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How to convert website traffic into email subscribers into premium subscribers

Mequoda Publishers Pyramid

Kim Mateus:
And as it relates to this webinar, one thing we like to do is look at ACEM in a slightly different way, which is in the form of this publishers media pyramid, just to sort of point out that when it comes to attracting traffic and building audience, which is what we’re talking about today, from a scale standpoint, this shows you that you’re going to have over the course of the year, let’s say, a lot of traffic that washes through your website, a lot of traffic that hits your portal, but they’re going to be one and done, and they’re going to come and see what they came to see and never return again.

Kim Mateus:
This is why we put a lot of emphasis on that capture mechanism to build that email subscriber file by giving away quality content incentives to get that email address. And you can see that of all the traffic you get to your website, we really just need a small portion of that traffic to be willing to give us their email address so that we can build that relationship and then ultimately upsell them into that buyer category. So, this gives you a nice view of how we’re really working to move people up that pyramid to become buyers and ultimately enthusiasts of our brands and our content.


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