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Tag: usability review

Mequoda Group Announces the 2006 Media Website Design Award Winners

Mequoda Group announced today that and Better Homes & Gardens ( tied for the highest score in the 2006 Mequoda Media Website Design Awards, each earning a 3.86 grade “A” rating on the Mequoda Scorecard.

2006 Mequoda Media Website Design Award Winners

During 2005, our intrepid research team put the Mequoda Website Design Scorecard to work by using it to perform expert reviews of 48 media websites. With a high score of 3.86 (a tie between and Better Homes & Gardens ( and a low score of 1.57, the scoring system validated its ability to help expert reviewers parse good website design from bad. The scorecard and the 48 expert reviews offer those who design websites for media organizations of all sizes an integrated set of concepts and cases to build better websites that will create happier users and healthier profits.