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Tag: tablet

One Major Email Deliverability Issue You Need to Monitor

Do you know your inbox placement rate (IPR)?

Email usage has remained solid for years, and its popularity will likely grow due to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. A new report from Nielsen shares that 40% of smartphone owners and 42% of tablet owners use their device while watching TV. What are people doing on these devices? 60% check their email during shows, while 59% wait for a commercial break to check their email.

And of course we can forget Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project’s statistics, which shared the information that 92% of online adults use email, with 61% using it daily.

Week in Review: October 10th, 2011 – October 14th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Tablet Use Strips Time Away from PCs, Laptops

The tablet era continues to make waves in content consumption

Since the release of the iPad in 2010, publishers envisioned a new world where they content could live digitally.

There were hopes of tying editorial content with brilliant multimedia and interactive social elements.

New editions should be sent directly to the tablet when ready, so a subscription model could help publishers retain a healthy circulation of avid readers.

Tips to Help Innovation Flourish in Your Company

Getting the Room Temperature Right for Innovation

The Innovation of Excellence blog led us this week to a presentation titled Re-Thinking Creativity & Innovation (& Play), by Ben Rennie, the director of 6.2, an agency and innovation lab in Melbourne, Australia. (They have a very interesting website. Why do we all look so much better with good black-and-white photography?)

As a writer and editor, I particularly like this paragraph from their website: “Plain English is King: At 6.2, we don’t like buzzwords or sensationalised sales and marketing speak. If something is wrong, we will say, something is wrong, if it is good, we will say it is good, if it is broken, we will say it’s broken. We communicate clearly and honestly; if we can’t help, you will be the first to know.”

Steve Jobs: It is an Honor to Live in Your Time.

Hundreds of years from now, 2010 will the demarcation for the beginning of the Jobs Era. It is thus ironic that this icon of our digital future passed way less that 18 months after he changed the course of human history forever.

Now, some may argue that someone else would have ushered in the age of tablet computing, the age of the personal media device, if Jobs had not done it in 2010. As proof, they would point to all the other tablet computers that quickly followed the introduction of the iPad in April 2010. I would counter that, had the iPad introduction been a failure, none of those other devices would have ever come to market.

5 Stats to Consider About Online Activity

New data shares significant information for online publishers and content marketers

Staying current with trends helps online professionals make careful moves in their online strategy.

Walker Sands Communications, a full-service marketing and public relationships firm, tracked website data of B2B and B2C clients and compiled the information in their Q3 Web Traffic Report.

Week in Review: September 12th, 2011 – September 16th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Is There Hope For the Tribune Tablet?

According to CNN, “The Tribune Co., one of the largest U.S. news enterprises, is working on a touchscreen tablet that it plans to offer to newspaper subscribers”. CNN writer Mark Milan writes, “The tablet is expected to run a modified version of Google’s Android operating system,” and “Tribune aims to offer the tablet for free, or at a highly subsidized price, to people who agree to sign up for extended subscriptions to one of its papers and possibly a wireless-data plan with a partner cellular carrier”.

This isn’t news to me though, in fact I might be bias to the whole thing. I’ve been telling newspaper publishers to give away tablets to subscribers even before the iPad came out. In fact, I had the same thoughts when the Amazon Kindle first came out back in 2007:

Final Checklist for the Mequoda Summit East 2011

Prepare yourself for the best, actionable advice for content marketing and online publishing

Earlier this week, Don Nicholas, CEO of Mequoda Group, wrote an article entitled “93+ Best Practices at Mequoda Summit East 2011”.

Those 93 best practices Don alluded to will be discussed in depth throughout three days of the Mequoda Summit East 2011, beginning on September 13th.

The Rise of Interactive Marketing

Interactive marketing is expected to experience significant growth between now and 2016

As the Internet evolves, so does interactive marketing.

So what is interactive marketing, and how does it relate to your online business?

An Introduction to Web Video Equipment

Discover how you can make high-quality videos without breaking the bank

One misconception online publishers and content marketers have when it comes to video equipment is the amount of money needed to begin shooting and editing videos.

In the past, video equipment was much more expensive than it is today. Of course, there still is incredibly high-tech video equipment on the market that costs tens of thousands of dollars. However, high-quality video can be created in much simpler, less-expensive ways nowadays.

Why You Should Refine Your Web Video Strategy

These focal points will help you execute the most beneficial web video strategy

I don’t want to alarm online publishers or content marketers who aren’t utilizing video content…but it’s worth mentioning that incorporating a web video strategy may have major impacts for your business.

It may seem intimidating, but refining a web video strategy isn’t as hard as it may first appear.

Ads on Tablets More Effective Than Ads on eReaders

A study on consumer response to ads on both tablets and eReaders shows that tablet ads attract more attention

Which device do you think would engagement and attract consumers more with advertisements, tablets or eReaders?

New findings from GfK MRI Starch Advertising Research show that tablets are more successful with their advertising efforts than tablets.

Building an Audience with Free Content

A collection of free reports that will help your audience development efforts

How quickly is your audience growing?

Have you been ramping up your audience development efforts at all?

Week in Review: July 25th 2011 – July 29th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Will Tablet Commerce Trump Mobile Commerce?

Forrest Research thinks so

In modern times, e-commerce accounts for billions of dollars in revenue.

According to Forrester Research, e-commerce represented 8% of total US retail last year, by accumulating $176 billion in revenue.

3 Suggestions for Online Publishers

Keeping up-to-date with statistics on e-readers and tablets

Have you been keeping up with the latest in digital publishing?

Some statistics emerge and go unnoticed, although they may provide valuable insights for online publishers.

Do Digital Books and Subscriptions Impact Print Sales? Should You Care?

Growing your digital media strategy to match the future needs of your customers

In the last year, the sales of eBooks have grown 169.4% to $164.1M, while the combined categories of print books fell 24.8% to $441.7M, according to The Association of American Publishers. Additionally, e-Reader ownership has doubled in the last six months, according to The Pew Center’s Internet & American Life Project. In fact, they reported that 3% of adults own both an e-Reader and a tablet computer like an iPad or Samsung Galaxy.

So are you worried that digital editions of your book and subscriptions will impact print sales? Hopefully not, because digital editions are infinitely cheaper to produce in the long run and often times even in the short run. In fact, digital editions have proven to increase subscriptions. New data from the Audit Bureau of Circulations’ Fas-Fax show a 20% rise in circulation for the top 25 newspapers with digital editions.

How HTML5 Will Rock Your World

9 reasons why HTML5 will change the online publishing landscape

Over the past six to 12 months, I’ve heard that HTML5 is going to change the entire online publishing landscape again.

Some of my developer friends have been indicating that one of the large portal-based publishers has a 20-person development team secretly banging away on HTML5 web apps that will mimic, expand and replicate on the apps you currently see on Apple and Android platforms.

New Forecast on Digital Magazines Predicts Growth

The future for digital magazine circulation, and its associated revenue generation, is predicted to be positive for publishers

The tablet and e-reader marketers continue to prosper, which impacts the growth of digital magazines.

Currently, eMarketer predicts that by the end of 2011, 8.7% of the US adult population, or 20.6 million people will be among the installed base of e-reader owners. By the end of 2012, this number is expected to grow to 12% of the adult population, with a total of 28.9 million people owning an e-reader.

New App from Financial Times Challenges Apple

Financial Times gives publishers a new option

One recurring note at the just-concluded SIPA 2011 Conference concerned Apple’s decision a few months ago that they will begin to keep 30% of the revenue from new subscriptions and media purchases made in an iPhone or iPad application through its App store. Knight Kiplinger, editor in chief of The Kiplinger Washington Editors, mentioned it on Monday: “Like a lot of publishers, we have to figure who we want to do business with, whether it’s Apple and their 30% and wanting to control our subscriber relationship or Google, who may be easier to deal with.”

On Tuesday, another option appeared. The New York Times reported today that The Financial Times, the British daily, has “introduced a mobile Web application aimed at luring readers away from Apple’s iTunes App Store, throwing down the gauntlet” over Apple’s impositions. The Financial Times has designed a new app “that includes much of the functionality of an iPad or iPhone application, while residing on the open Web.”

Week in Review: May 23rd, 2011 – May 27th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Selling Products Online? Don’t Forget the Tablet Owners

Recent data shows that tablet owners buy more online than smartphone users

Online publishers and retailers need to consider the ways audience members use technology.

For instance, how do you think smartphones are used in the purchasing process? How about tablets?

29 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Order this new, 90-minute webinar on CD and discover an audience development checklist containing 29 ways to increase website traffic.

Tablets Impact the Use of Desktop and Laptop PCs

Nielsen data shows promising signs for tablets

Tablet devices are gaining popularity among owners.

Recent data from Nielsen shows that 77% of tablet users are using their tablets to perform actions that they once did on a laptop of desktop computer.

The iPad’s Impact on Ecommerce

How retailers should be taking advantage of the iPad’s capabilities

The iPad, and other tablet devices, offer an experience like no other device.

Since their inception, tablets have been primarily for entertainment purposes. The top three reasons people want an iPad, from a November 2010 survey conducted by Vision Critical, include Internet browsing, engaging with photos, music and/or video, and the access to and use of apps.

Week in Review: April 25th, 2011 – April 29th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Innovation in Digital Publishing

4 components being used to go beyond magazine publishing

As the discussion of digital publishing’s future continues, some publishers are taking a step back to look at the environment.

For instance, publisher Conde Nast has decided to slow its process of digitizing their magazine portfolio for the time being. According to an article from MediaPost, “Conde will focus on increasing sales of its current suite of releases”.

Tablets Diminish PC Usage

New findings discuss how often tablets are being used

Almost 70% of tablet owners are spending at least an hour everyday on their tablet device.

This data was reported to AdMob, which was released in their March 2011 “Tablet Survey”.

New Research Shows How Tablets Change Magazine Consumption

8 insights on expectation and behavior associated with digital magazines

Digital magazines aren’t being treated like traditional magazines.

A recent consumer research study conducted by Bonnier R&D and ad agency CP+B was designed to show “how people consume media on tablet devices like the iPad.”

‘Extremely Important’ Characteristics of a Digital Magazine

The top five results from our survey on creating the perfect digital magazine

Yesterday, at the Mequoda Summit West 2011, we discussed the results from our survey on creating the perfect digital magazine.

As our regular readers probably remember, we asked for your input on the nine characteristics Don Nicholas, Executive Director of Mequoda Group, outlined in a post earlier this year.

Smaller, More Complex Revenue Sources Expected in Digital Media’s Future

Content is getting extended further to develop more revenue opportunities

The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism recently released its State of the Media Report for 2011.

This report discussed a number of major trends within our industry.

One specific trend addressed the market itself.

Online News Reaches a Milestone by Topping Print

More people have reported getting news from the web than newspapers

Unprecedented growth has been experienced online.

According to the State of the News Media, a report from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, 46% of Americans reported getting news online at least three times each week while only 40% reported getting news from newspapers and their accompanying websites.

Discover Nuances in Search Behavior by Device

New insight on why mobile devices, tablets and desktops do not experience the same search queries

The options for engaging with search engines has changed as tablet devices hit the market and mobile devices become more popular.

Taylor Schreiner, senior director of strategic research and insight at Yahoo, believes it’s important for brands to understand the subtle differences in search.

Week in Review: February 28th, 2011 – March 4th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

iPad 2 Reactions and Tips Filter In

iPad 2 Reactions. Smile (if you’re Apple).

It was a big day in cyberland yesterday, of course, with the release of Apple’s iPad 2 and the appearance of chief executive Steve Jobs at the unveling. Here are some pertinent notes that I found while searching around this morning.

Writing for Poynter, Damon Kiesow focuses on the changes in the camera capabilities of the iPad 2. “The rear-facing camera is capable of capturing 720p video at 30 frames-per-second. When used in still image mode it offers a 5x digital zoom. The front camera is of VGA quality, and is intended largely for video chat use.”

Tablet Users are Happy with Their Internet Experience

Online publishers can rejoice, as tablet statistics look promising

Tablets came to the market with a lot of potential, and a lot of expectations.

Fortunately for digital publishers, statistics are showing that tablets are meeting these expectations by making users happy.

Increase Digital Revenue with These Strategies

Discover ways to make your digital endeavors more profitable

Publishers are always looking for new ways to generate revenue online.

Since the Internet is consistently evolving, new opportunities arise for publishers.

Discover the 9 Most Profitable Subscription Website Business Models

This free report discusses the value behind subscription websites, including the nine most profitable subscription website business models

Download a free digital copy of Building Subscription Websites: The 9 Most Profitable Website Business Models now

Subscription websites are becoming a more valuable component to online publishers. In fact, subscription websites are among the most profitable websites on the Internet.

As mobile and tablet devices become increasingly popular, subscription websites are being used at the core of the modern publishing revolution.

Free Report Friday – Building Subscription Websites

Learn about the nine most profitable subscription website business models

Download your free digital copy of Building Subscription Websites: The 9 Most Profitable Subscription Website Business Models now

Subscription websites have become a digital land of opportunity for online publishers. Discover the nine most profitable subscription website models and online publishing utilizing each model in our Building Subscription Websites free report.

New Guidelines for Magazine Websites from ASME

Specific ad formats addressed with greater detail

The American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) announced new guidelines to members on January 25th.

These guidelines are in the same vein as existing ones, but focus more on specific ad formats, including paid links, product placement and interruptive advertising.

The iPad’s Impact on the Tablet Market

Some remarkable statistics for the online publishing world’s game-changer

After seeing data on 2010’s tablet market, it’s hard not to agree that Apple’s iPad has been a game-changer.

During the 4th quarter of 2010, the iPad drive tablet sales up 45%, and in the process, took 90% of the market.

Three Goals for Content Licensing

Major benefits for licensing existing content marketing materials include driving traffic, building brand and generating significant new revenue streams

2011 is the year of content.

2010 brought new advances in technology with tablet devices. The iPad was referred to as a game-changer for online publishers and that prediction may come to fruition this year.

A Big Reason to Optimize Your Website for Mobile

New Twitter stats from CES show how mobile is important to the social media company

The Consumer Electronics Show, also known as CES, wrapped up yesterday, January 9th in Las Vegas, NV. New tablet devices and 4G smart phones were introduced at this year’s show, in addition to images of supposed hardware for the iPad 2.

Since 4G smart phones were a hot topic at the show, it’s worth taking a look at their value to the online publishing industry.

Trading Newspapers for Tablets: 3 Numbers to Watch

As US tablet sales are projected to hit 70 million in 2011 and 2012, online publishers are paying closer attention to tablet revolution

The launch of the iPad in 2010 was the beginning of the revolution.

Now, in 2011, as tablet competition and pricing models become clearer, the revolution is starting to gain speed.

Content Marketing: Three Elements to Success for Online Businesses in 2011

With the New Year here, let’s all prepare accordingly

Now that the holidays and over and most of us are back to work, it’s time to get situated for 2011.

Let’s face it, just because it’s a new year, it doesn’t mean things have abruptly changed for the online publishing and Internet marketing industries.

Long-Form Journalism and the iPad

Can the iPad renew an interest in long-form journalism? Some think so

The iPad was seen as a “game-changer” since it’s debut in 2010. Now some believe it will help revive long-form journalism.

According to Wikipedia, long-form journalism, or narrative journalism, is the interpretation of a story and the way in which the journalist portrays it, be it fictional or non-fictional.

65% of Web Users Have Paid for Content

New evidence that subscription website models are valuable

We’ve discussed it before. Online consumers are willing to pay for content online, especially if it’s premium content.

The days of assuming everything online should be free may not be fully over, but the mindset has changed a bit as 65% of US Internet users have paid for some form of online content.

What Will 2011 Hold for Mobile?

Predictions for a booming industry

Mobile was huge in 2010.

The devices themselves became more technologically advanced as they got faster and more powerful. Many companies released “smartphones” to adequately fill the market. Some of the more popular ones include the iPhone, iPad, and Android.

The evolution in these phones comes with the development of apps, which allow users to do a variety of activities directly on their phone. Chances are, if you have an interest in something, there’s probably at app for it.

The News Media in 2011

Predictions for the coming year

Think back over 2010. What sticks out in your mind?

Was it the release of the iPad, which may come to fruition for online publishers in 2011 with iPad-only news products?

Facebook gained an extraordinary amount of popularity in 2010, as social media became a huge part of online activity for many generations of Internet users.