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Tag: upsell landing page

10 Types of Landing Pages and Knowing When to Use Them

The first thing you need to have to create great landing pages is a basic understanding of the seven types of landing pages used by Internet marketing professionals. With that in mind, we think your odds of increasing landing page conversion rates will definitely improve.

Week in Review: November 8th, 2010 – November 12th, 2010

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Dedicated Landing Page Templates: The Upsell Landing Page

More than a simple “thank you” page

Upsell Landing Pages are specialized landing pages that offer the user an additional product or service as part of the post transaction process. These landing pages allow your company to educate, upsell and interact with your customer.

They are highly effective when properly executed delivering conversion rates as high as 30 percent, depending on the offer. You will sell more products, at higher prices and greater profit margins with dedicated upsell landing pages.

The upsell landing page message is two-fold. When a user requests a free report, first, it thanks the user for requesting the free report and confirms that they will receive an email with further download directions in “five to 10 minutes.” The email confirmation and download instructions will probably arrive much sooner, but we don’t want them to click away to their email client just yet.

Dedicated Landing Page Templates

The sole purpose of a dedicated landing page is to get that order.

Dedicated landing pages are designed to receive targeted website traffic and convert users into buyers or subscribers. They may attract organic traffic, but are dedicated to converting traffic, regardless of the source.

Generally traffic arrives at dedicated landing pages via links from sources the publisher controls, such as PPC (pay-per-click), affiliate advertising, or paid advertising.

To date, the Mequoda research team has identified six unique variations on the dedicated and hybrid landing pages:

Upsell Landing Pages

Upsell Landing Pages are specialized landing pages that offer the user an additional product or service as part of the process that acknowledges a prior transaction. They are highly effective when properly executed delivering conversion rates as high as 20 to 30 percent, depending on the offer.

8 Reasons to Use a Solo Orderflow

Maximize conversion rates with solo orderflows and independent information products
Solo orderflows maximize conversion rates on a single product. Imagine you are a travel publisher and you offer six books on these topics: cruises, safaris, island getaways, business travel, family vacations and Disney. Since you only have one book on cruises, not several books on the topic, then you should use a solo orderflow.

12 Master Landing Page Templates

Download our new report (for free) and learn how to maximize your Internet marketing conversion rates by using the right landing page template for the job
A landing page is an indispensable component of your online marketing campaign. We define it as any webpage where you and your users begin a mutual transaction.

The end goal of a landing page can be to get users to:

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12 Webpage Templates Used by Today’s Top Publishers to Convert and Monetize the Most Visitors

The upsell landing page asks for the add-on sale

Sell more products, at higher prices and great profit margins, with dedicated upsell landing pages

“Would you like fries with that?” is a simple, familiar hamburger stand upsell. The online version is a little more complicated, and requires a well-crafted, dedicated upsell landing page.

An upsell landing page is a conversion landing page. Like the sales letter landing page, the objective of the upsell landing page is to get the user to take the next step. It is designed to move the user along an order flow where an additional sale can be made.

Checklists Provide a Never-Ending Source of Content

As an online publisher, part of your job is to make information easier to manage for your subscribers

The majority of membership websites and email newsletters are instructional. Members join or subscribe in order to access content that is not available to non-subscribers. Much of this proprietary information is of the how-to variety.

If you’re a publisher of an email newsletter, and you’re stuck for a story idea, think checklist. You’ll almost never run out of ideas and you’ll provide your subscribers with valuable tools that increase your credibility as an expert.

The First Rule of the Mequoda Marketing System

The first rule of the Mequoda Internet Marketing System is to make it as easy as possible to start a customer relationship—and give something away. Don’t ask for the money right away. But gives away volumes of priceless content without even asking for an email address in return.’s The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords Landing Page Review

With a few judicious tweaks to this sales letter landing page, he might sell even more.

Perry Marshall is something of a Renaissance man—engineer, advertising copywriter, technical writer, marketer and philosopher.

Among Internet marketers, he has ascended to the rank of high priest of Google AdWords. As one of the world’s leading specialists on buying search engine traffic, he has published a very popular how-to book, conducted high-ticket seminars and is a much-sought-after personal coach..