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5 Buckets of Audience Building Opportunity

Understanding the difference between free subscription offer types, email capture architecture, traffic drivers, brand builders and audience import programs

5 buckets of audience building

For today’s webinar, we have bucketed the audience development opportunities into these five buckets. First, we’re going to just look at when you’re asking for somebody’s email address on your website, what is the offer that you’re leading with?

Kim Mateus:
There’s four different types we’re going to look at there. Once that’s out of the way, and they’re on your website, how are you capturing those email addresses? There are all these different elements that we’ll look at. From there, we’re going to talk about traffic drivers because some of these sources really are measurable and done to attract traffic to the website, but then there’s another bucket that are really just brand builders, they’re the things you do to increase the awareness of your brand. Maybe they’re not as measurable as the traffic driving bucket, but very valuable nonetheless. And we’ll look at those. And then lastly, we’ve got a couple of audience import programs that we’re going to talk about that really just look at how to leverage the databases that you already have access to and sort of import them into your digital publishing and marketing universe.


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