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Tag: Tablet Platform

Looking to Make a Magazine Online?

To make a magazine online is to set out on quite a journey. It’s a journey that will require comrades, and we’re more than happy to join you on your digital publishing odyssey. There will be turbulence, bumps, and stormy weather. But there will also be success if you’re willing to work.

Cross-Media Publishing News: Apple Newsstand, Tablets, and Time Spent

Perhaps it was inevitable, but the end of Apple Newsstand – long involved in a love-hate relationship with cross-device publishing – was still an occasion for reflection and wondering what lies ahead for digital magazines. This is the kind of story the Nieman Lab was built for. Below, we look at its coverage on this topic and two others relevant to cross-device publishing.

The iPad Tablet Platform Turns 4

It’s incredible to think that it’s only been 4 years since the iPad tablet platform has been released. It’s cliche but for many people they wouldn’t know what they’d do without their tablet.

Innovation in Digital Publishing

4 components being used to go beyond magazine publishing

As the discussion of digital publishing’s future continues, some publishers are taking a step back to look at the environment.

For instance, publisher Conde Nast has decided to slow its process of digitizing their magazine portfolio for the time being. According to an article from MediaPost, “Conde will focus on increasing sales of its current suite of releases”.