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Tag: usability lab

Simple Types of Usability Tests for Creating Happier Users and Better Websites

Even though you might associate usability with website design, it’s been an important factor in our everyday life for at least a century. Frederick Taylor’s Principles of Scientific Management, published in 1911, is the first instance where the world started paying attention to how people use things, and how we can help them be more efficient. In 1936, Frigidaire cited “usability” as a key feature of their new refrigerator. In 1943, Alphonse Chapanis made the case for redesigning airplane cockpits in order to reduce errors.

But it wasn’t until 1985 that Computer Usability Testing & Evaluation was published by Richard Spencer. Of course, by this point, usability wasn’t anything new, so designing computers that were most usable was a given. In fact, the war of operating systems, mainly between Microsoft and Apple, has been centered on usability since the beginning.

When home-accessible Internet arrived and websites became the next usability feat, Steve Krug published Don’t Make Me Think in 2000. I think we can all agree that web designers everywhere desperately needed this book back in 2000 and the web has become better for it.

FOLIO: Growth Summit Coverage – Using Social Networks to Strengthen Your Market Position

Cia Romano and I talk social networks – both building your own, and using existing social networks to develop a diverse online audience.

How to Evaluate your Usability Lab Results

Identifying and prioritizing your usability lab results is the most interesting and valuable part

Once you conduct your usability lab, it will become very obvious to you very quickly, which areas need improvement. More often than not, there will be more than one user who will experience frustration with certain tasks on your website.

Heuristic Evaluation Usability Testing

A heuristic evaluation is one of the more popular methods of usability testing and takes place with a functional website, likely in the last stages of development or right before a redesign. This is the type of lab setting that we showed you in Monday’s tip How to Conduct a Usability Lab, and requires a computer with a webcam and usability software like Morae, a moderator, and a user.

How to Conduct a Usability Lab

How to prepare a usability lab for several different types of studies. Usability testing is a controlled experiment that tests the architecture and user-friendliness of your website. Reasons why businesses conduct usability tests are often to provide feedback to information architects and designers.

How Print Magazines are Losing Core Readers

Earlier this week, I got my annual physical (the doc says I’m in good shape for an old guy). My new MD looks to be about 35 making me about 15 years his senior—me having just turned 50 last December.

While waiting in various states of dress and undress, I found myself trying to read Time and U.S. News. I say “trying” because the type size in both print magazines was too small for me to read comfortably—even with my reading glasses in a well-lit room. My guess is that both magazines are running some variation of a 9 to 10 point serif typeface with some degree of compression.

University Health Publishing Launches Next Generation Mequoda Marketing System

I turned 50 this past December. We were about halfway thru the process of designing, testing, writing and coding Johns Hopkins Health Alerts and the 29 marketing websites that surround it form the Johns Hopkins Health Network. Stuart Jordan, who is COO for Johns Hopkins Health Alerts and its parent, University Health Publishing, gave me a copy of the 704 page Johns Hopkins Medical Guide to Health After 50 as a birthday gift—along with 50 lottery tickets. Over the past 23 years, Stuart and I have been friends, partners and cohorts in numerous endeavors. It was the first time Stuart and I had been able to work together on a major venture since the sale of Lighthouse in 1994. This alone made the Johns Hopkins Health Alerts project incredibly meaningful for me.

How Age Impacts Website Usability for Teens and Seniors

While humans are humans, age is a major consideration in designing usable websites that will allow the targeted users to have an efficient and fulfilling user experience. Website Design Review

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