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Tag: video marketing

Digital Magazine Publishers Targeting New Audience Expansion

Digital magazine publishers are putting more emphasis on digital audience growth, and doing it through a variety of methods including internal content, acquisitions, and third-party content partners.

Multiplatform Publishing Woes: Ad Glitches and Video Fraud

Multiplatform publishing involves a wide range of strategies, and unfortunately, some of those can be hacked
We’ve seen some interesting and unfortunate develops in the digital realm recently, including hacking and fake news.

We begin by looking at some recent data from eMarketer on the use of video in content marketing efforts. “According to the survey, a

How Amazon Is Helping Publishers Make Money with Video

How to make money with video on your own subscription website and beyond
Many multiplatform publishers have turned to e-learning platforms to make money with video and help subscribers either increase their skills or improve their lives. Publishers, along with many other organizations, such as universities and corporations, have found that text-heavy explanations of complex subject matter can

Choosing the Best Learning Management System for Publishers

What to look for in a learning management system, from Haven Classroom, to Edmodo, Moodle, Teachery and Blackboard.
Many multiplatform publishers have turned to e-learning platforms to help subscribers either increase their skills or improve their lives. Publishers, along with many other organizations, such as universities and corporations, have found that text heavy explanations of complex subject

Creating Renewable Digital Revenue With a Course Content Business Model

When you have a course content business model, you organize a series of courses for paid subscribers that are updated regularly – but not frequently
Every successful publisher we know launched their digital existence with at least two content models. One is a portal content business model, and the other is usually a magazine content business

5 Tips for Social Email Marketing Campaigns

It’s been stated before that adding social components to email marketing campaigns have led to higher engagement levels. Many publishers are now wondering what exactly constitutes as social email marketing campaigns.

For those wondering, combining social networking with email marketing is about more than including social icons in emails (although that is a good starting point).

Free vs. Paid Video Hosting Sites — Let’s Discuss

If you’re interested in reading this, you’re probably already aboard the video train, right? Choo-choo!

No, but seriously, video hosting is one of those things where you really want to decide early as to how you plan on hosting your videos. Some videos take hours to upload, so after uploading 150 videos to YouTube, it’s going to be a tougher transition to private video hosting especially if you want to track your analytics in one place.

Since I can’t possibly know whether free or private video hosting is appropriate for your content, let me just offer some insight to both, and some items to keep in mind as you build your video database.

SIPAwards Reflects New Profile for 2012!

SIPAwards Brings New Profile to Respected Program

Usually in this space on Mondays you’ll read profiles of SIPA members across the globe. But for today’s Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday in the U.S., we want to present a profile of a different sort. The SIPAwards represents another element of a new era for the association, where SIPA better reflects the industry-shaking changes taking place and the exceptional work being done by members to adapt to these changes.

Facebook for Publishers

Order this new, 90-minute webinar and discover how the “new’ Facebook has affected publishers everywhere, and how we’ve learned to love these adjustments

Last Chance to Learn Web Video Production and Strategies

Register now for our Web Video 101 for Publishers and discover how to launch and refine a web video strategy

Do you remember the first viral video you saw?

According to New Image Media, “viral videos are largely known for being hundreds of times more effective than traditional advertising and being one of the most effective mediums of web video marketing.”

Video Strategy, SEO Tips; Roundtables Provide Value

Roundtable Sessions Inform and Personalize

At last year’s SIPA 2010 Conference, I sat in on a small publishers roundtable the first morning, an editorial roundtable the next morning and a microsite roundtable later that second day. Looking back now, I got so much out of those sessions; not only because the exchange of information was so abundant and timely, but I developed contacts that helped me all year. The essence of a roundtable session is not only are you hearing valued information, but you’re looking each person in the eyes and getting to know him or her a bit.

The more than 30 roundtables set to take place at SIPA 2011—amazingly now less than six weeks away—look like they will be equally effective and timely, if not moreso. Topics include: Write a Book for Personal Branding and Company Marketing, Renewals, Google Pay-Per-click (PPC), Webinar Basics, From Print to Digital: Which is the Right Way?, Planning Your Mobile Strategy, Copy Review Techniques and Using Sales and Metrics to Improve ROI. Here are a few other roundtables, and tips from articles or webinars that show why they are so timely:

Video Email Marketing: Is 2011 The Year For It?

Will you be testing video email marketing to increase click-through rates this year?

Late in 2010, many different marketing research companies has posed the question, “will 2011 be the year for video email marketing?”

It’s a valid question, considering that online video is finally getting its bearings and it only seems right that we’d start embedding in email our great new videos that are already increasing our landing page conversion rates, right? Well let’s see.

Marketing Thought Leader Don Morgan noted in an October article that GetResponse conducted a survey that “predicted a dramatic increase in the use of video in their email marketing program, with over 80% of respondents indicating they would begin or expand their use of video emails this year.”

New Product Ideas Stir Up the Pot

New-Product Ideas Range From a Relaunching to a Repurposing

Here are 10 new-product development ideas to put on your gold-seeking plate (from SIPA 2010).

From Torry Burdick, senior vice president, Marketing, Mortgage Success Source

1. Webinars are not new, but they have taken on a new flavor at MSS. We have used free webinars in the past to provide content to our audience, but recently we began using them in our marketing. They are proving to be an excellent way for us to showcase our expertise to our prospect audience as well as cross sell our existing subscribers new products.(Examples: Legislative updates and trial promotions.)