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The Four Core Principles of the Mequoda System

How to attract, capture, engage, and monetize your digital audience

core system principles

Kim Mateus:
Okay, here’s our slide on ACEM. That’s how we abbreviate the Mequoda System that we’ve observed over the years and bucketed into these four primary categories of Attract, Capture, Engage and Monetize. Categories of activities, categories of goals starting with attract, moving into capture, engage and monetize. What we’ve discovered on the web is that it’s very important to give away some portion of your content for free so that you can search engine optimize it and use it to attract traffic from people searching for content that you write about. When they get to your website, we put all efforts against capturing those visitors and asking for permission to have their email addresses so that we can communicate with them on an ongoing basis. That leads into engage by using email newsletters, to engage these free subscribers with all of the high-quality content that they could have access to in full if they became a premium member.

Kim Mateus:
So those first three components there that we’re looking at attract, capture, engage are really the same no matter what specific business model you might be executing on the web leading into monetization. So that could be a combination of charging for your content, for your premium content in the form of all access memberships, for example, or you might be selling live events, you could be selling physical one-shot products, or of course, just sponsorship revenue.

Kim Mateus:
So this is really a combination of all the strategies that we’ve observed over the years working with all the different media brands and really documenting the best practices for achieving the goals. And another great benefit of ACEM is that it puts everybody in the organization on the same page in terms of what the goals are, so that any time we get tempted to pursue a new activity on the web, we get a chance to ask ourselves, are we doing this to attract more traffic? Are we doing it to increase our capture rates? Are we doing it to better engage or are we doing it to better monetize what we have? So, a very focusing activity here for everybody in the organization.


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