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Email Marketing Opportunity #5 for Selling More Magazine Subscriptions: Circulation Builders

How promoting your ‘freebies’ via a dedicated email contributes to a profitable and well-rounded email marketing program

Circulation Builders

Kim Mateus:
Circ builders, so we talked a lot about freebies and these incentives we use to generate an opt-in audience. And these also tend to be one of the segments that we will mail weekly, where we mail one of our freebies to our list. And you might ask yourself, “Why are you emailing people where you already have their email address? Why are you sending them free content that they already have access to at the website? Why is this worth it?” And it’s really for the pass-along. You’ll see how prominently we put, have you read this? Forward to a friend.

Kim Mateus:
And sometimes at the bottom, you can include an ad for your all-access membership. And we have seen that those too do sell. But I think the primary reason to do this is A, to keep your current list engaged, and to encourage pass along. Anything else on this one, Eileen?

Eileen Shea:
It’s just that we try to keep our freebies fresh so they’re often new ones coming in, and we want to let everybody know that there’s a new freebie available.

Kim Mateus:
Yeah, that’s right. That’s another reason to do it. We’re continuously rolling these out. So we got to announce that to the list.


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