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Tag: the dish

Publishing on Facebook: The Latest on Instant Articles + Video

For magazines publishing on Facebook Instant Articles, a primer on how media companies are using it, how the social media giant is tweaking it, and how holdouts are responding; plus, getting serious about video
Publishing on Facebook Instant Articles isn’t quite as polarizing a prospect as initially thought, but it will still be a major decision

Chicago Magazine Turns Email Subscribers into VIPs

Make your email promotions sound exclusive and your readers won’t mind receiving them
Chicago Magazine caters to the upper crust crowd of Chicagoans. The average print subscriber is a female, aged 25-54, a college graduate in a managerial position with a household income of $255k and a net worth of $1,518,800. She also owns a house in Chicago worth around $548k. Online subscribers are similar, but slightly less affluent ($112k median household income) and are slightly more likely to be male (53%) than female (47%).

5 Big Mistakes Highlighted from Our Email Newsletter Reviews

Email newsletter rants from email marketing expert, Jeanne Jennings

As I was paging through our list of email newsletter reviews, written by the admirable Jeanne Jennings, I was finding some pretty great commentary about what worked and what didn’t work amongst the email newsletters we reviewed.

The South Beach Diet Online’s Daily Dish: Email Newsletter Review

Atkins, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, The Zone – diets are big business these days, a trend The South Beach Diet is looking to leverage online. But does their free email newsletter deliver a well-balanced menu of information or does it need to cut the fat? This month’s email newsletter review looks at The Daily Dish and makes some recommendations.