What was your first job out of college and how did you get into this business?
KHOSRODAD: My first job out of college was with a small local publisher called AKA publishing that produced a foreign-language weekly dealing with political events in the Middle East. I initially started as a lowly programmer building “green-screen” applications to help manage subscribers but soon got involved with setting up elaborate ways to gather and compile news and information from reporters abroad using dial-up networks.

Has there been a defining moment in your career? Perhaps when you knew you were on the right road.
The one that clearly stands out occurred in 2001 when Hitachi acquired Virtual Logic (the company I was working for at the time) and started breaking it up into smaller pieces. My team and I separated away and started Cranium Softworks that year. My career, as it stands today, was specifically shaped from that event.

Seven Email Footer Template Best Practices

How to comply with the rules of sending an email newsletter, while providing your customers with friendly ways to keep in touch, and maintaining the rights to your content.

The Wall Street Journal’s Media and Marketing Edition: Email Newsletter Review

For most publishers, trying to find the right balance of free vs. paid content is difficult. Give too much away and readers won’t be willing to pay for what’s left. Keep it all behind a subscription wall and readers don’t have enough information to know if it’s content they want or need.

Document Security & Digital Rights Management

Deciding who shares, prints, and reads your digital content

Wine Spectator’s Sips & Tips: Email Newsletter Review

“What’s not to like about an email newsletter that covers all aspects of wine enjoyment?” the reviewer asks herself as she sips a find Cotes du Rhone Rose. Okay, well maybe not so fine. But it sure does taste good on a quiet Friday evening when you’re writing on deadline instead of dining out with friends. But I digress…

Sips & Tips, a free weekly email newsletter from Wine Spectator magazine, has become one of my favorite things. It’s a small but mighty 2 pages that often includes:

Computerworlds’ First Look: Email Newsletter Review

Stuck in 1995: Computerworld’s E-mail Newsletter Needs an Update

When you’re writing about technology, it’s good to deliver that information via the latest channels. Computerworld, published by International Data Group (IDG), does just that, offering their content via a website, blogs, webcasts, podcasts, RSS feeds and email newsletters, in addition to the original print publication.

I applaud their embrace of so many different formats as well as their breadth of information (they offer 46 email newsletters in all). But I wonder if they haven’t spread themselves too thin.

The South Beach Diet Online’s Daily Dish: Email Newsletter Review

Atkins, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, The Zone – diets are big business these days, a trend The South Beach Diet is looking to leverage online. But does their free email newsletter deliver a well-balanced menu of information or does it need to cut the fat? This month’s email newsletter review looks at The Daily Dish and makes some recommendations.

Introducing Our Mequoda Email Newsletter Scorecard

10 Guidelines for Designing Effective Email Newsletters

While success or failure of an email newsletter should be directly tied to bottom line goals (like sales, revenue, etc.), there are some things that can help—or hurt—a newsletter’s chances of achieving those goals.

We’ve developed 10 guidelines for designing an effective email newsletter that we will use to analyze the email newsletters of successful B2B and B2C publishers. Website Design Review

Established print publications, especially trade publications, typically have a hard time letting go of their print roots and embracing all the new functionality and usability features that are required for a great content website. This is why we use a tool like the Mequoda Website Scorecard, to give us unbiased rules to sleuth out the good and bad of the online design.