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Tag: subscriptions

Can Digital Publishing Solve Your Revenue Problems? I Say YES.

Mequoda’s only purpose in life is to prevent any other publishing company from going out of business, ever. That’s why we offer our decades of experience, proven best practices and user-friendly Mequoda Method for digital publishing success in our three-day Internet Marketing Intensive, the definitive training course in publishing and marketing content online.

Learn How to Make Millions with a Content-Driven Website

You may never be Rupert Murdoch.

But you could become Consumer Reports, Morningstar, Meredith or any of the many publishers who are currently making millions from their content on the Internet by attending Mequoda’s Internet Marketing Intensive this January in New York City.

How to Increase Online Publishing Revenues … Exponentially

Gutenberg is dead. And you will be, too, if you don’t make the transition now to meet the public’s growing demand for digital information.

Fortunately, there is one resource, one unique program that can change the way you, your staff and your entire organization think of the Internet and help you catch up to the future. Mequoda’s Internet Marketing Intensive has guided some of the oldest and most respected publishing companies in the world including Meredith, Rodale, Interweave and more, in growing a single-digit percentage of their revenue from online sources to earning 20%, 30%, 40% of their revenues digitally. And because the demand for digital products is growing exponentially, so will their revenues.

Will yours?

My Top 12 Articles of 2012

I want to usher in 2013 by sharing some of my top articles from this past year. Each of these articles received a favorable amount of social interaction, so in case you missed them, here are my top 12 articles of 2012.

Week in Review: November 19th, 2012 – November 23rd, 2012

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Ecommerce Website Design: Top Components of Your Online Store

What your ecommerce website design should look like from the first page to the thank-you page

Publishers sometimes forget that they are retailers; publishers do sell subscriptions, memberships, books, ancillary products, events, etc.

It’s smart for a publisher to think like a retailer: Get people into your store, where they can become your customers. And when they become your customers, get them to come back for more.

The Holistic Approach to Digital Publishing

The Internet Marketing Intensive is characterized by the comprehension of its parts

The Internet Marketing Intensive is a holistic program. It’s designed to take all things digital, and put them in the context of your overall digital publishing strategy. This program isn’t a tactics course; it’s a strategy program.

If you must meet the needs of current digital marketing and publishing best practices…

A Dozen Options for Generating Revenue

Successful publishers always utilize multiple revenue streams. Doing so offers the best opportunity for growth as brand recognition can develop through multiple platforms.

Throughout the years we’ve identified 12 ways publishers can generate revenue online. Of course, not every publisher utilizes all the available opportunities. But mixing and matching the correct revenue streams with your brand’s expertise can lead to favorable results.

7 Subscribers Tell All: The Real Reasons Why They Choose Print or Digital

Do you know why subscribers choose print over digital, and vice versa? A landing page a/b test can only tell you the details about copy that converts, but it doesn’t tell you the complete mindset of your customers.

5 Tablet Publishing Trends


How should I price my digital magazine subscription?


If your overall economics favor selling subscriptions, consider what many now call “no-brainer pricing”, which sets a ratio of about two-to-one. Assuming we’re still talking about a subscription priced at $19.97, this strategy would dictate a single copy or monthly access price of $9.97. Note: In all the

3 Options for Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Which Adobe DPS Edition is right for you?

Digital magazine publishing evolution has been helped by the use of Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite. According to recent reports, 600 publishers worldwide are using Adobe DPS successfully, and 68% of digital content buyers are purchasing content that was created with the aid of DPS.

Adobe DPS is “a complete solution for individual designers, traditional media publishers, ad agencies, and companies of all sizes that want to create, distribute, monetize, and optimize engaging content and publications for tablet devices.”

Conducting a Digital Publishing Audit

Discover your best digital publishing assets

As the digital publishing industry grows at an alarming rate, there are a few main keys to focus on.

Beyond providing content on different e-reading devices, making digital products your audience will desire, and discovering your audience’s actual opinion of your digital publishing efforts, you will need to conduct digital publishing audits.

Internet marketing genius now available — Mequoda Summit only!

Mequoda’s Audience Development Summit 2012 is more than just talking heads. Not only do you learn the secrets and strategies of the leaders in Internet marketing in six eye-opening sessions, you get to pick their brains, too!

Take home proven strategies for successful digital publishing, niche marketing, content strategy, marketing digital subscriptions and more. Then ask our speakers anything you want at our Audience Development Roundtable AND the Audience Development Power Panel!

5 Tablet Publishing Trends

In 90-minutes, discover what’s important to publishers in an evolutionary market…

Digital Subscriptions Growing for Some Publishers

Digital subscriptions are helping publishers succeed in times when advertising is high enough

With the economic problems of recent years, digital magazine publishers have had multiple issues to address.

First, they have taken to the digital frontier by creating subscription websites, audience development strategies, and digital one-off products that can be purchased on-site or through retail and affiliate partners. Many digital magazine publishers are currently in different states of this change.

Improving Content and SEO

Need more ideas for better SEO? Search Engine Watch is a great place for endless amounts of info on all of your SEO needs. From tips on creating better content to latest news on everything SEO, Search Engine Watch is the place to be. Below are a few articles from them on different aspects of SEO. If your looking for improvements but not sure what you need to improve, scroll around search engine watch and I’m sure they will have something that will catch your eye.

3 Digital Magazine Publishing Tips for Renewals

For digital magazine publishing success, there has to be correlation with your print publishing endeavors

Going from print to digital can be difficult for publishers who are so familiar with print. One of the big issues these publishers often face is bringing subscribers into the digital age too. Below are a few tips for digital magazine renewals.

Audience Development Needs to Focus on Tablets

Audience development is perhaps the most important skill digital publishers need to understand

Publishers are making great strides to get their digital magazine publishing up to par by offering single issues and digital subscriptions. And although this is a positive direction to go in, they may be missing some of the most crucial parts of their digital strategy.

3 Possible Changes Spurred by Tablet Publishing

Tablet usage and functionality may lead to changes, dictating how and when digital publishing distribute content

Tablets, and the iPad in particular, have become the digital edition of the daily news. More tablet owners are using their devices while relaxing at home in the evening after 5 pm. Typically, throughout the years we’ve seen this time of the evening to be when news is consumed through newspapers and television. Now the iPad is turning into the popular device to use.

Some interesting data has come from the 2012 RJI Mobile Media News Consumption Survey recently. Out of all the survey respondents, 40% consumed media on large tablets, primarily iPads. Here are some of the key insights most relevant to digital publishers:

A Trend for Audience Development with Apps

How will digital publishers succeed with audience development through mobile devices?

There are a few possibilities for developing revenue streams for digital publishers. Of course, selling digital products and subscriptions are on this list. Developing channel sponsorships can also help. However, there is a trend within mobile digital devices that may benefit publishers in the years to come.

3 New Advancements in Digital Publishing

Digital magazine publishing help comes from new devices and more publications

We can see the evolution of digital publishing when new products form and significant players enter the marketplace. It brings a new life to the environment around us, and almost provides a sense of security as we realize others are committing to making digital work for their audiences.

Digital Magazine Publishing Firsts

3 stories about digital publishing that are bound to get publishers’ attention

Every week we write about the digital publishing industry for a few main reasons.

First, it is our mission to help print publishers transition into the digital age. As an unfamiliar ground to many, we share strategies for utilizing their legacy content to build new audiences and develop their place as a reputable authority on the subjects they cover.

3 Reasons to Develop a Subscription Website

The subscription website is the ultimate tool for digital publishers

After years of selling subscriptions for print products, digital publishers realized that subscription websites could be the digital counterpart. In today’s world, where tablet publishing is quickly gaining popularity, presenting content in an interactive digital format provides a new opportunity for publishers.

Any media company with frequently added content could benefit from a subscription website.

Potential in Digital Magazine Publishing Engagement

Tablets are leading to interesting digital magazine publishing engagement from users

Digital publishers have been looking for clear indications on how audience members are using tablets to interact with their content.

With the same hopes, I looked at a few of our own stats in addition to looking at the information shared by other reputable sources around the Internet.

Digital Magazine Publishing App Strategy

5 ways to monitor and optimize your digital app publishing activities

Digital magazine publishing apps will not sell themselves. It may be unfortunate, but they do not exist under the pretext of ‘build it and they will come’. There is no lack of competition with the sheer volume of apps in digital stores. Hoping that people will stumble upon your app and buy it or download it are lofty hopes.

If you are currently throwing ideas and strategies against the wall, hoping they will stick, there are better ways to approach your digital app strategy. The tips below are designed to help you market and track the results of your campaigns, leading to an understanding of the lifecycle that exists for your digital products.

Digital Publishers Battle a Changing Environment

Three changes the digital publishing industry must recognize

We’ve seen a lot of changes from being in the online business and digital publishing markets since the early 2000s. When we first began teaching publishers about developing audience’s online, social networks like Facebook and Twitter weren’t around. At that time, blogs were the main source of social activity.

Computing devices were also quite different then. Laptop and desktop computers were the options. Today, there are additional mobile devices; tablets and smart phones are expected to surpass desktop computing in usage.

A New Way to View and Judge Paywalls…

A reverse paywall would reward your most loyal readers

John Paton emerged from running the regional Journal-Register newspapers to become the CEO of the enormous MediaNews Group—and he does not like paywalls. He wants audience and more audience—thinking that once that comes, monetization will follow. In a speech last month, he urged the media industry to give up the information gatekeeper model.

11 Tips for More Conversions

Three types of conversions that will improve your online business

There are multiple conversion types that need to be addressed by digital publishers. The analysis will provide statistics on different parts of the online business, including engagement efforts, marketing efforts, and overall success in generating revenue.

For engagement, we can take a look at social media efforts. Today, social media is a nexus for engagement online, and can lead to more complex relationships, including turning social media subscribers into email subscriptions and buyers.

Digital Publishing Information Found Online

4 digital publishing stories you may have missed recently

I’ve been tracking related to digital publishing for months. In late 2011, the term, and closely aligned terms, retrieved a couple of responses each day. That number has quadrupled lately, as the digital magazine publishing industry has more news to share, and is optimizing their content for Google.

Today, I wanted to share five articles on digital publishing with you.

A Sneak Peek at 10 New Facebook Timelines for Magazines

The Facebook Timeline isn’t official until March 30th, but most businesses have early access at this point and are able to design and even publish right away. Last week I rolled over the new advertising opportunities Facebook will be offering soon, but there’s also an entire new fan page design to work with that your designers might like to get their hands on.

Google Digital Newsstand & 2 Other Industry Myths

With so much bad information in the marketplace, many publishing industry CEOs are making bad decisions about their digital magazine publishing strategies

I had the pleasure of spending the evening recently with a group of publishing industry colleagues – most of them company CEOs. Unsurprisingly, the conversation turned to digital publishing, digital newsstands, and the programs offered by Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Zinio, and the rumored Google Digital Newsstand.

Classifying Your Brand to the Digital Audience

Digital magazine publishing success requires a broad footprint that audience members are aware of

The number of digital magazine sales continues to increase. Recently, Cosmopolitan became the first Hearst Magazine brand to reach 100,000 paid individual subscriptions. Cumulatively, Hearst has sold over a half million digital subscriptions, and expects to hit one million by 2012’s end.

Conde Nast reported reaching half a million digital subscribers during the fall of 2011. At that time, 225,000 of those digital subscribers were receiving the magazine content in digital format only.

Building a Better Website for Less

The demands of digital publishing websites today is much different than five years ago

Do you like the way your website looks? If so, don’t get too attached to it. Your website will continuously change to meet your customers needs, and functionality needs of your business.

In order to grow online, digital publishers need their website to do a few specific jobs. First, it has to be well optimized so it can drive website traffic. Next, it was to include subscription opportunities, so visitors can convert into email, RSS or email subscribers. Finally, the website has to have an ecommerce aspect, which for most digital publishers, includes the ability to sell single products or subscriptions.

Week in Review: February 27th, 2012 – March 2nd, 2012

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Digital Magazine Publishing: The Art of Monetization

As digital grows, membership strategies are a focus

Three interesting notions came upon me recently.

The first involves creative software superstar Adobe. The company announced that between March 1, 2011 and January 31, 2012, they experienced “over 16 million downloads of digital publications powered by the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite”.

Generating Revenue Through Subscriptions

Subscription websites have never been more valuable as digital evolves

Digital may be the direction publishers are heading, but a plan is required. It’s pretty clear that digital magazine publishers need a strategy. Making digital replica editions of magazine may be acceptable for a period of time, but it is enough to sustain a digital publication?

The point of utilizing new technological opportunities is to bring something new to your audience. Learning how to offer new, exciting digital content that connects with the current content you offer is how digital publishers will show value to their customers in the future.

Seven Pillars of Digital Publishing Success

Order this new, 90-minute webinar and discover digital publishing components that are needed for making fundamental decisions as the digital transformation continues.

Join the Conversation; It Will Help Us All

‘Chatting’ With Peers Can Be a Good Thing (like today)

Conversation from last Wednesday’s SIPA Twitter Chat:
What system do you use to host/run your webinars?
For webinars: @BeaconLive and @ReadyTalk thus far – what do you like about the platforms?
Used Conference America before … very reliable … anybody thought about web ex, citrix, or 24/7
I like Beacon’s easy-to-use platform. It takes about five minutes to show speakers how to use it.

Benefits of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite makes the world of digital magazine publishing a bit easier for publishers.

Adobe DPS seamlessly integrates with other popular Adobe products, like InDesign CS5.5.

How to Understand Email Discourse

Email marketers are paying more attention to the communicational factor of email newsletters.

Doing so puts a focus not only on the content being presented, but on how specifically the email recipients are addressed.

Why should this be the case in email marketing? It’s very important to take note of the stage email marketers are in with their audience members. Some audience members are brand new to the content, and although they are truly interested in it, they may not be familiar enough with your brand to be comfortable buying. Others may be at the opposite end of the spectrum; people who have purchased content before, in the form of single products or yearly subscriptions.

What Type of iPad App Fits Your Content?

If you already have an iPad or iPhone app in the market, what type of app is it, and how well is it performing?

If you’ve yet to get to market with an app, what type do you think will fit your audience the best? After looking at dozens of digital magazine apps, here are a few types we’ve seen publishers used in harmony with their audience’s needs.

100 New Digital Magazines per Week

Five fun facts about the Apple iPad and digital magazines

When we launched Blue Dolphin Magazines in September 2000, our state-of-the-art online magazine superstore went live with about 300 titles. It took more than a year for us to reach 1,000 periodicals for sale, and we topped out at around 1,400 after 18 months.

As I make this post, apples iNewsstand offers consumers 1,165 titles. I started keeping track of the number on Thanksgiving and have watched it climb by about 100 new magazines per week. To be fair, there are newspapers and newsletters in that number. But far and away the bulk of the titles are magazines.

Week in Review: January 9th, 2012 – January 13th, 2012

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Addressing Email Errors

Being proactive about email errors can help you avoid major issues

After being active in the online community for years, it still amazes me how powerful email can be.

Two recent news stories caught my eye and led to this article. The first is from late December, when The New York Times sent the wrong email to over 8.5 million email recipients.

Whatever You Do – Don’t Be Boring…

A Look Back at Some SIPAlert Daily Highlights

Here are some best-of SIPAlert Daily moments from the year:

1. A quote from Steve Jobs: Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. If you are involved in a growing industry, think of ways to become more efficient; more customer friendly; and easier to do business with. If you are involved in a shrinking industry—get out of it quick and change before you become obsolete; out of work; or out of business.

12 Ways Publishers Generate Revenue on Facebook

Let’s start with a little breakdown of why Facebook just became the #1 place to generate revenue in social media.

Facebook accounts for 52.1% percent of all sharing on the web. When someone wants to share something, they share it on Facebook—and this includes your promotions and sales. In fact, 93% of Facebook users have posted or read some kind of shopping recommendation this 2011 holiday season and 66% percent of those people ended up making a purchase on Black Friday/Cyber Monday “as a direct result of social media interactions with brands and family”.

Three Ways to Fail in 2012: Digital Publishers Beware

Unless your website portal, subscription websites, online stores, customer lists, digital books, periodicals and videos are state-of-the-art, you probably shouldn’t be doing the following three things in 2012.

Most publishers I know, including me, suffer from a mental illness called BSOS or Bright Shiny Object Syndrome. Someone who suffers from this malady exhibits behavior that resembles a child on Christmas morning with too many presents. They move from one shiny gift to the next, never fully exploring or realizing the potential of the trail of unopened gifts left in their wake.

Consumer Reports Sets Examples to Learn by

Building a Consistent Presence for Your Audience

Consistency. It’s not the first word you think of when trying to list a company’s reasons for success in the specialized information industry. But I’ve come across it a couple times of late, and it has made me think more about how consistency plays before an audience—your audience.

On Saturday, The New York Times ran an article heralding the 75th anniversary of (SIPA member) Consumer Reports—and the success it enjoys in both print and online.

Digital Native Survey – What Would You Unsubscribe From First? [Video]

This segment of our Digital Native Survey features questions that publishers have been wondering ever since multiple subscription platforms have become popular.

In this clip from the Digital Native Survey, you will learn the answers to these pressing questions:

“So you love a brand. How do you subscribe to them?”

Digital Native Survey – Print Subscription Habits

Our Digital Native Survey highlights the important information that affects the habits of publishers and online business owners.

Have you ever wondered if your media brand is set up to address the way Digital Natives interact with your brand? Digital Immigrants are facing issues of uncertainty as the Internet, and how Digital Natives use it, is continuously evolving.