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Should Your Editorial Staff Write for Advertisers?

Ad Age has a new report on the relationship of editorial staff and advertisers. Michael Sebastian reports, “Many publishers embracing sponsored content defend the integrity of their ad/edit walls by creating in-house teams apart from their newsrooms to produce content on behalf of advertisers. But a handful of publishers — such as Mashable and Mental Floss — are allowing their editorial staffs to write stories and produce videos for advertisers, arguing that it affords a more authentic experience.”

Using Content to Drive your Audience Development Plan

How recycling, repurposing, and repackaging content can create alignment in your marketing efforts

The number of steps required to create an effective audience development plan often confuses people new to organic content marketing. One of my favorite tricks is to use the acronym ARM to help people remember that there are three distinct elements or parts in a content driven audience development plan. A is for attract; R is for retain, and M is always for monetize.

Non-Traditional Partnerships Become a Hot Digital Publishing Trend

Non-traditional partnerships have really become a hot digital publishing trend in the last month. These sort of retail-food-publishing partnerships are one of the hottest new digital publishing trends. Oh, and electronic cigarettes, Playboy covered those too.

The Periodical Subscription Website Business Model

The periodical website archetype is often associated with newspaper brands and other news periodicals that include trade papers like Computerworld and Variety.

Periodical subscription websites may also be called news sites, online newspapers, online magazines, online newsletters, or online journals.

Black Belt Email: As Disciplined as a Winning Athlete

This week I had the pleasure of spying on one of our best Mequoda operators, Black Belt. Over the last few months I’ve been peeking in on a variety of publishers with large email circulation numbers to see where they excel.

If you’re not familiar, Black Belt has been published since 1961 and features interviews, historical research and news coverage on martial artists and martial arts techniques. On their website, Black Belt Daily, they feature this content in addition to a giant archive of martial arts instruction and videos which they also sell in the form of handbooks and DVDs.

TIME Doesn’t Know What to Do With All This Traffic

Back on April 1 Don wrote a post entitled Saving TIME Magazine: or, the Future of All of Us. Don’s vision of the future, even for faltering weekly news magazines, focuses on creating a niche product like any of our clients or followers who implement the Mequoda Method, even if the scale is a bit different.

Comments Get an Upgrade at the NY Times

The New York Times has started experimenting with its placement of comments, reports

Marc Lavallee, a deputy editor of interactive news at the New York Times said, “the comments were elevated from below the line, placed alongside the story in a similar style to how New York Times’ much-discussed Snowfall presentation uses pull quotes and and visual pointers alongside the main narrative.”

Magazine Publishers to Leverage Print on Demand?

New print on demand opportunities are were presented to magazine publishers at Retail Marketplace 2013 according to IPDA Publishing & Retail news. Ingram Content Group (ICG) presented options to help magazine publishers leverage their print on demand technology.

Karlene Lukovitz reports, “ICG’s core premise: Since POD print (and digital) products are created and fulfilled to match supply with demand (one-offs based on prepaid consumer orders or publisher-determined small numbers of copies)–and the publisher’s cost and profit margin are predetermined–POD capabilities minimize waste copies/costs, while enabling sales to new (including global) markets/customers. ICG also believes there is potential for employing POD in traditional retail channels.”

Salon Media Group Makes Cuts, Boosts Web Traffic + Revenues

Digital publishing news for July 1, 2013
Salon Media Group saw increased revenue Q1 due to a nice boost in Web traffic reports Folio: “Salon is up 21 percent in net revenue from continuing operations when comparing Q1 2013 to Q1 2012, which totals about $900,000.” Due to the web traffic increase, their ad revenues and third-party ad revenues soared 10% and 23% respectively. Salon also made strategic cuts in both video production and their subscription model which also bolstered their financials.

News Flash, Magazines Are Not Failing!

In a recent article over on by Mary Berner, she states that Becky Lang is dead wrong about the future of magazines with a multitude of statistics that say the complete opposite. Print magazines audiences are up by 1.3 percent and tablet magazine audiences are up by a whopping 47.5 percent. She sites that 50 percent of readers ages 18 to 34 are following some sort of writer, whether it be a specific brand or writer/editor on Twitter.

National Geographic Merges Print and Digital Content

National Geographic has merged all their content in a attempt to “increase publication frequency.” The move was sparked by the fact that Nat Geo has created stories across all platforms (print, digital, video) that it became quintessential to have everything under the same leadership.

Chris Johns has been named Executive Vice President and Editorial Group Director, while still remaining Editor in Chief – a role he’s had since 2005. In addition, Matt Mansfield will take over as the Executive Editor of Digital Content, Keith Jenkins as the Director of Photography and Mike Schmidt as the Multimedia Director.

The State of Publishing After Penguin 2.0

It was just a couple weeks ago that Matt Cutts announced Penguin 2.0 and made content publishers fear for their long-tail lives, as he often does, usually without so much of a warning.

In the days immediately before and following the release of Penguin 2.0, many of our Gold Members clients expressed concern about what exactly Google was looking for in their newest algorithm update and whether they would be affected. Although Matt Cutt’s video seemed pretty simple and straightforward as he explained what we should expect from Google in the next few months, it was never particularly specific.

The Tablet: Key to Your Online Empire, Not Just Your Digital Magazine

With all the talk about tablets and digital magazines these days, it’s tempting to think of the desktop or laptop, and the website you worked so hard to establish back when those were your only options for publishing on the Internet, as buggy whips – soon to be obsolete.

After all, our 2013 Mequoda Tablet Study found that a full 55% of respondents own or have access to a tablet. Yes, that means you’d better be building a digital edition of your publication.

How to Create a Profitable Website

I’m a big fan of planning.

And I believe that your website is a reflection of your entire business and business model.

A visitor to your website should quickly be able to understand your mission, your audience, the scope of your content, and even how you make money.

It always surprises me that people don’t start the process of building a profitable website by building a website plan. While the website planning process can seem complex, it really can be boiled down to answering a few simple questions:

Mequoda Weekly: January 14th, 2013 – January 18th, 2013

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

My Top 12 Articles of 2012

I want to usher in 2013 by sharing some of my top articles from this past year. Each of these articles received a favorable amount of social interaction, so in case you missed them, here are my top 12 articles of 2012.

Digital Content Marketing Trends for 2013

Digital content marketing drives surge in digital product sales for publishers

While many organizations have discovered the power of digital content marketing to sell products and services, perhaps no organizations are being impacted like the publishers of books, magazines, newsletters and videos.

Mequoda Systems: Options We Prefer for Email, Payments and beyond

These things are what make a Mequoda System. Options you have when building a publishing website are somewhat resilient in the way that while we always grow to adapt the tools we’re working with and the architecture to stay modern, but the end-goals don’t waver.

SEO Campaigns Made Easy

Proven methods and a new idea for blockbuster SEO campaigns

A lot of people offer advice about the importance of SEO campaigns and SEO copywriting. And a lot of that advice tells you to start by developing a free report, then research your keywords and finally, write a landing page letter that’s been optimized for search engines using those keywords.

I’m not giving that advice.

Publishers Talk About Tapping into Social Media Narcissism

There are social networks that share everything from your minute-to-minute activities, to your credit card spending, to your photos, to your travel information. It’s no wonder that, like a reality show, feeding into people’s egos can be a brilliant way to get attention.

Who Runs Audience Development for your Organization?

Three critical questions every website publisher must answer.

Who runs audience development for your organization? When a website publisher asks me to help them increase website traffic and build a loyal online audience, the first question I ask is, “Who runs audience development for your organization?” I get a wide variety of answers. At smaller independent publishers, the answer is often “I do.” At larger established publishers, the answer is often, “Our audience development director.” For those publishers with an answer, I’ve also been told it’s the editor, webmaster, chief marketing officer, marketing director, and almost every other job title inside the organization except the cat. As often as not, I get a blank stare. Perhaps that’s why they’re talking to me in the first place. We live in an age of multiplatform publishing where traditional legacy organizational structures simply don’t work. Innovation abounds, and for even successful website publishers, you’ll find many different answers to the above question. Nonetheless it’s a question that needs to be answered, and the answer needs to be compared with the best practices of successful website publishers.

5 Key Features for Social Media Software Functionality

What active social media professionals look for in the tools they use

How many stories have you heard about the major impacts of social media? The interesting aspect is that major impacts can be for better or worse.

For instance, consider all the pieces of content that go viral and propel individuals into a stage of stardom because they were savvy enough to use social media correctly. Now think about the opposite; those who took irrational actions online and paid the consequences. The moral here is that social media can make or break an organization or individual.

5 Components of Successful Subscription Websites

These aspects will help your subscription website grow an audience and remain relevant to those consumers

Although there are different types of subscription websites, certain components belong in each of the separate archetypes to assure the correct result from the subscription website.

Now that subscription websites are turning into the core of online publishing companies, it’s important to create a subscription website that resonates with your target audience. It has to be filled with a great deal of valuable content that is updated regularly, and it has to show its reputability on the subject matter.

Top 10 Email Marketing Tips & Advice of 2012

Below is a list of our top email marketing tips and advice from 2012 chosen by how high they rank on Google. The top 10 list is composed of our own tips with some advice from other top bloggers as well. If you’re only going to read one email marketing post all year, this is most definitely the one. Email marketing is a major part of mostly any business, so make sure you take a look to see if any of these articles underneath catch you’re eye.

You Probably Haven’t Thought About Email Subject Lines This Way…

An approach you should consider while crafting each email subject line you test or send

By now you’ve probably read our free report on the most successful email subject lines used by email marketers and email copywriters alike. These email subject lines focus on the psychology behind emotional responses and intrigue that we experience throughout our lives. However, beyond these actual email subject lines, there are specific ways to think about reaching your audience.

Email Marketing Focuses on Engagement

Email marketing advice helps put actions in perspective

I’ve been scouring the Internet for email marketing advice that focuses on the holistic approach. It’s nice to find a variety of opinions on an all-encompassing strategy for creating a database of email subscribers because it’s this information that will help publishers succeed in the digital age.

Simple Email Marketing Tips & Advice From Top Bloggers

Email marketing isn’t always easy. These days there’s so much junk email that it can be very hard to get your readers to open emails, let alone create a connection with them. With the amount of spam out there it can be very difficult differentiating a good email from a waste of time. Below are a few articles that should help improve your overall email marketing techniques to hopefully avoid people thinking your emails are a “waste of time.”

A Trend for Audience Development with Apps

How will digital publishers succeed with audience development through mobile devices?

There are a few possibilities for developing revenue streams for digital publishers. Of course, selling digital products and subscriptions are on this list. Developing channel sponsorships can also help. However, there is a trend within mobile digital devices that may benefit publishers in the years to come.

3 Ways Digital Magazine Publishing Has Changed

How presentation is evolving to make life easier for digital magazine consumers

Digital magazine publishing success relies on consistent adoption by audience members. In order to do this, connections need to be made, and steps benefitting the customer need to be taken.

Below, there are three advances taken by publishers who are focusing on providing the right audience experience, before and after purchase. Let’s take a look at these digital magazine publishing tips now.

5 Tips for Publishers Turning to Blogs

From print publishing to digital magazine publishing, a blog can be hard to start with a good strategy behind it

Some publishers are only familiar with providing content. They don’t necessarily understand how to share content in a blog that’s open to the entire Internet in hopes of building a robust audience.

To facilitate the creation of an audience development blog, here are five suggestions for providing content and interacting with your audience.

Are You Beginning the Journey Into Digital Magazine Publishing?

The road to digital publishing success is long, scenic, and freshly paved. With the help of a vibrant online community and growing markets of smartphones and tablets, publishers are regaining hope for content creation, sales, and distribution.

By now we realize it can be difficult to wrap your head around digital magazine publishing. There are a variety of steps that need to be addressed in order to prepare a proper digital publishing strategy.

The Attitudes of Tablet Users

What activities are tablet users engaging in?

A new survey from the Online Publishers Association (OPA) entitled “A Portrait of Today’s Tablet User – Wave II” uncovers a variety of trends and behaviors associated with tablet users.

Do you know from your own surveys what activities are most popular with tablet crowds? According to OPA, 94 percent – the largest percentage of respondents – said they use their device to find content and information. Accessing the Internet came next (67%) and checking email followed closely behind (66%).

Using Good Journalism to Build Your Email Marketing List

With balanced content, audience members will be more apt to sign up for updates through email newsletters

Google’s Penguin update, which rolled out in late April, brings a major question to mind: how balanced should my content creation be?

As we’ve seen, Google is hitting some websites hard, making them lose significant amounts of search traffic in the process. And in some of these instances, it doesn’t appear that black hat SEO is present. It does seem however, that Google is forcing content creators and digital publishers to go out and do a better job as a journalist.

A Collection of Resources for Using Facebook

Increasing engagement with your Facebook page

The evolution of Facebook has been quite rapid. I recall when the social network first appeared, available to a few dozen college populations with valid school email addresses. Then it opened to any user with a valid email address. Now, with over 900 million users, businesses have been growing audiences, sharing content, and selling products.

Tools for Effective Website Design

Effective website design is based on efficiency, clarity, and user-friendly elements.

Website design that does not utilize these components will have a hard time generating a robust audience of devote fans.

There are a variety of tools online to help develop effective websites. Four of these tools are listed below.

A New Tool for Audience Development

As the managing editor and lead audience development professional of a digital publication, I’ve come to utilize a variety of audience development tools. Search engine optimization, in particular, has been very beneficial for me. However, the most valuable audience development tool is something I only recently started using.

This tool is inherently for professionals who have a hand in managing overall content strategy; the topics being targeted and the keyword phrases being used in the process. It also relies on the content marketers favorite product – the free report.

The Difference Between An Email Copywriter and an SEO Copywriter

Copywriting was once a very coveted skill. Writers would hone their skills for years to develop the right mix of storytelling and emotion grabbing writing that sells a product.

However, after the Internet grew, developed, and became a medium for commerce, the need for copywriters grew. This brought a variety of other professionals to the craft – including online editors, content marketers, and audience development professionals.

5 Offers for Building Email Circulation

These methods will help you add more registered members to your email lists

How Effective Are Your Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are conducted for a variety of reasons.

Some digital publishers use email campaigns to further relationships with converted audience members. Others attempt to turn subscribers into buyers by selling them products or services that align with their interests.

Using Blog Content to Build Your Professional Network

What do you look for on LinkedIn? When finding professionals with interesting backgrounds and skill sets, do you go beyond the marketing buzzwords and look for the ideas they have to share?

Professionals who develop blogs have a better, more concrete chance to show people who they are through their written words. And although the Internet is filled with a variety of blogs on a variety of topics, writers who understand the process of creating search engine optimized blog content can help audience members find their content.

The Momentum of Tablet Monetization

Online publishers find success with digital magazine content

For some online publishers, 2011 can be considered as the year digital became “solidly profitable”.

These words came from David Carey, Hearst Magazines President, in a memo sent to employees. With over 400,000 digital editions sold each month, Heart has found digital to be a profitable medium for their magazine content.

SIPA Member Profile: Baskerville Excels in TV After-Life

Tim Baskerville, Principal, Media Service Group, West Hills, Cailf.

SIPA: What was your first job out of college and how did you get into this business?
TIM: As a senior in high school, I decided I wanted a career in broadcast journalism. Every week I’d call up the woman at CBS in Hollywood who managed editorial assistants, and every week she’d say I was awfully young but that I could call back in the future if I wished. My regular calls continued for a year, when she eventually said the teleprompter typist scheduled for the coming Saturday night wasn’t available, and if I’d fill in for that one shift it might lead to something. I was 17. After that night I worked in a variety of roles virtually every weekend at CBS for the next five years, before and after college graduation.

Make Social Media Work for You

Do you know how much attention an active, engaging social media strategy deserves? The numbers suggested by social media specialists may surprise you…

However, the associated time, when assigned by people who the work firsthand, can lead to a major presence on social media; which we all know is extremely popular with a wide variety of people and can lead to large amounts of website traffic.

Merry… The Art of Overcoming Interruptions

We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a…um…(sorry, incoming tweet)

So Sunday is Christmas and Monday is Boxing Day. It’s a time when…
Umm, excuse me, let me just answer this one text.
It’s a time when families and friends come together and…
Ahh, one second, I need to respond to this tweet.
So where was I? Right.? …when families gather and…oops, excuse me, a friend with Doctors Without Borders is skyping me from Burma. Hmmm, now I lost my train of thought.

Effective Blogging and More Uses for the ‘Cloud’

On Blogging, Telemarketing and Timing of Emails

Here are three good articles I’ve come across in the last few days, as we gear up for next week’s Marketing Conference in Miami.

1. Blog Away. “[B-to-B] blogs are the closest thing to a no-brainer I can think of,” said Paul Gillin, author of Social Marketing to the Business Customer (John Wiley & Sons, January 2011) in his presentation Social Media: It’s Not Just for Consumer Marketers Anymore in Chicago on Wednesday. He added: “Blogs kill on search engines.” The talk was reported on by Sean Callahan on the website BtoB, the Magazine for Marketing Strategists.

7 Steps to Improving Email Delivery

Email strategy consultant Jeanne Jennings shares some important insight

We talk at lengths about the power and relevancy email plays in today’s digital world.

As a habitual activity familiar to the majority of online users, email doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. Although some age groups may not use it as much for communication with friends as they use social media, the relevance still lies in being a trusted medium for business activities and financial transactions. From paying bills to receiving email newsletters, email provides a means to an end not found through other online services.

Using Internal System Plug-ins for Audience Support

Many niche, special-interest publishers have been focusing on customer relationships for years. There’s a passion behind the content shared by publisher and consumer alike. Plus, publishers realized building relationships directly with customers was necessary as their audience universes were much smaller than those of major banks or car brands.

Enhancing the user experience involves a combination of great content, interactivity and an efficient website.

To supply this experience, many publishers have turned to WordPress’ open source community to utilize a variety of plug-ins.

Matching Sponsors to Topics for Revenue Generation

Does your online business utilize sponsor-driven revenue? Are these relationships presented in your email campaigns?

If you aren’t currently generating revenue from sponsors, consider the possibilities.

Usability Testing for Websites

All website changes need to be tested to assure they work properly.

If testing doesn’t occur, the online business’ functionality may be in question. This could lead to breaks in your usability. Such issues hinder the retention process and create a bad first impression for new website visitors.

To assure our Gold Member clients the best results for new software, we offer usability testing of all new plug-ins installed on their websites.

How to Choose Your Content Management System

Publishers, learn to make one of the most important decisions associated with bringing your content online

Choosing a content management system can be a daunting process, especially for traditional print publishers who are unfamiliar with the terrain.

It’s this exact reason that we incorporate a section on choosing your content management system in our Mequoda Bootcamp.