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Organic Audience Development

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Get a comprehensive checklist for organic audience development that will help you build engaged audiences for your magazine media brand. Discover the email capture elements that capture the most amount of new email addresses and learn the sophisticated conversion architecture and other programs our partners use to build large databases of free email subscribers. Find out how one publisher is getting 70% of their organic search traffic from just 5% of their posts, and why that's a good thing. See how other publishers are using the most popular social media networks to convert followers into email subscribers. Plus, discover modern email frameworks, online tools, and social ad techniques that prove effective for growing your database.

Organic Audience Development
Best Practice Review

History of the Mequoda System for Organic Audience Development

The Four Core Principles of the Mequoda System

Mequoda Publishers Pyramid

Magazine Publisher’s Media Pyramid

How to convert website traffic into email subscribers into premium subscribers.

5 Buckets of Audience Building Opportunity

Understanding the difference between free subscription offer types, email capture architecture, traffic drivers, brand builders and audience import programs.

5 buckets of audience building
Offer types

Free Subscription Offer Types to Help Build Audience

Using email newsletter offers, free conversion incentives, and free website registration to build your list.

9 Email Capture Elements to Grow Your List Faster

Create, add and test these elements on your website to increase your free email conversion rate.

Email Capture Elements

7 Earned Media Sources for Driving Website Traffic

4 Paid Media Sources for Driving Website Traffic

10 Brand Building Sources for Driving Website Traffic

3 Audience Import Programs to Increase your Free Email Subscriber File

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