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Tag: video blogging

3 Lessons They Didn’t Teach You in Blogging School

Online publishing tips for forward-thinking editors and marketers

It’s 2011 and most colleges are only beginning to teach their marketing students social media. If you’re an editor who went to school for journalism, you’d still have a hard time finding any type of curriculum that combines the editorial and marketing skills it takes to be an online editor these days.

Luckily, our friends in the field are being tossed to this conference and that conference trying to update older editors in order to keep them updated with the newest trends and techniques. Still, some editors use their own time to learn SEO, social media and other online marketing techniques simply to stay ahead and make themselves invaluable to the companies they’re at.

Online Publishing Book Review: What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting by Ted Demopoulos

Find fresh content at a trade show, seminar or conference. No doubt there are dozens of industry events happening worldwide right now. It’s impossible for your subscribers to attend all of them. Why not take that opportunity and turn your coverage of these events into fresh online content.